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Sudden Impact: BFG Series Starting to Wind Down

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Hey wrestling fans, DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, the real wrestling show.

The first thing I'd like to address is my failure to mention the return of Hollywood Hogan last week. It was a pretty big deal. I think I found it a bit forgettable because of the way it was presented. I would much rather have had him return as Hollywood, with the Voodoo Child theme, and all. But Hollywood Hogan is back, and that's good because he seems better on the mic that way.

The Bound For Glory Series is winding down. The picture is becoming much more clear. There were some pivotal matches and a very nice card lined up. We also had the Gut Chuck decision, which can only mean a Joey Ryan appearance. And what's next for Aces and Eights? Let's get into it.

Gut Check

I was very happy to see how real they made this week seem. They didn't drag it out and try adding drama. Obvious, Chris Lewie didn't perform well last week and it was 2 no's right off the bat. Very happy about that. Also, another Joey Ryan appearance, which typically can be good, but it's too short and too repetitive. This guy is obviously very talented. People obviously love him. Give him a little more shine than having a megaphone and throwing water in Al Snow's face, leading to another out of sight chase down. I enjoy the slow build with someone who, in my mind, will be a nice player in TNA. Again, we need progression, TNA...not little teasers.

Bound For Glory Series

We kicked off tonight's card with what seemingly would be a very good match with James Storm and RVD. Now don't get me wrong, it was a good match, but something seemed off. And I'm going to throw something out there. I like James Storm, the character, but I feel his performance in the ring isn't all that great. RVD was very tamed in this match I think it was done so they wouldn't expose Storm's inability to work with a guy with a big contrast in styles. That's just me. RVD wasted a lot of time looking to the crowd. There were close calls near the end, and RVD ate a Last Call. Jamest Storm is in the Final Four.

AJ Styles battled Samoa Joe in a very pivotal match. If Joe wins, he's all but in. If AJ wins, he makes the battle for the Final Four VERY INTERESTING. What an awesome match these two put on. It wasn't 5 Star like AJ/Angle from a few weeks ago, but this match had everything you can really ask for. Great technical wrestling, high impact moves by both guys, close calls, great counters, and very interesting ending. Joe counters a submission attempt from AJ and gets the pin. Joe is in and AJ has run out of time.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. WOW is all I have to say. These two put on such awesome matches. This was a few rest holds and a few moves outside the ring away from being a PPV show stealer. Jeff Hardy threw everything at Angle and Kurt just wouldn't stay down. He was unable to really slow Hardy down and keep him grounded. After a second Twist of Fate, and even a second senton bomb...*did I spell that right?* But Hardy gets the win, and Angle is now officially eliminated.

There are 5 guys left. Storm, Joe, Bully, RVD, Storm, and Hardy. Amazing how the two guys who have put on the best matches throughout this whole tournament, AJ and Angle, didn't make it.

Hogan and Sting

These two are very entertaining together. Their segments were not annoying this week. They laid into the Tag Champs, so hopefully we're gonna get a Tag Title match soon. They also got Joseph Park looking into the Aces & Eights situation. Then they brought the cavalry for....

Aces & Eights Strike Hard

More chaos. More mayhem. Last week I said I wanted to see more than just the gang fights and beat downs. I wanted some progression. When it was Aries and the member going one on one, I thought we might get something. But the break out fight was pretty cool Aries got the better of the guy in the ring. Then, Aces & Eights newest member, who really looked like Matt Hardy, came in, masked himself and laid Aries out. The crowd quieted as they got Aries for the second straight week.

I think a few things are pretty clear though. I think it's safe to say, Hogan's not behind them. I also think it's safe to say, Bully Ray, whom I've been accused over the last few weeks, isn't behind them. So who is behind them?

All The Rest

ODB and EY are back together. The segment wasn't anything to really write home about, but I was hoping for a serious Eric Young and a heel turn. Didn't get it. Oh yeah, and ODB destroyed Madison Rayne.

Chavo absent for three weeks now. Roode absent for two weeks now. No real Knockouts match or segment. And another episode without a TV Title Match. Just saying.

Second straight week with No X Division. That means no Zema Ion. No Kenny King. That is not a good thing in my mind. The X Division is very much a cornerstone to the company.

Also, just a note. I do not think the Dudley Boys are leaving TNA. And I'm hoping to God I'm right. But the lack of Devon and Bully on TV may be telling us something. Just not sure what else they want? If it's money, oh well, I guess they're WWE and Jobber bound. If it's not, I mean Bully's a main guy, and Devon is a very over TV Champion. I guess it's all about money.

Okay. That was the Impact review and opinions. I started an added segment to Sudden Impact where I talk about some throwback. This week, we get two.

