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WWE Does Not Care about Wrestling

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I do not understand why there is so much complaining about WWE's product. I get that it is bad and predictable, but why would anyone just sit down and focus on a problem that there is no chance of improving in the first place. I also feel that for all the "smart" fans there are they sure seem to be stupid to not pay attentions to patterns and things that have happened.

Let's start off with the main event scene: even with no title the main event always seems to involve John Cena. I would not say he is a great wrestler but I don't think WWE really pushes good wrestlers in the first place. In the ring he is not particularly great @ anything, but he is decent at all he does. He is good at doing whatever is required of him. I keep hearing this complaint that he only has his "5 moves of doom". I feel that is unfair to say. I don't see people say the same thing about Rob Van Dam and his moonsault, kick, frog splash, rolling thunder and whatever that other move is called. The rock is just a clothesline, people's elbow, rock bottom, spine buster and an occasional sharpshooter (which only began as a joke reenactment of the Montreal Screw Job.) Hogan just got pounded and Hulked up before ending his matches with a big boot and leg drop....I can go on

Lets look at the Divas division. Before Sable came along I don't remember there being divas. Sure you had Sunny and Marlena/Terri but they didn't do anything in the ring. When Medusa threw away the WWE women's title on Nitro nobody cared or remembered accept it was the symbolic value of it being a WWE title. The reason Fabolous Moolah had the title so long is because there was no real competition. I remember a time when the only people who could actually wrestle in the divas division were trish, lita, victoria, and molly holly. Melina, Mickie, and Gail seem to be the best that have came since that era. Most divas are eye candy. Only on tv for their sex appeal. I litteraly watch divas matches in fast forward. You ever wonder why people like flair, hogan,etc can last so long but why when a woman is gone she is gone for good? The 4 women you see the most in wwe is 2 dancers, 1 gm, and an adminastrative assistant. Wresting is secondary for females in WWE.

Name a tag team. I feel WWE is worse than Eric Bishoff was in terms of not caring about a tag team division. Did anyone notice that when Evan Bourne got suspended that they didn't even bother explaining anything on tv. The tag team division was in effect suspended. Why has Cena won the tag titles so many times? How come any time you place 2 singles wrestlers together they end up beating real tag teams even if the 2 singles wrestlers cant get along? Why are Austin, Michaels (not with the rockers either), Foley, Batista, Flair, MVP, Jericho, Mysterio, Orton, and Otunga former tag team champs? Why do the tag titles always fall into the gravitational pull of whatever stable the WWE is trying to get over? Why is DX a part of a greatest tag teams dvd? Why didnt Crime Tyme get their shot? Why aren't Primo and Epico champs now?

Lets go with the cruiserweight division. What Crusierweight division? You got Rey Mysterio....and. Well if you go back a certain number of years Gilberg....was an unchallenged comic relief character. WWE didn't even bother unifying the lightheavyweight championship with the cruiserweight belt. The last Cruiserweight champion was Hornswoggle...and the belt was retired for no good reason. Does anyone even know wwe had a lightheavyweight title a long time ago and it was part of that titles Ultimo dragon had when he was in WCW? In WCW Malenko, Jeicho, Gurerro, and Mysterio got over and had their best matches in that division. At least TNA has the X division and is willing to dedicate entire ppvs to it and let it be the main event.

What about this whole "sports entertainment" thing. We have "super stars". You are not even supposed to say strap or belt now. They edit out terms like "5 star match". Remember Vince said Ted Turner is in the "wrasslin'" business and that he wasn't. The only reason WWE even recognized WCW is because they had gotten so big. Look at how WWE blatantly ignores TNA. Look at how Vince destroyed the territorial system that used to be here decades ago. Vince himself says he father would have turned his grave had he known what his plans for WWE were. Do you honestly beleive Vince would really care about WWE if XFL or WBF turned out to be far more profitable? Why did we have that long ass period of special guest hosts that didn't even watch wrestling that couldn't remember their lines? Why is Mayweather getting so much money to appear in WWE. Why does Brock's MMA history overshadow his first WWE run in his current character? Why are all these bad movies being made? Why is social networking emphaiszed so much? Howcome of the highlights of Raw for the buildup for the 1000th episode so few were actual matches?

Lastly WWE does not care what you think personally. Go to their website right now and it says that any letters to them or attempts to suggest anything will be thrown away immediately and not read. This would make sense if the rationale was "wwe writers are professionals....they already have a set plan why should novices ruin it"....yet we all know Raw has excessive rewrites and horrible final decisions consistently.

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    Might be the most sensible blog ever. Great read.
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