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WWE: The Evil Empire

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You see I am a conspiracy theorist from time to time and i have notice one song called No Chance In Hell( Mr.Mcahon theme song) says alot about the company and they way its runned. So i will run down the first verse and explain
So the song starts:
NO chance... That's what you got up against a machine to strong.

Okay stop right there basically it is saying that no one can go up against the WWE because if you do you will get fired or jobbed out. There are countless examples just look at the last few weeks of these wrestlers going up against them and being jobbed or fired. Christian former world champ gets jobbed out wtf even Santino. WWE want there wrestler to be afraid of them.

The Next part: Pretty politicans buying souls from us are puppets.
Now the song states politicans are buying there wrestler oh sorry "superstars" souls . Well all the companies they are affiliated are runned by politicans. Prime example Make-a wish foundation now i understand helping kids and that is fine but how can John cena grant 300 wishes and not Beyonce or Justin Bieber. Everybody loves those two but actually i think i know why. Vince and his 'board of directors' back in 2004 or 2005 were in connecticut sitting at a table and said who is going to be the next hogan. They just picked out of a hat and it was John Cena. So now they are saying okay he needs to be a brand so they come up with like 10 years of stuff for Cena. So when he is like Hogan we can sell him to make-a-wish and other corporations so they can get more money for everthing Cena does. John does not get paid per appearance wwe does and then cut him a check.

The Next part: Who'll find there damn place in line.
Do i need to say more think of everyone who found there damn place. John Cena,, Randy Orton, Kurt angle, Big Show, CM punk, Triple H, Edge, etc.. People who can't find there place are shunned to jobber land or fired like Micki James, Jim Ross, Kharma, A.W , Drew Mcintyre basically all of nxt and people who wrestle on superstars.

The Next part: But tie a string around your finger boy cause it is just a matter of time cause you got no chance. Now all wwe superstars are puppets thats why they are putting a sting on them to control what they say what they feel and what they do. Think about it every single moment is scripted, they tell there superstars what to tweet, and what to tout( which is some b.s stuff). They even come up with your character just look at Brodus Clay you think he wants to dress up in spandex and shake his leg fat? No he does not he want to be a monster but he is not saying anything cause got them 2 bootylicious girls with him. Also WWE puppets are there fans they control what sign to have, what t-shirt to wear, and what we chant(sometimes). Plus have you noticed how people say they stop watching wwe but still look at spoliers it is like crack to people. Why can't people nowadays give it up for good because WWE controls us and make slaves to there show

What do you think is WWE an evil empire?

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I have considered WWE the evil empire for many years now...Not sure what the point is of breaking down the lyrics of Vince McMahon's theme song though. The employees are paid to do what they do. If it's not much, it's because WWE has become a large corporation in America, which basically means they'll work every employee as hard as possible, and pay as little as possible. The words in McMahon's theme song describe every large corporation. it describes Insurance Companies, Banks, Comcast, Cell Phone Providers, Microsoft, Apple...etc. It's not just WWE. It's most big businesses in the world, who will do what they can to stay image friendly, while being serious bullies behind closed doors, but in a way where they protect themselves.
  2. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Love this blog!
    It's funny 'cos it's true!!!
  3. PipeBomb1087's Avatar
    When I saw this blog, I told myself this blogger did great on making a title. The blogs is good but saying that the WWE is an evil empire is not logical. An evil empire will not give us matches and would not get guys like Rock and Lenser to come back. This is a form of making money and what sells the most and gets an reaction will be what is giving to us. To blame the WWE for this is not logical because the fans are the ones giving an reaction to guys like John Cena. At the end of the day, we are buying stuff from the company and that is why they are so successful.
  4. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Illuminati :O
  5. Bobby1181's Avatar
    Only one man ever stood his ground...nope not CM was Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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