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Rob Stull

WWE's Most Underused & Underutilized Talents...

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Hello all, Rob here once again, and in this blog, I am going to be listing some of the MANY talents that the WWE missuses (when they're even used at all).

Jack Swagger
Now, I'm going to start off my list with The All American American. It's hard to believe that this guy had a World Championship run. But, once the WHC was dropped from Swagger, his carrer in the E went sraight down the toilet. I assume that he will NEVER be in the main event card in his career with the E, but I think that he has the in ring ability, and the heel charisma to become a solid mid card talent, IF the E can book him well.

Zack Ryder
Woo Woo Woo! You..........yawn!!!!!! Haha, let me first off say that I hate Ryder. I respect that he got himself noticed in the E with his YouTube show, but this kid is just so boring. The "Jersey Shore" gimmick is so stupid. But, this kid was heavilly pushed at the beginning of the year, winning the United States Championship, actually getting airtime, and winning matches, and pay per view matches! But, he was another talent that McMahon pissed on, and put him in a "feud" with Kane, where he was made to look an absolute joke. From then on, he took time off tv appearences, dropped the title, and recieved little commission for his merch sales.

Santino Marella
My brother: "Hey, did you see Santino won the US Championship?"
Myself: "He won't do a damn thing with it."
Turns out I was correct. There are so many things wrong with Santino's gimmick, it baffles me that the E let him hold onto not only the US Championship, but the Intercontinental Championship as well. This is one of the few talents that I actually want to leave the E. Moving along....

William Regal
Probably, one of the most gifted wrestlers on the list, Regal's last memory as a semi-big part of the WWE was the on screen general manager a few years back. This man is extremely entertaining, he has great mic skills, and is flawless in the ring. Can someone please tell me what he did to piss McMahon off? I mean, for christs sake, he kissed the man's ass and isn't even used right, haha.

Entire Tag Team Division
Didn't think I would not talk about this? The tag team division has sucked for the better part of a decade, and I'm not going to lie, I thought that there was a glimmer of hope with the Prime Time Playas. But, after the E fired AW, I think it is over for those guys. But, the E needs more tag teams other than Kofi & Truth, PTP, The Usos, Gabriel & Kidd, & The Primos. I say, take some young talents from developemental, and throw them into the mix. Then it'd get a little interesting.

Entire Diva's Division
Another no brainer. This division is dead, and will remain dead, because in the eyes of McMahon and Trips, "Divas don't equal ratings, and sales." While this is true, enhancing the diva's divison will be a small improvement, and people will take notice. The more people take notice, the more ratings. I know that sounds like a far-fetched idea, but hey, it's worth a shot. Right?

I know what you're thinking, "But, he's the World Heavyweight Champion. How are they misusing him?" Hmm, opening matchup at Mania, boring storylines all year long, two to three repeats with the god awful Alberto Del Rio, and just overall, Sheamus is a boring face. Turn him heel again, and he can be used a lot better. Just look at his WWE Championship run.

This will be my final wrestler, but god. Where do I begin? Oh year, having Christian drop the WHC a week after he won it at Extreme Rules was a spit in his face, and to all of his peeps. His heel run was a joke, and after he returned from injury, he has done nothing, except hold onto the IC Championship for a while. Now that he dropped that title, he's back to jobber status. Christian, if you read this, just quit the E, and go back to TNA!!!!

Like I said earlier, there are MANY MANY more talents that the E misuses, but those on my list, are imo, the most misused. As always, leave feedback, and thanks for reading!!!! Oh, and comment on some blog ideas that you would like to see me write about. I love writing, but I lack creativity. I guess I am kind of like the WWE writers. BAZINGA!!! Haha, but I would really like some feedback on some future blogs you'd all like to see.

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  1. TEZ's Avatar
    Shelton Benjamin.

  2. ChristianCampbell's Avatar
    I agree with everything you said. I really like Jack Swagger with the right storyline he has the potential to become big. He will never be as famous as Kurt Angle or anything but good in ring style.
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