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The Way I See It - Gut Check, TNA Impact, etc.

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Hi, guys! I'm back for another edition of The Way I See It. My biggest struggle is deciding exactly what I want to do with this blog series. I don't want to do a review of TNA's programming because we have someone that does it already. So, until I develop a foundation, I'm going to stick with providing my opinions on various things within the TNA wrestling world. I have a couple of things on my mind for this edition, so I hope you guys enjoy the read.


First of all, I think the entire TNA fan base was disappointed with the Gut Check contestant on this past week's edition of Impact. For me, I was looking forward to seeing him in the ring because his video packages were very well put together and it appeared as if TNA has faith in him to waste money and resources on his packages. But, then again, this is TNA and wasting money and resources is their way of conducting business.

Anyway, he was incredibly out of shape. He looked confused and lost in the ring. To be honest, I think he forgot what he was supposed to do. He kind of ran into Gunner awkwardly a couple of times, he took a few of the moves wrong. He was just very, very disappointing and if TNA gives him a contract this week, I will have to wash my hands of this entire Gut Check situation.

I do have a complaint, though. And before I voice my complaint, I don't think Lewie (Louie, or however you want to spell it) would have looked any better no matter who he wrestled. But I still consider Gunner a bit green and for someone trying to wrestle their way into a contract, I think TNA needs to make sure they stick them with an opponent that knows what's going on. For example, last month, Douglas Williams faced the Gut Check participant. Williams knows what he's doing and with his eyes closed, he could make me look good in the ring. If possible, TNA needs to create a structure where the contestant wrestles someone that can really work a solid match. The only problem is you don't want the contestant to be carried, but you want to make sure he's working with someone that can go, you know?

That said, Lewie was horrible and he would have been horrible regardless of his opponent. He could have wrestled Kurt Angle and it wouldn't have made a difference. I do like the Gut Check series and I hope TNA continues to do it once a month. But can be get some more Taeler Hendrix please? (yum, yum, yum)


I want to touch on the Aces and Eights situation. Last week, I said I was enjoying the slow build. But now? I'm tired of it. I've come across quite a few comments from blogs this week and we all seem to agree: TNA needs to do something major with this storyline and they need to do it now. Yeah, they destroyed Austin Aries' arm, that's awesome. Cool beans, awesome stuff, but I want more. I don't know what I want exactly, but I want more. And you know what? I want it right now.

I don't know if they need to start revealing members of the group or if the leader needs to start showing up segments that "hides their identity" or what, but something needs to advance the storyline beyond these brawls and attacks week in and week out.

With that being said, I can see a clear picture of the group. It's only about four to six guys and everyone else, I guess they are trying to get into the group and are pretty much being used as punching bags by the main guys in the stable. That, in particular, I like because I was worried how TNA was going to narrow it down to a few main guys for the reveal.

But something needs to happen and it needs to happen now. And please, no more corny opening and ending segments of the Aces and Eights on motorcycles. The opening segment lasted about two minutes, went into great detail of the group riding around in circles on their bikes. If they were riding around that long on camera, why didn't some of the roster come out and give them what for? And man, I wish I could run from the ring to my motorcycle in five seconds like they can to drive off at the end of the show. Hyper-sonic-speed!

Do something.. and do it now.. or the greatest storyline going on in TNA, and perhaps wrestling (I don't want anything else, so that's a biased statement) will go to waste.


Also, just a couple of quick statements -- I have to give TNA kudos on the way they wrapped up the Claire Lynch storyline. I thought it was brilliant writing and definitely concluded the storyline about as well as it could be without having the main person involved. So, kudos TNA.

One other thing, TNA could still prove me wrong, but a few weeks ago I bitched about Chavo Guerrero's debut. I finished that blog off with a "good luck" message to Chavo. A quick, deflating feud with Kash and Gunner and where has he gone? I'm sure he'll be back on TNA TV soon, but seems odd, so much hype given to the guy and now he's gone.


But that's it for me, ladies and gentlemen. It was kind of a weak edition from me this week, but I wanted to get a couple of things off my chest. I'll be back next week (hopefully) with some more complaining, ranting, and venting!

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    It looks like their putting Chavo in a tag team with Hernandez which can be really good since they are trying to build the division back up. Daniels and Kaz are really good together, they just don't have any opponents since Shelley left and broke up the tag team, Beer Money and Team 3D are singles stars now. They only other thing I can think of is make the Robbies a tag team or reunite the British Invasion.
  2. body slam's Avatar
    looks like they had to find someone not to give a gut check contract
  3. pld459666's Avatar
    In interesting idea for the Aces & Eights is for them to challenge for all the titles on the same Fight Night and WIN. Obviously a little foul play would be in order, but if you want something big to happen with this group, it can't get any bigger.
  4. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by body slam
    looks like they had to find someone not to give a gut check contract
    I was thinking the same thing. People choke, but he more so strangled himself. They had to have seen him wrestle recently and notice what shape he was in. You don't fall that out of shape that quick.

    Gut Check overall: They've signed 3 or 4 people and we've not seen them since. Yet they didn't sign Joey Ryan(still not sure if it was a storyline at that point) and he's at every GC decision. They already have a lot of unused talent, so to keep signing people that they aren't going to use baffles me.

    Aces and 8's: I think it's went good so far. It wouldn't hurt to reveal 1 or 2 guys who aren't the main players, but I'm fine with them not doing so. I'm just worried the long build up will lead to a dissapointing conclusion.

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