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Speculation on The Beautiful People (Continued)

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I'm back.

And I know. I didn't want to make a second post about them, but there seemed to be so much that went on in such a short amount of time. I feel that I could jinx it all and a big swerve could happen as soon as I send this, but this all seems pretty unusual. Lauren, Jamie, if some fan happens to lead you here, please disregard and do not respond in any way if you want your motives remained hidden. In this post I will discuss the following:

  • The main points on Angel's recent interview
  • TNA's futile efforts to re-sign Talia
  • Many strange things about their "reunion tour"
  • Their mutual friends with Triple H
  • Are they deleting crucial tweets?
  • And Angel spotted at Fetish Con a month ago

For those who haven't seen part one of my blog, you can view it here at any time.

In case you weren't aware, Angel was interviewed by Monday Night Mayhem last week, considered to be her first "and only" interview after leaving TNA early July. I have listened to her entire audio interview on, and I have to say, she is a very classy and professional woman who has been very careful about what to say about the business; lightyears ahead of Gail Kim for sure. She had nearly nothing negative to say about TNA or WWE the whole time she was on the phone. She could have revealed a ton of crazy information like Jesse Neal or the Young Bucks did, but instead she held her tongue. While I would be really curious of what had bothered her in TNA, good on her. TNA was the company that gave her and Talia all the tools to become larger than life personalities and it would be very underhanded to burn their bridges and stab the company in the back after all they have done for them. Many companies would want to hire workers with that sort of positive attitude.

But, she did not reveal much in her interview, not even her "big future" she keeps touting on Twitter. She said that it was "just her time to go" and that she wanted to get together with Talia again in the Indies because fans on Twitter wanted to see them back together. That still doesn't justify why they had to leave TNA in order to do this, and there obviously is more to it than that that she won't talk about. Additionally, those fans who asked them to form together again very likely don't have a plane ticket to a town in New York or somewhere to watch them perform in a gym. If they were to return to TNA, they would have told the executives "We're taking a break from TNA, but we'll return". But no, they both seemed like they were in quite a hurry to get out of there, especially Talia.

Dixie was open to give Talia nearly anything she wanted if she were to change her mind, and as I said in my previous post, Talia was indeed too valueable to TNA to lose since she was their most marketable KO who was incredibly over. But alas, Talia made her choice to leave the company and it was inevitable ever since she tweeted about joining Angel for a stint in the Indies.

While the ugly rumor that she's going to return to TNA soon isn't going away, I feel that she is long gone, for it would be extremely pointless and dumb of her to quit and then re-sign with TNA for no reason. It also wouldn't be like her to ditch Angel in a run in the Indies together and pull out of all her dates, and it wouldn't be like them to punk their old company they've been loyal to for years this way. Makes me wonder of the offers that she forced herself to resist: Replacing Brooke Hogan as head of the Knockouts? Becoming Knockout Champion for a long time? Giving Sabin a World Title push? Giving HERSELF a World Title push? TNA Ice Cream Bars? Oh, I got it: Renaming the show "Impact Wrestling Starring Velvet Sky"! Okay, I had enough fun here. The point being, there seems to be NOTHING to get her to ink a new deal with TNA. There is no turning back and following Angel seems far too important to her.

Talia is quite the mystery here. I would find it very surprising if WWE finally found interest in her after how badly she tried getting in there before. In an interview a while before they both left TNA, she talked about her desperate attempts (it was a not a kayfabe interview, so no shots were taken), talking about how she came to realize she "wasn't ready" at the time. But now, I hope she's not thinking, "Now that I'm a huge draw, I sell merchandise, and I have almost 100,000 Twitter followers, they sure won't pass on me now!". I surely hope she's isn't blind guessing, because I would have stayed in TNA unless I was 100% sure there were legit sources from WWE saying they are garunteed to sign me. If Talia is signed however, it's likely for an unusual reason, but nonetheless, she would be really, really lucky to have gotten her childhood dream come true, because it only happens to very few.

What really surprised many was that Angel seemed very interested in signing with WWE again if given the opportunity. Many fans would argue that she should not due to the "Divas booking" and the fact that she was "TNA built", but you don't think they are aware about what goes on over there?! The problems with WWE and its product do not seem to bother her or Talia for that matter, and believe me, they are aware of many more problems than what is posted online. There will never be a "perfect" promotion that's for sure.

Angel had not hinted that WWE is her next goal, though, she didn't even say if they contacted her or not, but she seemed like she follows and knows a lot about today's product when talking about the Divas she is interested in working with like Beth Phoenix and AJ Lee.

