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10 Ideas the WWE should Consider

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Okay so the other day I read a blog post written by Callum entitled, “WWE: Future Champions” (Link Here). This article highlighted some WWE stars that the author felt should be future WWE champions and he outlines some good reasons as to why he picked the people he chose. In reading this blog, I found myself agreeing with some of his points as to some future WWE talent that should get some shine as well as some things going on in WWE today that aren’t good for these titles. It then got me to wondering about my own grievances and ideas that I have towards the ‘E and that if I could have it my way I would enact, so I present for your viewing pleasure, 10 Ideas the WWE should Consider (in no particular order):

1. PLEASE WWE put Naomi back as a Diva’s wrestler!!! She can go in the ring for real!

Let’s face facts; the WWE Divas division is weak! With the collapse of Kharma no longer being there, the Divas are down to a small handful of capable women’s wrestlers, but there is one person who the WWE don’t put on in the ring but THEY SHOULD! Her name is Naomi. She pretty much ran the NXT Divas Season and was great in FCW. Don’t believe me, Read this blog Knox wrote entitled “The Next Breakout WWE Diva” (Link Here )

2. Kaitlyn, Eve Torres, or Tamina needs to be Divas champ!

Kaitlyn because she can actually wrestle, Eve because she has gotten way better in the wrestling department, and/or Tamina because it seems like she was long overdue. One minute she was dominating the Divas, then a match with Layla and lost, and then nothing. How did that happen?!?!

3. Put the tag belts on the PrimeTimePlayers like RIGHT NOW!!

These two dudes #MillionsOfDollars, #MoneyMakin’Scholars, #PTP aka Darren Young and Titus O’Neil have been building up chemistry and teamwork since the days of NXT being on remember that?). Now WWE makes them a legit threat to the Tag belts, they get a match at SummerSlam…and…LOSE?!?!....WHY?!?

4. WWE needs to give Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, & Tyson Kidd, some shine (and some gold too)!

Okay so I am just sick and tired, of being like the rest of the IWC and saying something along the lines of “Man, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, & Tyson Kidd got some tremendous talent, but they don’t really get no attention on TV” WWE needs to fix this ASAP. It’s about time to start phasing out these older talents recycled down our throat guys and make way for the new generation.

5. Make Wade Barrett’s return (and his Barrage) mean something (World Heavyweight or WWE Belt)!

I’m not the only one who thinks that Wade Barrett is a big bad ass mofo that is ready to take the WWE by storm. Clearly his character has shown he has the cerebral ability to be great (a la being leader of Nexus and Corre). Time to take the mental ability and add it to his bare-knucklebrawler brash and arrogant attitude and make him the big time guy he deserves to be.

6. Where the heck is Dean Amborse?!?! Bring em’ out already!!!

Does anyone remember when Dean Ambrose was getting so much love from the IWC? Does anyone remember Dean Ambrose having a twitter war with Mick Foley? Does anyone remember Dean Ambrose wrestling CM Punk in FCW and afterwards CM Punk giving him props and saying he’s gonna be a big deal soon? Yeah I do too but one question….WHERE IS HE?!?! He should have been came out onto the main scene in WWE.

7. Keep doing Dolph Ziggler with these almost cashing in MITB spots!

I absolutely love how the WWE is twisting my emotions with Dolph Ziggler. I mean a guy who a lot of people in the IWC think should be a World Heavyweight Champ has the best opportunity to become one, and every time he gets close to cashing it in….something always happens! Whether it be that Sheamus comes to and gives him the Brogue Kick, Randy Orton stops him and gives him the RKO, or he decides at the last second not to cash it in. It makes for some dramatic television.

8. Please stop with the Jerry Lawler matches PLEASE!!!

Look I get it, CM Pink needed a pawn to beat up on and handle to prove his point that he is BEST IN THE WORLD, but of all the pawns he could use, the ‘E gives him Jerry Lawler?!?! Gimme a break man! Look Jerry Lawler is a 60-something washed up wrestler who can barely….correction….CAN’T commentate and you guys chose him to be the sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered for the benefit of the CM Punk-I WANT RESPECT campaign?!?! Two words……BAD IDEA!!!

9. Please stop putting John Cena last on my PPVs !!

Almost all of the PPVs this year ended involving John Cena in some form of fashion. In fact Here is a list of the last match to go on a PPV starting at Elimination Chamber (FEB):

  • Elimination Chamber (FEB): John Cena def Kane (Ambulance Match
  • Wrestlemania 29 (APR): Rock def John Cena
  • Extreme Rules (APR): John Cena def Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match)
  • Over the Limit (MAY): John Laurinaitis def John Cena
  • No Way Out (JUNE): John Cena def Big Show (Steel Cage; Laurinaitis Fired)
  • Money in The Bank (July): Cena def Kane, Jericho, Big Show, & Miz (WWE MITB)
  • SummerSlam (AUG) Brock Lesar def Triple H

Question: Which one of these things is not like the others?!?! I know Cena is a big deal, but we’ve seen 8 of 12 PPVs & 7 of 8 had John Cena in the MAIN EVENT!!! Quit putting him there all the time. There are other guys more deserving of that spot……like CM Punk #RESPECT

10. I WISH THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN, BUT IT’S SO OBVIOUS TO SEE: at the Royal Rumble, have CM Punk loses the WWE Title to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, only to have John Cena win the Royal Rumble in order to finally get the WWE Title back at Wrestlemainia 29 (only for the WWE to setup Rock Cena III at WM30).

I pose this scenario to you all and save this blog if it comes true:

CM Punk beats John Cena at Night of Champions, and keeps the title til January. The Rock comes in at the Royal Rumble and beats CM Punk for the title while John Cena wins the Rumble. Cena then beats Rock at WrestleMania 29, and then we get a whole ‘nother freakin’ year of Rock vs Cena because the WWE is going to plan it as the “rubber match to take place on the grandest stage of them all….WRESTLEMANIA 30!!”

You know what I call this: PREDICTABLE WWE PROGRAMMING
You know what’s wrong with WWE: PREDICTABLE WWE PROGRAMMING

Thanks for reading, & please feel free to comment about this blog and share your thoughts as this is only my 2nd blog. All the feedback is appreciated (EVEN the negative ones) Thank you and God Bless!!

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Agree with some remarks, others are blatant shows of clientism. When titles change hands every ppv, titles don't mean nothing, we the IWC say. But when our favourite guys (in your case the PTP) don't immediately win the title on their first shot, it's OMG WWE is dropping the ball..

    WWE is trying to fit in a whole load of new guys, whilst most established guys are (parttime) retiring. Ambrose will come when the time is due. HHH likes his work, it is rumoured, but won't call him up until they have a decent plan. I for one think that's a very good idea. I'm glad they try to think long-term, that's been missing for a while.

    One (retorical) question. Who do you think Ambrose will step on on his way up? Yes, Gabriel, Kidd, Riley.. the lower midcard face guys. Yes yes, in the perfect world one of the personal favourites will only squash and depush guy you want gone, but it's not a perfect world and views on favourites differ. For example, I find Justin Gabriel the most boring superstar ever to defile the ring. No charisma, no mic skills, no emotion, can only be a generic face, no psychology, just a few spots and that's it. I am aware quite a few people see it different (I call these people 'people who are wrong', but still, freedom of speech).

    But to end of on a happy note: good blog, really energized, brought out the will to discuss, and you make a few very valid points (and well document the points I don't agree with, which is a good thing).
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