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WWE: Missed Opportunities Segement 1

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Hello ladies and gents. I thought I would start a new blog series featuring concepts that WWE has missed with some major superstars. This first one will be based on Missed Opportunities with Tag Teams considering what happened on Smackdown. Note: These tag teams must of been formed. So lets get started.

Cryme Tyme
These guys has sensation with their gimmick as street gang members, or so it seemed in my opinion. These guys had something tag teams really did not have around these days, they stuck together. They debuted by beating the Spirit Sqaud, who were the world tag team champions at the time. Heck, they recieved a huge pop then too. JTG and Shad brought a new flavor of tag team to the division. These guys had comedy and style. JTG brought some high flying action while Shad was the powerhouse. Both brought charisma to the crowd. These two definetly should of been tag team champions at some time in their career since they debuted in 2007 I believe. As most tag teams do, they break up. Its saddening knowing a tag team that worked their buts off for over 4 years never got the gold. There was no point of them breaking up considering Shads release and JTGs jobbing when seen on TV.

Awesome Truth
At the time, the Miz and R-Truth really had nothing going for them, so this team was formed due to a conspiracy in the WWE. I enjoyed their tag team moves and the promos they cut. I especially like their catch phrase, "Thats the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And its......AWeeeeeessooomee." Pretty clever on WWE's part. I am suprized these two did not beat Air Boom for the Tag Team Titles at some point considering before Survivor Series last year they beat them. I even expected a solid feud with these guys and Air Boom considering the build up to Night of Champions that year was decent and the match was good, expect the bad referee calls. Honestly, these two should of beat the Rock and John Cena cause thats what legit tag teams should do. Two single competitors should not be able to beat 1 legit and long time tag team. It takes away philosophy. Besides, them bragging the next night about how they beat them would of been awesome. It would of even gave a different feel toward Wrestlemania. They would of gave a strong heel taste to the tag team division.

Michael Mcgilicutty and David Otunga
You may think, really these guys? Now I know they were bland as tag team champions, but in all honesty, that was WWE's fault. They never got to cut a promo. Although I do agree the tag team belts should of never been on them in the first place, they had some interesting tag team moves together. They brought something different and really worked as a legit team. Look at them now compared to them. It obviously would of been better to keep them as another tag team rather then where they are at now.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel
These guys together were 3 time tag team champions. And now that credibility is really taken away from them. Although I do like the team of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, these two had something better then Justin would have with Tyson, and thats chemistry, wait, plus history. These two helped make the stables were in strong, whether it being the Corre or the Nexus. Them being tag team champions really gave a fear to face tag teams considering nobody in the locker room wanted these stables to win any titles. There promos were not bad and again, their chemistry together worked out great. I understand if some of yall would of not have them stayed together, but look at where they are now compared to then. I do wish they stayed together, cause it could of brought them somewhere else farther down the road. I guess we will never know.

John Cena and David Otunga
I am serious about this one. Think of it. John Cena, who should of been in the Nexus quite longer in my opinion, won the tag team championship with David Otunga. This would of solified Cena in Nexus much longer. Plus its new for the time having a face and heel tag team up. It would of been cool how matches played out with their diverse personalities. Owell. This one is a small missed oppotunity, but these two should of stayed longer together in my opinion.

Probably my number one pick. These two dominated. Both on the mic and the ring. Jericho would cut the promos every week on Raw and Smackdown as they were unified tag team champions making them a strong team. Big Show mainly would just beat the tar out of people. But they made tag teams awesome and meaningful. They would majority of the time steel Raw. Plus it was cool to see both of them off diverse brands. In my opinion, they should of beat D-Generation X at TLC. Their reign was around 180 days. They would beat teams like Cryme Tyme, MVP and Mark Henry, and even the fabulous duo of Batista and Rey Mysterio (which I was shocked by). The tag team titles were credible and they added more prestige. And then when DX won them, they would still do their Raw segments but barely appear on Smackdown. They did not even hold them for a long amount of time. Jeri-Show would of been the better bet considering they actually treated the Unified Tag Team Titles as Unified. Also, instead of Edge going one on one with Jericho at WM26, they could of had Jeri-Show vs Edge and Christian at WM26 for the tag team titles. It could of been sweet. WWE really missed out on what could of been a much better alliance.

