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The Way I See It - Why Team 3D Should Stay in TNA

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I have another TNA oriented blog for all of you to enjoy! This week, I'm going to touch on why I think Bully Ray and Devon should stay in TNA wrestling. I hope you guys enjoy!


As far as I know, Team 3D has yet to renew their contracts with TNA. If they have already renewed, then this blog is meaningless. If they haven't, they need to sit back and consider the situation because as far as I'm concerned, they have a great situation in TNA. I know it's been "confirmed" that Devon is finished with TNA, but in the world of professional wrestling, you can never be completely certain, so I'm going to assume he's still negotiating. Below are a couple reasons they should resign with the company.

#1: Their Status on TNA Television

As far as Devon is concerned, he's the current TNA Television champion. We all know that title isn't pushed very hard in the company, but it's gold nonetheless. And not only is he the current champ, but he's incredibly over with the fans. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Devon when he's on his own. I think he's better suited as a tag team wrestler, but the fans at the Impact Zone love the man! So, he's incredibly over and while he doesn't get TV time every week, I don't think he's going to be in a similar position in WWE.

With Bully Ray, it's clear as day that he's one of the top guys in the company. He's one of the hottest heels in professional wrestling. His mannerisms just scream "asshole" and the crowd always greets him with a "you suck" chant every time he hits the ring. Before this contract mess surfaced, he was getting a lot of television time. He's towards the top of the BFG Series and who knows, he may get the rub to go onto Bound for Glory.

My point is this: if these two guys left TNA and went back to the WWE, they wouldn't be in this position. WWE would either put them back together as a team, which wouldn't be a big deal because tag team wrestling is extremely weak in the 'E. Or, Vince McMahon would job them out because they spent the last five years or so in "enemy territory." They won't get the same treatment elsewhere, so they need to look at the big picture: there's not much time left for either man in terms of their career. At this point, they are both having solid single runs and it would be in their best interest to remain in a company that is willing to push them.

#2: Their Wrestling Academy

The wrestling school is located in Florida, which is beneficial to Team 3D because TNA holds most of their shows in Orlando. It provides Ray and Devon an opportunity to wrestle and quickly turn their attention to focusing on the training of their students. If they go back to the 'E, they are going to be on the road almost all of the time and because of this, they wouldn't have a lot of time to focus on their school. I know they aren't training every person by themselves, but people that enroll at their school expect appearances from the team. If they aren't able to support their school, all of their hard work to build it will be for nothing.

Also, I don't think WWE will respect the Academy as much as TNA does. Obviously, TNA has a developmental deal with OVW, but they've brought in quite a few wrestlers from the Academy. I believe the most recent graduate from their school was Sam Shaw, who recently won a contract through Gut Check. It provides Team 3D with a feeling of accomplishment and it also gives interested individuals a happy feeling in their gut that they can train at a school that is so close to TNA as it is.

In WWE, I just don't think they'll give the same amount of appreciation as TNA does. If anything, they might try to force Team 3D to close the school or sign it over to them.

#3: Just Some Rambling

I know, at the end of the day, it's all about the money. The WWE can obviously pay Team 3D more than TNA can. But Bully and Devon have to feel a bit of loyalty to the company. WWE had them under contract for years and at one point, they attempted a single's run for both men. Devon was mildly successful, but I don't remember Ray having much success at all. In TNA, they are both on a platform where they can succeed.

They've been wrestling for years upon years, and they've been all around the world, so money can't really be an issue for these men. In TNA, they have freedom; in fact, I believe I read that the whole "Bully" gimmick was TNA's idea. In WWE, they would have told Ray he couldn't use it, and instead use his idea on a different wrestler.

My point is: WWE will not treat them with the respect that they deserve. In TNA, they have a say and a position in the company. TNA is obviously invested in both men and the fans love these guys, so I beg of them to stick around!


And that's all I have. I'm sure there are many reasons for these guys to stick around as there are for them to leave. I don't like Devon nearly as much as I like Ray, but I would love for both men to stick around in the company.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Bully Ray should certainly stay because I believe he will be a world champion soon. At least, he should be. I doubt Devon will get a push anywhere unless he is in a tag team again with Bubba as the Dudleyz in WWE. I was shocked when TNA put the title on Devon.

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