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My Pick of WWE Top Ten Finishers

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My Pick of WWE Top 5 Finishers

My name is JoeyClay and it's my first time doing a blog, so I hope everyone enjoys it. WWE know how to make global superstars and most Wrestling fan have there typical favorite superstar. One of the reasons to a successful Superstars is having a Finisher.

Let's see my pick of WWE Finishers......

5.Frog splash

This has been used by many superstars, mostly superstars in the Cruiser-weight division. My favorite people who use it are Rob Van Dam and the late Eddie Guerrero.


This move can be taken just about anywhere. I remember Orton in a interview saying it doesn't matter how high or tall you are, he can be able to perform RkO no mater good or the circumstances are.

3.Sweet Chin Music

How can you not have any Wrestling list, with out the Showstopper being involve. Shawn Michael is MR. Super Kick and every time he sets foot in, that ring you know who ever it was. Shawn would deliver a Sweet Chin music, if he didn't like what he was hearing.


I personally like Rock Bottom, than the people's elbow as I feel it's nothing really special at all. I guarantee, if it was someone else performing people's elbow who wasn't as charismatic as The Rock it would be nixed. Number 2 slot on my list isn't about the people's elbow but yes The Rock bottom. Only one man can kick boots to asses in such a electrifying way.


I am not going to lie, I am a bit of a Austin mark but I know a lot of people would have had Stunner in their Top 5 or Top 10 list. This move isn't very hard to do at all, but all it takes is the two opponents to over sell and perform the move. Basically just be, as dramatic as they can. Austin defines the word rebel, and him performing Stunner is one of his physical ways of saying he does what he wants whenever he wants.

This just a Top Ten List of Finishers performed on The Big Show. I personally made it and it shows some classic shocking things.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, let me know how you felt about my blog and video. I would also like to know about your favorite Finishers.

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Updated 09-04-2012 at 08:16 PM by JoeyClay

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. union's Avatar
    I think the F5 and a couple of submissions should be in there dude
  2. Itsonlyleggy's Avatar
    I made a list for fun after seeing WWE's list of best finishers. Here's the top 10:

    10: Clothesline From Hell-JBL: When he hit this, you couldn't help but grimace. Simple, but very effective.

    09: Chokeslam-Kane: The Menacing pose beforehand, and especially the elevation from Kane in his prime made this one look deadly

    08: Pedigree-HHH: Once he locked this in, no-one got up. Again, a younger Trips hitting the Pedigree looked a lot better than the present day's version. (Also Lesnar no-selling it didn't help the cause)

    07: DDT-Jake the Snake: We need to remember the classics. A move that is used so often in modern day wrestling, the fans used to roar when he called for this. A true "finisher"

    06: Top Rope Elbow-Randy Savage: One of the sights I'll always remember from the years as a kid watching the WWF. Randy poised on the top rope, a prone opponent in the middle of the ring. He raises both arms to the heavens, and comes crashing down. Great execution. It's been nice to see CM punk use this as a tribute!

    05: Swanton Bomb-Jeff Hardy: The perfect exclamation point for "Team Extreme" back in the day, and for some reason the anticipation to see this actually hit its mark gives it a spot in the top 5. (It also helps that he can launch this off ladders, and drive people through tables with it) always a spectacular sight.

    04: Tombstone-Undertaker: Another "Iconic" move, the fact that he's used it year after year, and buried more wrestlers with it than anyone else gives it more merit. It's quite a rare sight these days, which means the fans go wild for it.

    03: Sharpshooter-Bret Hart: Brought submissions into the conciousness of the mainstream (who probably hadn't discovered Ric Flair yet) it was all played to perfection. The glance at the crowd, the stepover, and finally the twist. Memorable, special. No wonder the rock still uses it!

    02: Sweet chin music-HBK: It's the speed of this one. I can't remember Shawn hitting this after "tuning up the band" too many times. He'd always miss, and 5 minutes later, out of the blue... CRACK and his opponent would just sail backwards. The end to any argument!

    01: Stunner-Steve Austin: I had to pick this. I HATE following trends and jumping on bandwagons.... but this is the reason WWE is still around. Memories of a stunned Rock flopping across the ring always make me smile, and like the sweet chin music, it could strike at any time, with no notice. When it did, there were a few things that happened: a three count (if it happened to be during a match) Stone Cold's music, and plenty of beer. Finisher? The best.

    Hope y'all enjoyed. The reason there's no RKO - Too much like so many other moves before it
    No AA: It's boring and predictable
    No ZigZag: I don't find it that impressive

    Honorable mentions: Pefectplex, Spear, Crippler Crossface
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    One thing you did right in that Finishers on Big Show video was having the Jackhammer first. I've seen a lot of matches with people like Sting and Hogan scoop slamming Giant/Big Show, Cena and Brock holding him in the fireman's carry position for the AA and F5, Kevin Nash delivering a fail jackknife powerbomb, and Mark Henry lifting him up for an extended time to perform the world's strongest slam, but nothing is as impressive when Goldberg lifted him up in a suplex and HELD him in the air for a couple seconds before finishing the jackhammer.

    Most people when they hold Show will do it for only a second or in a position of rest like on their shoulders but in a suplex it has every reason to fall over with someone of that size.

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