In prior interviews, when she was still in TNA, she would talk about her pursuit of obtaining even more championship reigns. I feel that she is determined to win more titles in her career but I'm satisfied with how she overcame the need to talk about her success last week. No "I'm hungry for more gold," "I want to be famous," "I want to be in videogames", or anything like that. While those would be dead giveaways, nonetheless, she's here to show she wants to be a team player and strives for others to succeed besides herself. That's the kind of attitude any promotion would like to have, and she really must be trying to impress whomever it is is her next employer. Nothing like Gail like, "They better push me because I'm special or else I'll quit".

I had doubts however that Angel would even bother to publically discuss WWE, or for that matter even accept an interview at this point. I could think of a few reasons why though. Maybe she was tired of all the fans harrassing her on Twitter and she wanted them to ease off of her for a while, or perhaps mentioning WWE would let people to believing that that's not the place she is going, or maybe Angel and her legal counsel never really contacted WWE, or vice versa, and that she really is going some place else. But if that were the case, she would be more open to talk about WWE to her fans and wouldn't delete her one tweet to JR.

Again, there is a possiblility that they may not be headed to WWE, but WWE is still not ruled out at this moment because any place else they would say where they're headed would have been revealed by now, even if it were outside of wrestling. WWE would make a lot of sense considering what has been going on with them in the past couple months. I'm certain if they shot down WWE, it would have been briefly after their releases; I don't see why they would wait a long time to tell people they're NOT going. It's not like them to play with TNA, and it's not like them to play with their fans either. Afterall, a third KO may be out the door and she has future plans in wrestling already seemingly revealed...

On quite a few dates, they are scheduled to appear with Katie Lea Birchill, Madison Rayne, and Rosita (who tweeted she wouldn't be able to compete with Angel anymore shortly after she left, strange...), so I had some thought that those four or five may be planning something. However, the Beautiful People are only doing guest appearances, KLB is set to join a women only promotion BLOW and go for some Indy titles, and Madison Rayne and Rosita are still under contract with TNA.

Why do these women want to compete with the Beautiful People again so badly? It could be that they want one last chance to work with them before they might not ever get the chance to again, because they have said in interviews how excited they were when they did in TNA. They all are for certain know what is next for them and if you try to ask about them on Twitter, they will not tell you.

The strange thing about their "reunion tour" is where most of their appearances take place. Almost all of their appearances are around the New York area, and the last one is in Massachusetts. Uh, excuse me ladies but THAT IS BY NO MEANS A "TOUR"! A tour is a trip across the country going to Florida, Texas, Illinois, California, etc. All around.

Yeah, they are going to Aruba for the Caribbean Wrestling Tour with some WWE legends which is coming up very soon, and it's pretty cool that they can do that. Kevin Nash is running it with all his pals, so I guess it's nice that he's allowing them to appear and pay for their expenses, despite the obvious fact that they are NOT legends whatsoever and would be the youngest talent there. Infact, other guys like Gunn, Waltman, Rhino, and Lawler will be there too, and who are they all really good friends with? The man that would be responsible for getting the Beautiful People their jobs of course, the Cerebral Assassin, the King of Kings, the NEWWWW Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Triple H (BOOOOOOO! Down with him he hates women wrestling blah blah blah). The Beautiful People, thanks to TNA, at least have friends in high places.

But I do however see their Twitter pages that say they want to go to England and South America too, so how come they don't have freedom to go there? Dinero would be an obvious answer. Nash or somebody will likely pay for their flights to and from Aruba, and certainly there are hundreds of bookers from around the world who would like them to appear at their events, but I can see them temporarily living around New York for a budget decision and wouldn't have to pay to travel, because as I said before they may not have enough money to go to event after event after event like what they're lined up for. And obviously there are many big corporations headquartered in the New York area, one of which could be where they're headed if not the WWE, but none that I could think of. MTV? I don't think so.

It has been revealed that Ric Flair's no-compete clause with TNA lasts for 120 days, or 4 months. No word on what exactly he is restricted from. If Angel and Talia's clauses have the same duration, then theirs would be up on November 2nd and November 24th, respectively, around the time their last Indy appearance as of now is scheduled, which is on November 19th. The effectiveness of the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit appears to be in question now that Alex Shelley is rumored to still be in talks with WWE, and his possible clause would be up after his tour with NJPW in September.

The Beautiful People have made it a habit to delete tweets to WWE talent shortly after sending it to them, I'm serious, bro. I mentioned in my previous blog post about Mick Foley and Jim Ross complimenting them, even much earlier Natalya tweeted Talia regarding Chris Sabin, as well as Angel marking out to Road Dogg and Billy Gunn's appearance on RAW 1000. But about a day or so after they sent these tweets, they removed them. I could understand why Talia would remove her appreciative tweet to Mick who said he hopes that she signs with WWE, but to JR and Natalya? All JR did was reply to a fan saying that the Beautiful People were "lovely, talented ladies", so I don't seem to understand why they would pull their "thank you" tweets whether they're headed there or not, but it must be important. Are they not supposed to? I mean those people mentioned THEM first.

