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How to Produce and Direct an episode of RAW

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I have zero experience producing, directing or promoting a product that consists of a professional wrestling TV program. That said - I have to seriously question whether or not anyone working for the WWE who does produce & direct these RAW shows has anymore experience than I do.

I will admit that I only watched the first 10 mins. of RAW and the last 15 mins... So I can't speak in an educated manner in regards to the rest of the program - but the gripes I will express are essentially an of on-going nature.

Let's begin with this new Punk-Lawler sub-angle going on now. One of the major bullet points as to why this angle exists is that Lawler will refuse to recognize CM Punk as the best in the world. This being a work, might be the stupidest most detrimental work ever green lit by the WWE creative staffs. CM Punk is WWE World Champion - if you're Jerry Lawler, an employed host of RAW - a show for the company whose championship Punk wears - and a wrestler who never won that title in his own right it'd be lunacy to have Lawler not say he's the best in the world. In the 1980s and early 90s, when the WWF could do no wrong (mostly) this never would be the case. If you're a WWE promoter you're doing your company and its title a disservice by having announcers not admit the champion is the best in the world. It should just be a given - ESPECIALLY if its CM Punk, who quite frankly is the legit best full-time wrestler in the world - work or no work.

okay, onto the next one...

The idea of RAW and Smackdown general managers has always reeked. I hate the concept of an on-air GM who just "makes matches up" on a whim - and then have to listen to the talking-head-puppet announcers go on about what a great job the GM does when anyone over the age of 7 knows it's a work. That said, I understand why the WWE uses GMs and there's no use in bemoaning their existence. But A.J. is the RAW GM, not the PPV GM. The office of RAW GM, if you're going to use it as a tool for narrative telling purposes, should only have autonomy over RAW (or Smackdown). How is AJ (or any RAW GM), whose jurisdiction lies only over that show, able to make matches on a PPV? Does the WWE really consider it's viewers that dumb? As a viewer I sure feel like the WWE considers me a retard when they pull of hi-jinx of this nature. Even in the 80s and 90s - when the WWF was aimed at kids it still presented itself as a sporting event and not a cartoon soap opera.

now onto the next...

This is just par for the course, but CM Punk vs John Cena on a PPV... again? Really? I have to assume that the reason for this is quite simply this is the only match that can legitimately bring in the PPV buys at this point. What a sad statement this is on the promoting of the WWEs other talents... but I've gone into this in previous blog postings before...

now despite all the previous gripes I've mentioned here - this final complaint is the biggest one I have of all...

Miz in the broadcast booth.

NOT because Miz is doing the annoucning with Cole, Miz is actually good with the mic - he's able to emote a heel personality, so I can appreciate that about him... but Where the F was the IC Title?

I will give the WWE credit in that it seems to have taken an initiative in boosting the prestige of the IC Title again - a belt it kind of forgot about for the past 10 yrs - and at this point Miz is probably the best choice to help rebuild its image than anyone else... and I appreciate how he mentioned he was IC champ enough (which is exactly what a heel IC champ should do...act as if its the greatest title in the world, a-la Randy Savage who made that belt the most coveted title in the world after only the WWF world title). But so then where was it? Like I said, I only saw the beginning and end of the show, but I didn't see the title anywhere. That IC belt should have been front and center on the announcer's table every time the director cut to Cole and Miz... Even an amateur such as myself knows this.

Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie, Hornswaggle, Kamala and whoever or whatever else is producing these RAW shows need to seriously go back to the video archive and watch how shows like Superstars, Wrestling Challenge, All-American Wrestling, Prime Time Wrestling and especially Saturday Night's Main Event were directed and produced and try to find a clue.

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