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WWE Promo's : Post Attitude Era

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What makes a good WWE promo video. Simple, 1. Drama by the bucketfull, 2. Music Selection, and 3. creative technique. Add in the secret ingredient, make even the non plussed fan completely excited to see the match.

Hi everybody, I hope you liked my blog yesterday if you happened to check it out, it is basically the same as this one except I picked my 10 favourite attitude era promo's. It was hard to pick 10, I could pick 50 easily, and that should be the same for the rest of my series on promo video's. I am getting started in this kind of gig and WWE promo vid's are the best. I absolutely love them, and I know I'm not alone.

All these video's are selected for big matches on PPV, no show opening vid's (maybe some other time). I was going to do this on the Ruthless Aggression era, but I'll leave that for next. It would be foolish to not include the year or so before the ruthless aggression time, which technically is best known as the post-attitude era.

Since the RA era kicked off in June 2002, this will range from April 2001 to May 2002. Let's kick this into gear.

Side note: There is no need for me to give any description of the feud's themselves, the video's will provide all the magic.

Stone Cold Steve Austin v Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit - King of The Ring 2001

Inaugural Brawl - Invasion 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin v Kurt Angle v Rob Van Dam - No Mercy 2001

The Undertaker v The Rock - No Way Out 2002 (My fave ever, this promo is perfect imo)

Undertaker v Ric Flair - WrestleMania X8 (Undertaker's heel turn was my favorite thing when it happened, everything was gold)

Hollywood Hulk Hogan v The Rock - WrestleMania X8 (Hulk Hogan returning was as epic as it gets)

Shane McMahon v Kurt Angle - King of The RIng 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin v Kurt Angle - Unforgiven 2001

Chris Jericho v The Rock - No Mercy 2001

Team WWF v Team Alliance - Survivor Series 2001 (absolutely massive)

Hope you enjoy. Any suggestions feel welcome to post links or comment.

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