I have a cached screenshot of Natalya's tweet and what Talia said back to her, and as I explained before that Natalya's tweet is likely still there, but Talia's is gone.


Did she seriously have to delete that?

Before I wrap this useless blog up, there is this news report about Angel that is very interesting to me that happened in early August:

I have mentioned this in the first blog as well in an update, but I'd like to go into it more since it's so interesting. So she is spotted at Fetish Con with her friend and fellow indy wrestler April Hunter, but it doesn't specify if she was an attendee or a model there. She promptly contacted WrestlingInc that she was only "walking around" and had no "kinky plans" in her future. This gave me a lot to think about. What would make her so concerned about notifying them of what she was doing at a risque convention? Why wasn't April just as concerned? If Angel's staying in the Indies or is going to become a full time actress, then she could be "kinky" all she wants and it would be insignificant because nobody would care. So there must be some place she is going that she is trying very hard and carefully...not to blow her chance at.

One place instantly comes first to mind, and they specialize in PG sports-entertainment. They are very strict about hiring performers and what sorts of backgrounds they had. WWE had no interest in rehiring Chyna at all for her ventures in porn and adult films, as an example, and the Beautiful People got to experience it up front when Chyna had no plans to perform for TNA again. Possibly, if Angel did not speak up on this bit of news about her, then WWE would call her to say "Sorry", if they were to find it that is.

My thoughts? If they are awarded the opportunity to move up to the #1 promotion in the world, they should go for it. They frankly have nothing to lose and could really give fans and management a new found interest in the Divas, either together or on their own. TNA would be nothing but proud of them. The worst thing they can ever do is chicken out and say that they can't do it. If there are two things they have that Gail Kim didn't have, it's charisma and balls. If things don't work out, they have their whole lives to go any other place out there, so WWE wouldn't really be much of a gamble. But with their age, it's not long now until the window shuts. If not the WWE though, I am completely dumbfounded to where else they would go where 1, they would NEED to leave TNA and wait a while, 2, go to wrestle considering they both still label themselves as pro wrestlers, and 3, they're very likely going to head there together. I doubt they would go to ROH, unless they don't mind not performing in the ring and getting groped from behind like Maria. If they were called upon in another career like acting then they would have to report to their project(s) right away.

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  1. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    O_o Where on Earth do you find all of this??? I mean the now that you mention it, the WWE would explain the fetish thing & the tweets, but it still doesn't mean they're jumping ship. Just watch, they're gonna retire or move on to another career or something and you're gonna be wrong, like I was about Kharma. What did they say to those people on Twitter anyway?
    Updated 09-02-2012 at 12:16 AM by OneTimePosterShorry
  2. Glue's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by OneTimePosterShorry
    O_o Where on Earth do you find all of this??? I mean the now that you mention it, the WWE would explain the fetish thing & the tweets, but it still doesn't mean they're jumping ship. Just watch, they're gonna retire or move on to another career or something and you're gonna be wrong, like I was about Kharma. What did they say to those people on Twitter anyway?
    I'm not saying they're headed to WWE, but there are quite a few signs that are pointing to it. As I said I'm only speculating.

    Velvet just had pretty simple responses, "Thank you Mick!", & "Thank you JR!", while when Angelina replied to JR she said "Much appreciated! Thank you so much!". Nothing extravagant although I don't get why they wouldn't want to keep them up.
  3. Mckenzie's Avatar
    Kudos on to taking the effort to find of all of this information. But I would love to see both talents on the screen again.
  4. Glue's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mckenzie
    Kudos on to taking the effort to find of all of this information. But I would love to see both talents on the screen again.
    No problem. Although none of this was really difficult to find. I went to the headline on this site with Mick's tweet & went to the source cited and found that interview with Velvet in it.
    Updated 09-02-2012 at 11:02 AM by Glue
  5. Cynicism's Avatar
    What a wonderful blog, a truly great paranoid creation. Love the conspiracy theory, not sure I buy it but damn it's really gotten into your head
  6. Glue's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cynicism
    What a wonderful blog, a truly great paranoid creation. Love the conspiracy theory, not sure I buy it but damn it's really gotten into your head
    Useful knowledge that I researched and would like to spread around. That's what's gotten into my head. Thanks for reading though, glad you liked it!
  7. Deepi's Avatar
    Furst of all, Gail Kim needs a good lesson from Angel because Angel spoke in a true professional in the interview. She didn't knock anyone down unlike Gail did!

    Second, I could see TBP in the WWE some day like in a 4 or 5 months. They still have it in them and could help them in different ways if not wrestling!
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