NowI understand their are more tag teams that can be on this list, but I wanted to focus more on them overall as a tag team, not neccesarily a moment or I would mention how Kane and Big Show should of never lost the titles to Michael Mcgillicutty and David Otunga. I would even mention how Batista and Rey should of faced DX at one point, heck, they could of had a triple threat tag team TLC match at the TLC ppv with Jeri-Show. Alot of ideas can come up in our heads. But these are tag teams that WWE could of done something about and made them bigger.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, or else I will never do this blog series again. God bless and please give me your thoughts and who else should be on this list that I forgot.

Honorable Mentions:
Kofi Kingston and CM Punk were bosses as a tag team
The Miz and John Morrison should of been the first to unify the tag team titles, no Carlito and Primo
Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger could of been better but I forgot to put them on the list if anyone wants to vouch for them

This is Cross saying, remember the Cross, especially who died on it.

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  1. Xosanj's Avatar
    I kinda only argee with ya with cryme tyme. But nice points tho cant say your wrong on any of it. Just altogether tag teams have not been that great I think just huge miss period is not keeping Morrison. MIz and Morrison was gold back then and they would be gold now. Would so have loved to see them both on roster now with Miz as the IC champ and have John Feud with him for the IC championship
  2. Kendall Ivory's Avatar
    Dude I agree with you 100% when it comes to Cryme Tyme, these guys had it all and should've been tag team champs for a nice 6 or 9 month run. Why the hell did WWE drop the ball with these guys? who knows, just more wasted talent by the E -_-
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Good blog. WWE just somehow forgot how they used to succeed at building all of their divisions especially it seems like the tag teams.

    Nothing is more upsetting than when WWE puts two main eventers together for what you know will be a temporary tag team. That was what was so disappointing about Jeri Show which was an excellent team. You knew that once they did lose the belts that they were going to split up and go back to the main event scene.
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    I agree that tag teams should beat single competitors but not if there both on the level of Cena and The Rock lol.
  5. DWR001's Avatar
    Tag teams that should be made

    1) Heath Slater & JTG ( Funny rock and rap)
    2) Ezequil Jackson & Mason Ryan with Paul Bear ( Monster team Eze a vampire and Ryan a werewolf)
    3) Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel ( Do crazy highflier stuff)
    4) Dolf Ziggler & Cody Rhodes ( Called them self something to do with future of the WWE)
    5) Santino & Yoshi Tatsu ( They should act like in the movie the Green Hornet)
    6) Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara ( Fun tag team)
    7) Alex Riley & David Otunga ( Act like the good looking guys)
  6. JerseyJimbo's Avatar
    Cryme Tyme is a given. I liked Slater and Gabriel. You missed the mark badly on Cena and Otunga, and only giving Miz/Morrison honorable mention. Also, take this constructively, I find it hard to take a blog seriously when there are countless grammar errors. Maybe you're in high school or something, but pay attention in English Class and stop drawing new Rey Mysterio masks. (Well that'd didn't come off constructive at all, did it? lol)
  7. Cross's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyJimbo
    Cryme Tyme is a given. I liked Slater and Gabriel. You missed the mark badly on Cena and Otunga, and only giving Miz/Morrison honorable mention. Also, take this constructively, I find it hard to take a blog seriously when there are countless grammar errors. Maybe you're in high school or something, but pay attention in English Class and stop drawing new Rey Mysterio masks. (Well that'd didn't come off constructive at all, did it? lol)
    Haha that is a good one. Honestly when I type a blog on this website, some letters/punctuation marks get left off cause of either just typos, I do not press a letter hard enough, or my computer lags up (which is the majority of what this computer does). But thanks for the laugh and I can understand the other side view of John Cena and David Otunga, I just thought they could of stayed together longer and would of made Cena look more like he is apart of the Nexus.

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