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Sudden Impact: Aces & Eights Get Called Out at Open Fight Night

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Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA.

I like the fact that there has been more TNA blogs going up on the board. I like that more people are really either getting into, or getting back into, TNA. This week, instead of doing the typical Impact Review that goes up each week, I've been spending time watching TNA of the past, and will be adding a segment on that. So, let's get started.

As Mike Tenay mentioned several times throughout the evening, there was an uneasy feeling as the anticipation built to see what we would get from Aces & Eights this week. They've been vocal, via a voice filter, in screen segments the last few weeks, and they promised that they were bringing a war. Did we get a war? Did we get anything revealed?

Open Fight Night

I love open fight night. Great concept. I was also happy that this particular episode, was not just filled with BFG matches like the last couple. So this week, we got, just as Sting promised, TNA calling out Aces & Eights at the top of the hour. Two came to the ring, and took a stiff beating from Angle. It was revealed that the two were basically taking the beating as an initiation and now, who knows how big Aces & Eights is.

Miss Tessmacher called out her mentor and former Knockouts Tag Partner, Tara, who laid her out with a Superplex for the win in what was a pretty quick and unentertaining match by usual Knockout Standards. No heel turn on either side, but I wonder if Tara's the next opponent for little Tess.

Jeff Hardy calls out Big Robbie. He beats him in another average match, but it was good to see Hardy get his revenge.

Mr Anderson called out Bully Ray. He announced it was his last match, so I'm thinking he's got too much ground to make up. This was a BFG Series match and a decent one. Good action from both. Filled with close calls and and even a high impact superplex. And Anderson did a Jeff Hardy like senton. In the end, Anderson hits the mic check for the win, but he's officially out.

Gut Check

This week's contestant is Kris Lewie. He was built up with a heart felt video package about losing his brother and wanting to give it his all. But honestly, he was pudgy, slow, and didn't really sell too well in his performance. I don't see him making it...unless the video package was the selling point.

Bound For Glory Series

AJ Styles, RVD, and Robbie E fought in a triple threat match after we found out that Pope is injured. It was a good match, and in my time of watching TNA, this week may have been the first time I look at Robbie E as a decent heel. We got good action from AJ and RVD. Not sure how much I agree with the ending. AJ or RVD could really have made things interesting with a win. Instead, Robbie E, a guy who's out of it mathematically, gets the win, and in CM Punk sneaky triple threat win fashion? The match was good though.

United Against Aces & Eights

The whole night, TNA has gotten the best of Aces & Eights. Hogan snarled like a rabid dog when he laid out a trio of guys. Angle, Robbie T, among others jumped a few more in a segment. The final segment brought TNA united to the ring. It turned into utter chaos as fights were breaking out all over the place. But there are few things to note here. Aces & Eights did a great job with the divide and conquer, as Hardy, RVD, and A Double were left in the ring, and the REAL members of the group made their mark and did their damage. Also, conspicuous by his absence was Bobby Roode.

But the most interesting part of this was the fact that Bully Ray was not there for the final segment, until the end when the REAL Aces & Eights were standing in the ring. Bully comes down, alone, and the 7 monsters in the ring, bail out. Bully Ray managed, once again, to avoid physicality with the group. Ponder on that one.


The AJ storyline has come to an end. They wrote Claire Lynch off by way of legal representation, who revealed it all to be a blackmail scheme. I figure, one more ass kicking to Daniels and Kaz and AJ can get back to doing something productive.

No Joe, No Magnus. Well, I guess they don't really play much of a part in the Aces & Eights Sage so there wasn't much for them to do anyway.

No Chavo which surprised me. He hasn't shown up since Hardcore Justice. I wonder what's up with that.

Overall, Impact was pretty good, but you could tell all the effort and resources went into the Aces & Eights storyline. Everything else was mostly lackluster. The matches, save for Bully Ray & Anderson, were not at top TNA quality that we've become accustomed to over the last few weeks. The Aces & Eights is staying pretty fresh, for now, but how much more will it last. I think we need to get some progression soon. We need to see a series of finishers to give us some more flavor. Just beat downs and chairs can get old. We need progression now. We need....SOMETHING.

Okay, I promised to add a new segment to Sudden Impact and this week's topic is going to be...KING OF THE MOUNTAIN.

I went into the secret TNA vault (youtube) and brushed up on some history with TNA, most notably, The King of the Mountain match that would take place at Slammiversary. I must say, that was an eye opener. Talk about a great match concept. I cannot believe I missed out. Anyway, I watched two of the matches.

SLAMMIVERSARY 2006 - Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Christian, Abyss, and R Truth. It looked like Sting was going to help Christian win, but both Larry Zbysko and Earl Hebner played a screwjob part, and Jeff Jarrett wins, followed by a huge crowd littering the ring. Awesome stuff. And what a crowd that was.

SLAMMIVERSARY 2007 - AJ, Angle, Joe, Christian, and Chris Harris. all I really have to say. I guess AJ was always the man. That spot with Joe tossing him from the top of the penalty cage through a table. Ok, not Mick Foley from the Hell in a Cell, but still. Then, Angle wins after Harris spears Christian off the ladder. Crazy stuff.

I did watch a few more. One with XPac and Raven in it...and another where Joe helped Angle win and joined a group with Nash and Steiner. I really missed out. But the best part of it...was the announcer. Whoever that guy is, they need him back and get rid of Taz. Anyway, I really did miss out on some special things in TNA. I think it's great now, but boy was it really great before.

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's Sudden Impact. I look forward to your comments. Be sure to check out our new blog series with bearkg called Break It Down. We post it up every weekend.

Be Safe Everyone.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog DK....ur new addon of blast from the past is really good..I loved the fact that u have brought KOM match...I badly want that match again...

    I really did miss out on some special things in TNA. I think it's great now, but boy was it really great before.
    TNA was so great at one point I marked for it but, since Hogan era I stopped watching it..until AA Era.....

    As fobregas said Best of 5 b/n MCMG n BMI is an awesome feud...
  2. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Great blog again dk. I always have 2 read late cause impact isn't shown in the uk until Sunday night. Definitely check out the best of 5 tag series as they were all great matches.

    I also think bully ray could be the leader of the aces. This would be a great chance to really push him as the ultimate heel and I think he deserves the belt for the effort he has put in to reinventing himself. I must say I think the storyline has been handled really well by tna as it could have been to similar to the immortal and nexus angles. Also gotta agree with u on this weeks gut check, sorry but he was out of shape and sold moves terribly.
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