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The Five Best Suitors to Challenge the Streak

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Hey everyone, last wrestlemania the legendary Undertaker became 20-0 and continue his streak. This years wrestlemania has a lot of star power as well as some veterans who would like a chance. Here is my list of the top five who may take on the Undertaker and his streak:

5. Sheamus
Sheamus has had a huge year all ready and has been on a tear since winning the royal rumble. Sheamus hasn't even lost a match in months, and has even stated he would like to face Undertaker at wrestlemania. Sheamus may have a chance at the streak since he has mass starpower over the wwe universe and his match against the Undertaker could be a classic.

4. The Rock
I know, I know many of you want to see the rock take on the undertaker but it doesn't seem likely to happen since he placed himself in the wwe championship scene. The Rock and Undertaker would be a classic matchup and a great, refreshing fued in the sometime boring WWE program.

3. Brock Lesnar
Since Lesnar returned to the WWE he has been an angery heel and wants star power over the whole company. Lesnar has a good shot at facing Undertaker at mania since they are paying him so much money and this match would be a definite blockbuster.This is Lesnar' s suposed last match on his massive contract so WWE would want a superstar type of match from him and what better opponent than Undertaker?

2. Chris Jericho
Even though they never fueded in his long career, Chris has the starpower to make this match a must-see main event. Back in Smackdown, i believe it was 2008, they both had a few amazing matches that fans want to see more of. Jericho and his mic skills would help evlevate thegreat fued, and would be a pleasure to watch in the ring.

1. John Cena
Cena and taker would be a blockbuster for all WWE fans. Cena claims he did almost everything in the current WWE setting-except one major challenge- face the undertaker at wrestlemania. Its everyone's dream to face the taker at wrestlemania and cena can put on a show for the ages. Cena would add great star power to the match and with the other veterans on the show- Wrestlemania 29 could be a show for the ages.

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  1. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Good picks, but Cena can't face 'taker to soon. He is on a losing streak at Wrestlemania and if they are to keep him as the face of the company, he needs to win this year. And I would hate to see the backlash that would come if they considered having him end the streak. I for one am pulling for Lesnar vs 'taker, but wouldn't mind seeing Sheamus challenge as well and this would be the perfect year to do it if he keeps this current streak alive.
  2. Heavy's Avatar
    really good pics, i agree with Shaemus and Jericho but only because brock and the rock have already had a fued with Taker before and whats the fun of bringing up the past when you can go forward. Cena i cant see happening because i think it would pretty difficult to go about creating a fued with the two of them. jericho would be perfect because it could be his way of winning the BIG ONE finally.
  3. Marx's Avatar
    Let Wade Barrett take a go and lose this year, let Taker and another legend (Jericho, Kane, maybe Rock) take eachother on, end the streak and retire at Mania 30. Yes, I want the streak to end: this is wrestling, and it's the only way to truly close the book. And it would be a perfect way for another guy to quit: legendary match and just ride into the sunset.
  4. cjstonecold's Avatar
    I, for one, have been begging and pleading for Cena vs. Taker. But maybe not this year. I would have Rock vs. Cena II for the title and have Cena win the title from the Rock, to cement the handshake that never occured at Wresltmania 28. The storyline would be that Cena has done it all except face the Deadman at Wrestlemania. You could go back to the time when Taker attacked Cena before Wrestlemania 23. Taker would say he's not worthy and the fued would take off from there. In a twist though, you would have to see the ruthless side of Cena and have Cena win the match so Taker can retire. A passing of the final torch from the attitude era to Cena.
  5. bartish2's Avatar
    only suitable opponents left are y2j, lesnar and rock. No offence but sheamus isnt there yet and cena has pretty much run its course. what would a win over rock or a match with taker do for him? nothing, the crowd will always be split and hes just stale now. Not to mention its funny kids want cena to face everyone and win everything. I cant even believe people want him to win yet another title from rock at wm... wtf will a win do? another 30 day reign here we go lol. Cena isnt a good suit for taker anyways. neither will tap and neither will be pinned. Taker is getting old he can only face some older guys to keep the pace at a good rate. Besides cena vs taker wouldnt really draw... it would just piss fans off, especially if they made him kill yet another good thing in the wwe. y2j, rock or lesnar would be massive draws... not to mention good matches. wtf would cena do? get beat up for 15 mins, 5 moves of doom then tombstone. boring
  6. Merrowyerrow's Avatar
    O yo metswwe57 I love ur pic hunch 4 life
  7. Merrowyerrow's Avatar
    *hunicho sorry
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