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Silly Brit: WWE 50 Greatest Finishers DVD Review

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Hey there!

Apologies for the lack of blog or general activity, I was making my way back from Tulsa, Oklahoma on a long holiday back to sunny old England and then back off to Devon! Been busy but I'm here. And rather angry it might be said.

WWE released the kinda-anticipated 'WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves' DVD: a collection of the best finishers, as voted for by the technical crew and those currently involved with WWE. So, instantly, you know that the Sharpshooter won't be top. That's fair enough, but Vince blew his lid at the last 'rating' DVD produced (Top 50 Superstars of All Time) as it wasn't supposed to be a rating DVD at all. But the problems that are created by the release are almost its sole intention: it isn't really to celebrate the greatest, its purpose is to create debate about visual effect vs technical skill. Which is better: submission or power? Everyone has their own style so, as always, this list had placements that, to me at least, were unjust and unjustifiable. But allow me to run down the good points of the DVD first before getting onto the... ahem... questionable areas.

Good Points

- Thank the almighty for Matt Striker. Saying 'I like this move because it looked good' is almost like saying 'I like reading because I can do it'. It's near a tautology. Most people (with the exceptions of the older generation) will appear to give their insight and WWE could have had fans to do the same thing and it would lose no overall power in its message. However, the powers that be decided that Matt Striker would be an addition to this DVD and he certainly was: informing the viewer of the several intricacies that lie within such seemingly simple holds as the Mandible Claw and the Claw from Kerry Von Erich. His teacher background came perfectly into play, I actually watched and learnt from him. WWE - PLEASE feature him more in DVDs such as this.

- Comprehensive in its all round selection. It's fairly easy to lop-side on what you believe to be the greatest finishers around if, for example, your favourite wrestler is John Cena. The likelihood is you looked at the Batista Bomb and go 'OMG that guy put him on his back, OMG OMG' and explode. Instead, WWE made sure that they played it slightly safer with a fantastic mix of submission and power finishers that all required some form of technique. It would have been fairly obvious to put submissions lower down the field because of their lack of power and visual prowess, but they stuck by the devastation factor of the moves. Which was the right call.

- Thank you for the originals. Again, it might have been all too easy to destroy heritage and say that Justin Gabriel had the 450 splash. But no, 2 Cold Scorpio gets credit. Including Jake 'The Snake' Roberts as high as he was with the DDT was a credit to a move that makes so much impact, even in today's PG world. Ultimately, this was probably a simple call that didn't even need to be made, but if WWE are going to churn out videos chronicling the best of the best, referring to the good ol' days is a fantastic and correct way to go about your business.

- Thank you for the extras! Most enjoyable to see all the demonstrations, especially later on with Rikishi!

Now... the complaints...

- Brodus Clay, get back to dancing and squashes. If I wanted to hear on every 5th finisher that you wouldn't want to take it, I'd rerun Heath Slater matches of recent.

- Drew McIntyre, please focus on pushing yourself back onto our TV screens and not our DVD players. I could get more relevant informations from roadkill.

- One woman featured in the entire 50 list. That is unacceptable. And even though it was Lita (I'm gay but she is just stunning visually in the ring, amirite?), it was a moonsault that Bam Bam Bigelow got the credit for. Where was 'Widow's Peak'? That easily could have made it.

- A lot of high quality finishers that were seen at the mid-card of the list should have been lower down. For instance, Cena's A-A ranked #21. That was above DDP's 'Diamond Cutter' and Jerry Lawler's 'Piledriver'. That is unacceptable. Similarly, Rick Rude's 'Rude Awakening' ranked just #45, behind the 'Perfect Plex' at #26.

- The highest ranked submission hold only made #8 (Figure 4 Leg Lock). Honestly, that's mocking the hold. Out of 50 finishing moves, 13 were submission holds. No mention of the 'Crossface' (for obvious reasons) or the 'LeBell Lock' (Or the Yes Lock... or the No Lock...). For me, it was a little unbalanced.

- Slight bias but my favourite finishing move only made the extras. I LOVED the 'Shooting Star Press' by Billy Kidman and I know it had its origins elsewhere. It was a real shame it didn't make the list because it was visually so beautiful. Much better than the 'Chicken Wing', although one can understand the true pain of that hold, having experienced it several times at the hands of a quite contentious twin sister.

- Why the hell is the sequence that leads you to another number a bunch of lotto balls? Seriously... what?

Overall View

Whilst this DVD offered the 'current' WWE fan a glorious insight into the influences and intricacies of finishing moves and their origin, I feel that I was slightly stifled by the pure lack of real content and persuasion on the part of the commentary. Matt Striker should be kept at all costs, as well as JR and Dusty Rhodes: it was genuinely nice for Dusty to break up the drivel that was emanating from The Miz and just have a little bit of informed charisma show up. This DVD is by no means perfect but it does its job efficiently.

Out of 5 starts... I'd say 3*

So what do you all think? Have you watched it? Do you agree/disagree? Feedback and rating will go along nicely!

Bye for now!

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Cool piece. Enjoyed reading it. I don't really care much for the numbers. I'm glad Rude made the list, which entry isn't important.

    And I agree about Striker. They should take him of tv for a year or so, so the average viewer forgets all about him, then let him return as the play-by-play guy. Good clear voice, he knows what he's talking about, he grew up with wrestling and actually recognizes the moves. During NXT I heard him refer to a certain move as an adaption of a michinoku driver and I marked out. Wrestling is legacy, is standing on the shoulders of those before you, and Strikers knows about those things. Matthews doesn't, Cole is a puppet.
  2. DavidCharlie's Avatar
    Thanks Marx, I totally agree!

    And 1 star from someone, ouch!
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidCharlie
    Thanks Marx, I totally agree!

    And 1 star from someone, ouch!
    Thats probably some troll or hater because you wrote this blog very well.

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