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Why NXT should replace SmackDown

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SmackDown and RAW... you can't really tell them apart. Everyones pretty much on both shows yet there's still two World titles. What they should do, and won't, is trim down the roster and cancel SD. Put everyone on one show and introduce NXT to Friday Nights.

Looking at the roster in FCW right now, it's stacked with talent and potential. I don't remember seeing a roster this good since OVW had Cena, Orton, Lesnar, Benjamin, & Batista. A lot of these guys have experience working on the indy scene already, which is a smart move by WWE to be signing guys who have that experience and passion as opposed to going after body builders, football players, etc that will come and go. They have a solid core of talent right now featuring:

NXT Champion Seth Rollins, Richie Steamboat as the top two babyfaces, Dean Ambrose & Kassius Ohno as the top two villains.

Now I wouldn't put everyone from FCW on NXT, so to beef up the roster WWE should send seldom used Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Camacho, Alex Riley, Michael McGillicuty, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Trent Baretta, & Mason Ryan over to the NXT roster to add some depth and get featured more.

Add in Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt, The Ascension, Xavier Woods, Leakee, CJ Parker, Big E Langston & Corey Graves you have a decent talent roster for a two hour show to replace SmackDown. It's a taped show anyway which would be good for some of the green guys.

It'd be smart to give the impression that NXT is not even associated with WWE. Make it an entirely different brand with shows from smaller venues (In a bar ala Shotgun Saturday Night would be sweet, the ECW arena) have different logos, announcers, fresh new faces. Don't even mention WWE or RAW. Don't have soap opera storylines but make it realistic aimed @ the 18-24 demo.

Eventually down the road you could also down some interesting storylines involving NXT vs. WWE, but for at least a year NXT should be on TV without ever mentioning WWE or RAW. Give the impression that its an entirely different promotion.

SmackDown features guys already ppearing on RAW and really doesn't have too many exclusive superstars anymore. They seem to constantly shuffle them back and forth, so let's just throw them all onto the three hour show and release some talent to make a little extra room. I'd cut The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, Santino, Ezekial Jackson for just starters.

Create more Tag Teams and you'd be able to feature the majority in a three hour show without worrying about introducing a whole new brand with a 2 hour time slot.

While it's never likely to happen, I'd love to see it done someday.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    It amazes me how some people are actually raving to see NXT now. When we had it on TV, no one gave a crap about it. I actually watched the first 3 seasons of it.
    Well yeah it went from a crappy competition show to an actual wrestling show.
  2. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Yeah I couldn't stand NXT before. I watched it recently and am now catching up on all the new episodes. It's pretty good. Can't wait to see how some of them will do on the main roster.

    Instead of replacing SD with NXT, they should just give us SD back.

    Btw, JR and Regal on commentary is gold. I love hearing JR respond to some of these back stories Regal comes up with for the wrestlers. Also refreshing to hear the commentators talking about the match going on as opposed to talking a out e drugging except the match.
  3. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    *about everything except
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