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Rob Stull

Rob's Top 4 Moments in SummerSlam History

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Hello all, this is Rob here working on my very first blog, so bear with me here. Now that the most (arguably) lackluster SummerSlam has come and gone, I think that I will talk about my top four moments in the history of the illustrious event.

SummerSlam 2002: Brock Brings the Pain!!!
Brock Lesnar AKA "The Next Big Thing" was well on his way to fulfilling that nickname when he was set to meet The Rock, and square off for the WWE Championship. At King of the Ring back in 02, Brock defeated Rob Van Dam to win the KOTR, and the winner went off to the SS main event. After, a devastatingly violent match, and after surviving a Rock Bottom, Brock pinned Rocky to become the youngest WWE Champion in history.

SummerSlam 2009: Straight Edge Triumphs!!!
Now, personally for me, this is my favorite moment in SS history, because Punk and Hardy are my two favorite wrestlers. These two had one of the most memorable, and personal rivalries in recent memory. After Punk cashed in his MITB contract on Hardy at Extreme Rules, Punk turned full on heel after attacking Hardy after Hardy won the WHC back at NoC. The two squared off in a TLC Match, and boy did this match live up to expectation! It was the only reason I ordered the PPV. And, as you can guess by the name of the title, Punk won the matchup, and then The Undertaker returned as Punk celebrated!!! MARK OUT MOMENT!!!

SummerSlam 2008: The Undertaker Sends Edge to Hell!!!
In 2008, Undertaker and Edge had a pretty amazing rivalry which started at WrestleMania 24, when Taker won the WHC from Edge. Needless to say, Edge was obsessive with winning that Championship back. At Extreme Rules, the WHC was vacated, and Taker and Edge squared off in a TLC Match, where if Taker lost, he would be "banished from the WWE." Surely, Edge won, and Taker took some time off. Well, the storyline (won't go into detail) concluded that Taker would return to face Edge inside HIAC. And this is one of the more exciting HIAC matches in the PG Era. After Taker won the match, he got on to of a ladder, and Chokeslammed Edge through the ring, or "To Hell" if you please, lol.

SummerSlam 1995 HBK vs. Ramon Rematch
After these two squared off at Mania earlier in the year, and put the Ladder Match on the map, these two faced off again in a ladder match for the once relevant Intercontinental Championship, that was thought, couldn't top the Mania Ladder Match. And, these two proved wrong. This was such an amazing match, and HBK would come out on top, winning the prestigious IC Belt.

There you have it all. First off, let me say that I know that there are dozens and dozens of more memorable moments, but these are some of my favorite. So criticize me if you will, but these are my top four moments. Please leave feedback on how I did for my first blog, and have a good one!!!

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Updated 08-29-2012 at 05:22 PM by Rob Stull

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah Bret v Bulldog is probably the single greatest match in SummerSlam history. And the Bret v Henning match was outstanding. I even liked the HBK v Rick Martel match at the England SS.
  2. vikingsman18's Avatar
    Good read. But I really feel that HBK vs HHH Street Fight should of been on there since it was the return of arguabley one of the greatest wrestlers in histroy. Just my opinion of course.
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