Best of Five Series

As suggested, I checked out these matches between Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns. And I gotta say, what a rivalry these two teams had. Beer Money won the first two matches, both in cheap fashion with the beer bottle, taking the Ladder Match and the Street Fight. Motor City tied the series with a great Cage Match and the Ultimate X Match. The last match would be a two out of three falls match, which the MCMG won. Man you just don't see these types of feuds and rivalries. And TNA would be stupid to not try everything to bring Shelley back. Since it's assumed at this point that Sabin will be back from his knee injury. And this Best of Five Series, for what I understand, was one of very few good points of TNA in 2010.

Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, and ODB

Before the Best of Five Series was suggested to me, I already had it in mind for this week's throwback. And a quick note to the WWE'ers who wanted "Kharma" to save the Diva's division, listen here. She ain't Kharma. She's Awesome Kong. Holy shit did these three have an awesome series of matches. Gail Kim was as feisty as possible and though she was outmatched in almost every respect, she took Kong to the limits in two matches. Kong eventually got the best of her. Then ODB battled Kong for the Knockouts title and, despite the side battle with Kong's sidekick there, took Kong to the limits as well. Then, there was a triple threat with all three of them. In the end of that, Kong was indeed, Awesome. Oh, and I now realize I prefer the 6-sided ring.

More throwback to come next week, as my journey continues to familiarize myself with what TNA offered before I jumped on board.

That's this week's Sudden Impact. I hope you enjoyed it. And feel free to throw out some ideas for next week's throwback segment.

Before I go, I'd like to plug my other blog series I have with Bearkg. It's called Break It Down. It's a conversational blog where we discuss the hottest topics of the week. Some of it is debate. Some of it is discussion. But all of it, is entertaining. We get a good amount of views but not a whole lot of comments or conversation. We are also looking to consistently evolve and progress with it. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out this weekend. The two previous ones can be found on my blog entries and Bearkg's blog entries.

Again, thanks for reading and be safe everyone.

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Updated 08-31-2012 at 09:36 AM by DK Wrestling Savior

Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    "Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, the real wrestling show"

    Good Stuff
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Excellent review DK. I love hearing your opinions on the direction TNA is heading. A&8 is perhaps the most interesting thing going in Wrestling today and I love how TNA is handling it. After a bit of thinking, I think I might have thought of the "big name" that TNA could bring into A&8s to make it over the top. A simple mouth piece in AW. He might not fit the "biker" theme of the gang, but he would make every head in the wrestling world turn to Impact if he walked out to the ring, followed by the crew.

    As for a throwback section, I suggest you watch Raven's conquest for the TNA title. From 2003 to Slammiversary 2005, Raven had perhaps the most interesting build to becoming a WHC. He was excellent in interviews and his "destiny" made you pull for him even harder to overthrow the King of the Mountain. Highlights - Jan 22, 2003 (Debut), April 30th, 2003, the battle with the Church/Mitchell, The Monsters Ball Match with Abyss/Monty Brown, and Slammiversary 2005. He put in a helluva lot of work to fulfill his destiny and when he won the title, it was truly a "feel good" moment for someone most at the time, would never expect it from.
  3. BigMich1's Avatar
    Glad to see you're getting in tune with all of us who chant "WE WANT SIX SIDES!". As a long time fan of TNA, I'd suggest that you check out the early battles of Joe/AJ/Daniels, and also check out the stuff that AJ did with Abyss and the tag title run he had with Daniels. All were freakin amazing. The "Six Sides of Steel" match with Abyss was out of this world stuff. Also Google "Elix Skipper Crazy Cage Move".

    About this week, I agree that Bully isn't leaving, however I think Devon is. Just a gut feeling that I have. If Bully were leaving he'd have gotten "hurt" or something and not be a BFG finalist.

    And I know you keep preaching progression with the A&8's, but as an old-school fan I like the slow-build myself. We all know that the "Big Reveal" or "Biggest Reveal" will be at BFG. They might reveal something before then, but they will hold back for BFG also. Which I have to say might be the first wrestling ppv that I ever buy, I'm super stoked about TNA lately!
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    A very good review....The will bring chavo next week when they put some challenge for tagteam titles hopefully...they should go for at least one more extra hour to accommodate all of their stars...

    I like the fact that they are slowly involving Parks into A&8s...Now I'm sure that Bully ray is behind it...
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Six sides of steel match of AJ with Abyss is insane...Lockdown 2005 I suppose....or u can cover Aj/Daniels tag team reign.. they had so many memorable feuds...
  6. BigMich1's Avatar
    Reviewing Slammiversary 2006 AJ/Daniels vs AMW....Awesome match. Suggest you check it out DK.
  7. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Another great blog from (once again) the NEW "Triple Threat Top 5 Series Champion"! A great past match from TNA to check out would be the match between Abyss and Sabu from "TNA Turning Point 2005" it's on my TNA 10 best list. Check it out.
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