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Silly Brit: Overrated and Overused

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Hey guys and gals!

Cast your minds back to a few weeks ago, where I gave my opinion on the 'underated and underused' talents within WWE. I think it's only fair that I do a mirror to it, onlt this time, maybe distorting it slightly. Think of those freaky mirrors that make your head all big and your body the size of Hornswoggle.

From crap finishers to entrances that make you cringe, technqiue so shoddy that it looked like Hallowe'en Havoc '98 all over again, the bad and the ugly of this here WWE universe has seen some real stinkers in its time. From truly bad casting to truly awful gimmicks, here is my list of the superstars who are...

Overrated and Overused!

Sin Cara - Watch your neck Sin...

Initially, I was really excited to have another supposedly exciting cruiserweight enter a main event frame. And whilst initually debuting on RAW to attack Sheamus, his ability in my eyes went down the moment he first, literally, touched the ring. Nearly breaking his neck executing the 'trampoline flip' into the ring was, for me, a sign. A sign that said that Sin Cara might just not be the saviour that he was being billed to be. Something that I continually see in Sin Cara's matches is the simple 'leg scissors flip', whereby you are hoisted onto the shoulders and you use your weight to flip your opponent forward whilst landing onto the mat with minimum impact. The technique and beauty of that move is you look like you actually have the strength to do that; but in numerous matches, I've seen Sin Cara leave the move too early, resulting in the opponent flipping whilst almost having no force in which to sell the flip being Sin Cara's move. For a cruiserweight to truly define himself, the roll-up is schoolboy in selling a shock victory as well. Mr Cara... well... no. Struggles to grasp onto the opponents hips after falling over the shoulders means, in most circumstances, he has to sit on the ground and pull the wrestler down. Strength + Cruiserweight = Steroids. Or not a good cruiserweight. For me, he is overrated in his technical elements, although he wouldn't have made this list if he actually tightened up his execution.

Most of the current Divas Division - Decide amongst yourselves... we're only watching...

The Diva's roster has come under fire for a fair few years now for not really showcasing the greatest wrestling that their potential can grow to. And for some years, the WWE had the talent to really go places with this division. The likes of Gail Kim, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler really never took off in terms of titles, but had real solid wrestling ability. Jazz, Trish and Victoria were all valid champions... but since about 2008 (the birth of Maryse and Lay-Cool) things have gone so stale that the divas matches have become when I go to the loo rather than the adverts. With Natalya, they have a solid wrestler who can, technically, hold her own superbly. But reducing her to 'farting squats' and jobbing on a regular basis is not respectful. In that link, take a look at Aksana and tell me honestly that she had a clue where she was and what she was meant to be doing. Layla is a good champion but, in releasing Kharma, they released what could have been a great Awesome Kong - Taylor Wilde WWE equivilant: a feud that could have lasted months. And please do not get me started on releasing Candice Michelle, Mickie James and Ashley. Divas have only been portrayed in recent years to be the same as dancing seals, getting air time for something not that impressive and not encouraged to be impressive. If the divas were given creative control over the running of their segments, I'm damn sure they'd have longer than 4 minutes a match to showcase what can be a fast and exciting roster. But they haven't been utilised right at all. Therefore, being overused and being overrated in their current context.

John Cena - Rinse... and repeat.

I didn't want to put him in here because... to be honest, I think he's utter poop. I don't actually rate him at all and I don't think anyone would say he's overrated because no-one really rates his in ring ability. Well... apart from his first ever match. Since his inception, he's gone from 'ruthless aggression' to the 'Doctor of Thuganomics', in turn leading calls from millions of fans to get a real doctor, mainly because I felt physically ill when he beat JBL at WM21 so I'd expect it made several others vomit as well. And it's not even the fact that they made him champion, it's the fact that they made mediocrity and below the face of the WWE. It doesn't represent them well enough. For me, a champion and an icon is someone that needs to be respected everywhere. I kid you not, I am a huge fan of Cena OUTSIDE the ring: his charitable work for the Make-A-Wish foundation is truly admirable and the amount of work he does for other charities truly does inspire me. It's just that his wrestling ability stinks. He is, granted, a gifted weightlifter and on the mic, he truly does give it his all. I have every faith that, as a colour commentator, he'd do the greatest job. As a future Hall-Of-Famer (more because of his golden collection rather than his legacy), he'll give an emotional speech that'll inspire others to really work at life. But his over-reliance on a set of skills that, once practised, really doesn't speak to natural finesse, really does bore a hardcore pure wrestling fan. They've made leaps and bounds in marketing and a lot of what the man speaks is total truth, for which I truly respect the guy. But as a wrestler, totally overused in main event context and overrated to even be there.

Honourable Mentions

Brodus Clay - I feel bad for mentioning him but he's going down the same route as Cena. Squashing and 'squashing' others, his move set has decreased and decreased. Dear me man, throw in a hip toss for goodness sake! Potentially good angle could be him and the 'Funkettes' on an IC championship challenge to the Miz, with Naomi betraying him.

Ultimo Dragon - Good in Japan, watered down in the USA. A good cruiserweight talent that was wasted with his booking. Could have been an utterly dominant Cruiserweight champion but lost too many early matches to be taken seriously in singles competition.

Chris Masters - The 'Masterpiece' was physical perfection (bar the Rocky-esque jawline) but was mainly a muscleman for Carlito. And a bad one at that. Couldn't really sell submission holds and looked physically unsafe to be in the ring with.

Hardcore Holly - For someone who was in the business for such a long time, he never really got a huge breakthrough. Even saying that, he was technically sound but never any good in any other areas. Would have been the best 'Ringmaster' after Stone Cold but, well... too late for that.

Sheamus - I don't want to diss a British Isles born lad but his promos are
becoming evermore cheesy and his wrestling has become evermore stale. Although nearly saved himself from being on here with his new Texas hold lock, that could be lethal if administered properly and fast.

Rob Conway - If you said 'who?', you were half right. The supposed 'French sympathiser' turned sunglasses-wearing douche was not at all stylish. Very rugged in-ring presence and had largely the same effect as Lance Storm. Only... Lance Storm knew perfect technique everytime. Robert sadly, did not.

So that is my list, feel free to agree/disagree/rate/comment and dissect this list, I'm sure you all have your own list going on, why not share it with all of us!

Bye for now!

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