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Top 10 countdown to the biggest moments in Night of Champions history

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I'm not going to include Vengeance in this. Just Night of Champions which started in 2007 and it is the next ppv we will be looking forward to featuring the main event of Cena vs Punk for the WWE title in Boston. To help hype up the ppv as always, give some love to the ppvs history like I always do for TNA and WWE ppvs. Here ya go 10 biggest moments in the history of WWE's Night of Champions:

Honorable mention: 2009: Christian wins back his ECW title from Tommy Dreamer!; 2010: Daniel Bryan beats his NXT mentor Miz while taking his US title as well.

10.2008: Mark Henry wins triple threat match and leaves w/first major singles title in several years ECW title. Good to see after all those years and finally gets a singles title.

9.2007: Johnny Nitro replaces Benoit in ECW title match vs Punk and leaves with the gold. Probably should be higher due to Benoit stuff, but since not much positive came out of dipped down a lot.

8.2007: Candice wins first women's championship vs Melina. After all the ups and downs, she finally achieved a milestone every Diva wants to achieve.

7.2008: HHH finally defeats Cena while successfully defending the WWE title. Why not top ranks of the list? I think most everybody believed HHH would win the rematch vs Cena. If anything, I probably put this too high.

6.2010: Michelle McCool crowned the first ever unified Divas and women's championship. Would be higher if I actually gave a crap. LOL! Keeping the Divas title was a big mistake. Than again, having the current divas hold the belt would just damage the women's title legacy. Maybe it is a positve?

5.2008: Cody Rhodes turns on Hardcore Holly and forms Priceless with Ted Dibiase Jr. This may be high for most out there, but no one seen this coming. I was guessing JBL because he didn't have a match, but Rhodes shocked the wrestling world by turning on Hardcore Holly. 1 of the few memories of tag team wrestling that was actually good. Havn't seen much of that in recent years. Hope to see big moments like that again.

4.2010: Kane defeats Undertaker for probably the first time ever successfully defending the world title. People out there want to see another Kane/Taker rivalry, but I don't. I don't believe they can top the last one they had in 2010. I rooted for Kane to beat Taker in the fued because of all the losses he had vs Taker. I can't recall before 2010 a match where Kane defeated Taker. Wait, 98 Raw where Kane beat Taker to face Austin at KOTR. 1x!!

3.2011: Mark Henry leaves with the his first WWE world title adding Orton to the class of Hall of Pain. If I was a bigger fan of Henry, it would probably be #1. Prob be #1 on some folks Night of Champions list. Why it is as high as it is because watching him grow all these years and finally winning the big 1. Having a memorable title reign as well which is a plus.

2.2009: Jeff Hardy wins back his world title from CM Punk after MITB cash in at One Night Stand. The constant torment of being a Jeff Hardy fan wanting him to get that brass ring, but somehow he doesn't achieve that big one. Loses @ No Mercy, screwed after he won the title @ Rumble by his brother, and wins it back at Extreme Rules only to have Punk cash in his MITB briefcase. I hated Punk way before than because I didn't understand why people liked him. How I became a fan of Punk's? His fued with Jeff which I sided more with what Punk was saying, but rooting for Jeff. Been a huge fan ever since. Jeff winning back the world title meant a lot of course to me. Didn't understand the constant title changes with him and Punk during their fued o.

1.2008: Kofi shocks the world defeating Y2J for the IC title. Not a big Kofi fan at all. I was rooting for Jericho. Didn't see the loss coming even though it was a pain to have him as the IC champion at the time fueding with HBK. However, him winning had the crowd go nuts. Certainly one of the biggest moments in Kofi's history having won his first IC title along with a victory over Jericho!!

There is my top 10 list for Night of Champions history. Hope Punks leaves Boston as WWE champion to make his title reign even more legit and great. Did I miss any moments that you liked at Night of Champions? Leave it in the comment section below along with your thoughts. Hopefully you enjoyed this piece. I most likely won't be making a Hell in a Cell blog before its ppv because I made one already!!!. In any case, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Cross's Avatar
    I expected all these moments that I did not know due to me not big on watching it in the Attitude Era. I liked it. Props on Number One dealing with the IC Title and not a world title, also happy it went to Kofi as he is one of my favorites. I must say I agree with this list, especially with Kane def. Undertaker and Mark Henry winning his first WHC
  2. Heavy's Avatar
    Yeah true I give you props for that
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