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Night of Champions Dream Card

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So, I am back if you at all remember me. I am here to share with you the card that I want. Some of it is already announced and some are different. So here we go.

WWE Championship: CM Punk vs John Cena
It is true that we saw this match-up a lot last year, but not only is it announced, but it is the right way to go. This builds to later next year and this time, different circumstances makes it fresh. Winner should be CM Punk and he should carry it to rumble.

World Heavyweight Championship: Championship Scramble: Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler
This, to me, is the best way. Right now the championship is stale and we are sick of del rio vs sheamus. Ziggler would beat Rey and Daniel Bryan to advance, Rhodes would beat sin cara, and Orton would beat Kane. Every member in this match would hold the championship, with ziggler last. This teases the thought of a champion with a briefcase. Sheamus wins in the end right before the buzzer and ziggler would attack sheamus. Teasing cash-in, Barrett returns taking out ziggler and finishing sheamus. He stand tall, setting up feud.

Intercontinental championship: The Miz vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan
Now it might sound weird but lets think. The Miz has no opponent. So, while Kane and Daniel Bryan feud on raw, Miz comes out to attack both and rants about how his time is taken up by two psychos. With a triple threat, Miz gets pinfall over Kane and retains. Afterwards, Bryan and Kane recontinue their feud.

United states championship: Antonio Cesaro vs Christian
Lets face it, no one wants to see cesaro vs santino again. Antonio needs to start feuding with a more believable face and that is Christian. Christian did beat cesaro before so he should get a shot. This is an opportunity for cesaro to bring it. He wins against Christian.

Tag team championship: Kofi and R-truth vs Sin cara and rey mysterio
This needs to happen. After cara loses to Rhodes, Rhodes tries to take the mask off but cara is saved by mysterio. They decide to stick together and win
a number one contenders match. They win at night of champions and hold it to build up to them facing each other.

Divas championship: Layla vs Kaitlin
I want this to be on as at the pay-per-view, I want Kaitlin to win. After the match, they hug but then the divas of doom (Phoenix and Natalya) surround the ring. They jump up but then, Kaitlin attacks Layla. Gang beat down and this fulfills the thing wwe never did. She holds the title for longer and the divas of doom become stronger

Number one contendership for tag titles: Epico and primo vs usos
You need to have a number one contender match! They win matches to advance to pay-per-view and Epico and primo win. They face Rey and sin cara later for a classic. Don't worry, usos get their chance later.

So that is it! Pre-show needs to be added and others but I would love this card and outcome. Sorry for no bold, on my phone. Leave comments and see you later.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Anything and I mean anything is better than another 1 on 1 match with Del Rio and Sheamus.

    Miz should face midcard guys for the title. Best opponent available judging by the roster that would actually get heat for the Miz is facing Brodus Clay.

    Solid card o.
  2. Cross's Avatar
    You must of read my blog on bringing back the Championship Scramble haha. But yes that would be a great idea for the match as it helps Dolph and Cody elevate to a better status.

    I actually thought of Rey vs the Miz vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan but due to Rey's injury, that would make alot of sense on how you go about this.

    CM Punk vs John Cena, is just eh to me. I know it needs to happen, but I am not excited for it or even interested to watch it. These 2 need a stimulation next time they go one on one.

    Sad Damien is not US Champ, but your US Title idea is good. For the divas, Kaitlyn to me is not as great as some people says she is. I do not know why, but I like the Divas of Doom idea.

    Tag Team Match should be a fatal 4 way for the titles between the tag teams now so more stars get on the card, although Rey and Sin Cara make a great team and means Rey does not have to be in the ring as long for an injury to occur.

    Honest, I do not buy PPVs, I just do the coverage, but the WHC Scramble Match I would be pumped for and want to watch it
  3. Xosanj's Avatar
    on the ICC i had the same idea without Kane. A match with The Miz, Rey, Christian, and Cody would be awesome. But then i love your idea on have Cody in the Scramble. I am really huge on making the ICC as important as it once was. For all the ppl that have held that title it should not be where it is at. I can understand the US championship but not the ICC.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Don't quote me on this, and perhaps I may be an idiot for thinking so, yet in the same run, since this "whole Kane/D-Bryan" angle started, I've been saying; "Pair them up!!". The E' needs a tag team to be the focal point of them reconstructing the tag division. Neither of them are in any major angle as we speak, and the E' can only drag this feud on for oh so long.

    Their on screen chemistry is decent, and pairing them up could end up working out. I mean hell, it did when they paired Kane up with RVD.

    Either way, decent read.

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