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WWE: Future Champions

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WWE: Future Champions

In this blog I’ll be looking at who should be a champion in the future for each belt in order to a) bring prestige back and b) make the belt memorable and entertaining.

Divas Championship
I know the divas are generally boring but their are a select few who are entertaining and can wrestle. These Divas should be used to rebuild the division and they are:
Beth Phoenix
Eve Torres
Naomi (Read Knox’s blog here if you disagree – It’s a great read!)

What I think will happen currently: Kaitlyn will win, Layla will turn heel.

Since coming to Wwe Eve, has really improved to the point where she has good matches when given the chance. I think after a decent reign by Kaitlyn and various feuds vs. the likes of Layla, Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Eve should win the title at the Royal Rumble and build towards a rematch at Wrestlemania. All they’d is a few promos and imo Eve is pretty good on the mic (see her Heel Promo earlier in the year). Although knowing Wwe they’ll use the Divas match to fit a celebrity in.

Tag Team Championships
Currently the tag team division is only just above the divas. They’re starting to rebuild the tag team division though and they’ve got off too an ok start. In my opinion, if Wwe are serious about rebuilding the division they need to give a total of 35-45 minutes to the division per week across all Wwe shows.

Current tag teams are:
Kofi Kingston and R-Truth
The Uso’s
Prime Time Players
Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
Epico and Primo

To improve the division they need to do 3 things:
a) Give tag teams promo time – how else are they supposed to get over?
b) Make sure every tag team has a name- how the champions still don’t have a name is beyond me.
c) Tag Teams need to use tag team moves and have a tag team finisher
d) They need to look like a team – E.g. Kane and JTG wouldn’t work as a team

Personally, I thought the Prime Time Players would win at Summerslam but they didn’t and there is a rumoured Kofi/Truth vs Uso’s vs Epico and Primo vs PTP which I’d like PTP to win via interference by JTG. I think that PTP can make the division interesting again and they could have entertaining feuds and matches with the likes of Epico/Primo, The Uso’s and a few more teams which I think should be created including Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins reunion now Tyler Reks has left and Alex Riley and Christian who I think would make a good team.

Us Championship
Antonio Cesaro recently won the Us Championship off Santino and Santino will likely get a rematch at NOC and lose. After a few novelty opponents (Ted Dibiase, Zach Ryder, Alex Riley – To make him look like a credible champion) he can move onto this man:

Tyson Kidd is one of the best technical wrestlers around and after a long reign till Wrestlemania it would be great if Tyson Kidd won the Championship. His Mic skills are decent enough and will likely improve and they can build him up as the underdog (ala Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio) and then maybe even have him win a world title. Kidd is a great talent and imo a future main eventer if Wwe book him right. I’d love to see a Tyson Kidd/Daniel Bryan feud.

Intercontinental Championship
The Miz is the current champion and after his feud with Rey Mysterio, I’d like to see a fresh face in the IC Championship scene.

Justin Gabriel hasn’t really done anything note worthy since splitting up with Heath Slater and whilst I like his current team with Tyson Kidd, I don’t see them winning the belts anytime soon, more as the stuntmen along with Epico and Primo. Justin Gabriel would be a fresh feud to watch and they’d likely put on very entertaining matches. I’d like to see Gabriel win the Championship at TLC in a ladder match. Gabriel as Champion would allow us too see great first time matches (as in decent length) with a variety of opponents such as: Antonio Cesaro, Cm Punk (Both Champion vs Champion matches), ADR, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler……… We haven’t been able to see his mic skills yet but even if they aren’t good he reminds me of Jeff Hardy so I don’t think he’d have to use them. I also think he’d be a great target if the Wwe wanted to start doing shows in South Africa.

Before I start, these are some feuds I think should happen between the upper mid carders who have nothing to do and are on the verge of the main event.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton
Have never feuded before and are just outside the main event. They'd put on entertaining matches and Orton putting Ziggler over would solidify him as a threat.

