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I Don't Believe It: Does Hulkamania need to get Raw?

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After a brief break, it's nice to be writing a wrestling blog once again. I've been thinking over the last couple of week's about whether AJ as Raw general manager is a short term option or whether she is in that position for the long haul. In addition, i've also thought that Hulk Hogan has fit the role of Impact wrestling general manager. Fulfilling it a lot better than i first anticipated. So i don't know people's views on AJ as Raw GM but i'm unsure. I'd like to see Hulkamania take charge of the longest running weekly episodic TV show in history.

I posed the question on if AJ as GM is short term or long term. Due to the fact that it was announced by Vince McMahon himself on the historic 1000th edition of Raw i guess WWE management see her as a long term candidate. I personally didn't see the appointment of AJ coming but it came at a time where here character had dramatically grown on television over the months with the Punk/Bryan/Kane saga. She perhaps had the strongest and most intriguing character on TV during that period and it had the wrestling world talking. Hence why WWE management appointed her. I honestly haven't been blown away by her as GM yet but in time she could grow into the role. And i suppose she'll be a long term option if viewer ratings are good. If they dramatically slide, then i say step in Hulk Hogan.

My view on Hulkamania taking over Raw as General Manager will no doubt be met with a mixed response. Some people i know feel he has had his time in the business and should move on. However when i watch Impact the crowd always seem really energised for Hogan to come down and lay down the law as Impact wrestling GM. Hogan undoubtedly has a presence, a red and yellow aura if you will and he's still got it on the mic. I feel we could see some magical interactions between Hogan as Raw GM and susperstars who he's faced in the past as well as new stars who Hulk isn't as familiar with such as Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and CM Punk. It's well known that Hulk and Vince's relationship has been good then bad then good again and has had it's turbulence to say the least however the last time i heard they were on good terms. Hulk Hogan is a brand in itself and as the man running Raw, WWE would certainly sell a heck of a lot of red & yellow merch! I feel Hogan as a worldwide star can be good for Raw in terms of attracting more or lost viewers and in terms of boosting Vince's bank balance. No doubt Hulk would profit too, a lot more than he is now in TNA.

An argument is that if Hulk did come in as Raw GM then he is taking a young star like AJ's spot, a spot which she has earned without question after a strong 2012. I like seeing the young stars grow and develop. The likes of; Sandow, Cesaro, Prime Time Players and hopefully Tyson Kidd. Therefore i suppose AJ should be allowed time, but if times get hard on Raw i think Vince should turn to Hulkamania to run wild on Monday Night Raw.

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  1. ssgsanti's Avatar
    No, TNA needs him now because they are on fire now. Just need to get more Promo out there. Hogan is the only one in the limelight really.
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