Wade Barrett vs Christian
Don't think they've ever feuded before but regardless of that they'd put on good matches and it would be a great return feud for Barrett. Obviously he'd have to win in a heelish manner so as not to make Christian look weak.

Cody Rhodes vs Kane
Have never feuded before but they could have a storyline focusing on Kane as a monster and how Cody was once a deranged physco too.

Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio (once his feud Vs Sheamus ends)
Feud looked set to start when Rey Mysterio returned and I'd like them to restart that feud once ADR is out of the championship scene.

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena (Cm Punk will be building towards his match with The Rock)
Had a great match on Raw and have nether feuded. I'm sure they could put on an entertaining feud and i'd love to see a rematch of their really good match on Raw.

World Heavyweight Championship
I think the NOC match will be turned into a triple threat (+ Randy Orton) with Sheamus retaining via Brogue Kick. After the match ADR could continually attack Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler could run down to the ring only to be hit by an RKO setting up their feud.

The Big Show should be his next opponent. He’s got decent momentum at the moment and nothing else to do. I want them to make The Big Show look like a threat again. Build their match up as if Sheamus is definitely going to lose only for him to retain barely. They could then have a rematch where The Big Show wins. The Big Show gets good heat and has really good mic skills. Some say TBS is boing but I disagree and think he’d be a fresh champion, as he hasn’t won the belt in a long time.

Wwe Championship
It’s rumoured that Cena will win at NOC but that shouldn’t happen as it would ruin all Cm Punk’s credibility. Have Punk win and have matches leading up to the Royal Rumble.

E.g. Hell in a Cell – Cm Punk vs Kofi Kingston (AJ choses an opponent for Cm Punk from his history with to annoy him)
Survivor Series – Team Punk vs Team Cena
TLC – Cm Punk vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

The Rock vs Cm Punk – I see The Rock winning whilst John Cena wins the Royal Rumble. Cm Punk wins the title at Elimination Chamber and The Rock uses his rematch clause to set up Cm Punk vs John Cena vs The Rock for Wrestlemania 29.

Now past all this the man I want to be the next champion is…

Daniel Bryan. Maybe The Rock winning at Wrestlemania and feuding vs Daniel Bryan as they set the tone for a feud at Raw 1000. The Rock puts over Daniel Bryan and make him one the main stars in the company. Daniel Bryan’s good on the mic, amazing in the ring and massively over with the crowd. Daniel Bryan could easily be the new face of the company and I think he’d maintain his crowd reaction and a lively crowd only improves the shows. I’d like to see him have feuds as Champion with:
Rey Mysterio
The Miz
Randy Orton

All of these would make for amazing matches as Bryan can do no wrong in the ring (Even his match vs Cena was great).

Thanks for reading and make sure you leave a comment below on who you want to be the next champion for each belt!

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Updated 08-27-2012 at 09:20 AM by Callum

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. christianfan's Avatar
    great blog and nice to see someone who thinks bryan should be next wwe champion
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Daniel Bryan is over big time, and I can defiantly see him being the face of WWE within the next 2 years.
  3. Great One's Avatar
    I want Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley to have a title. But I don't think they will have Rock vs Daniel Bryan but that's just my opinion. As for the tag team championships I lost interest and could care less about it, I mean it's nothing like it was years ago. I think Cena may be WWE Champion soon and also I want to see Kaitlyn as Divas champion. As for the World Heavyweight I hope Wade Barrett wins it soon.
  4. Liam4739's Avatar
    defiantly? do you mean DEFINITELY?
  5. Cross's Avatar
    You are so right about Big Show. When he first turned heel again this year, his mic skills bored me, but his promos toward SS were more impressive. I understand why he did not win at SS (althought I kind of wanted him to) but giving him the WHC is a great idea.

    I like the CM Punk vs Kofi idea as they were a tag team before. Plus its a fresh idea, not this old stuff we get thrown at us (CM Punk vs John Cena, Sheamus vs ADR) It can definetly help Kofi's career to get more promo time and even help CM Punk as he will be able to fight someone that has not faced him for the title yet.

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