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Blog Wars Olympics: Top 6 Summerslam Matches

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Welcome back to the last semi final match in Blog Wars Olympics. Last time, Tommy Thunder came out on top to advance to the gold medal match for Team UK, this week can Rated_R(ob)KO keep the US team alive or will Team UK's captain Van Hooligan X make the finals Team UK only. Here is the list...

Top 6 Summerslam Matches

As in the last blog, part of the challenge in this one is that the competitors will be the ones to come up with their own criteria so enjoy.


Welcome, welcome one and all to the BIGGEST event of the Summer!!! That’s what THE ‘E always does when SummerSlam(Fest) rolls around. I LOVE SummerSlam!! It’s always got that “Big Game” feel to it but it can be one of the most hit or miss PPV’s of the calendar year. It always has “WrestleMania” potential but, THE ‘E always seem to screw it up big time. Especially in the last few years.

Now, before I get into my blog, I’d like to take the time to tell the judges and everyone reading that Van, my opponent was supposed to make a blog about “The Top 5 SummerSlam Matches” but pulled out at the last moment. This was supposed to happen in June of this year but, he decided that he just didn’t want to do it. Now, I’m not a betting man but, I’m betting you’ll choose right. You’ll choose America.

On to the blog!!!
I had the task of a “Top Six SummerSlam Matches”… I decided to give some “Honorable Mentions” out to round out the “Top Ten”. I’m weird like that, sorry. I always do top 10 and then the Honorable Mentions haha. But, I won’t be giving a description of those matches due to restraint here on the site but, I would still like to show them:

12.) 2002 – The Rock VS Brock Lesnar
11.) 2005 – Shawn Michaels VS Hulk Hogan – Icon VS Legend
10.) 1994 - Bret Hart VS Owen Hart – Steel Cage Match For The WWF Championship
09.) 1998 - Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Undertaker – WWF Championship Match
08.) 2001 - Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Kurt Angle – WWF Championship Match
07.) 2009 - CM Punk VS Jeff Hardy – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Now, onto the actual list at hand here:


06.) 2008 - Edge VS The Undertaker – Hell In A Cell Match

Until THE ‘E returns to TV-14, this will go down as the last great Hell In A Cell match by “fan” standards. Edge will always be known for two main feuds as a serious singles competitor, John Cena and The Undertaker. Both of those made him a bonafide singles star. On March 30th, 2008 at Wrestlemania XXIV The Undertaker faced Edge for the WHC and won in an extremely grueling match.

Their feud continued for the next few months into August where we saw a vicious build up to Hell In A Cell. The match was brutal and cringe worthy in some moments. Both of the men left everything in the ring. For 27 minutes (43 if you count video package and entrances.) the sheer brutality of HIAC was at hand and the ones that were left truly happy were the fans. Especially because that years SummerSlam was mediocre at best.

05.) 2002 - Shawn Michaels VS Triple H – Unsanctioned Match

This match is “rip your face off good.” Meaning, it’s extremely enjoyable. This marks the return of Shawn Michaels to a wrestling ring after taking four years off to heal from a broken back. Now, the main focus of this match is how long Haitch and Michaels were friends for. And the betrayal that came along with it.

Even though they maintained their friendship in real life and for those in the know, Haitch protected the hell out of Michales in the match simply because he didn’t want anything ruptured. But, for the non-marks out there, this match had to have been a very brutal and psychological match.

I sometimes try to watch it as one of those fans and yes, it is cringe worthy given the back problem history and how unpredictable the match looks.

04.) 1995 - Shawn Michaels VS Razor Ramon – Ladder Match For Intercontinental Championship

WrestleMania will ALWAYS outshine SummerSlam, duh. Because of and maybe in spite of that, a lot of people forget about this match. It was all around better than their WM X match. Faster paced, more CREATIVE use of the ladder(s) at hand and simply choreographed better. The overall feel of the crowd was better as well. With the WM X match, everyone was feeling the process out considering a lot of people never experienced it before then.

But, when SummerSlam came around and the match was announced, people had extremely high hopes in regards to what they’re going to see and damn did it deliver. When it came down to it they stole the show in this match and even if you go back to see how it stacks up, it’s one for the ages.

03.) 2000 - Edge & Christian VS Hardy Boyz VS Dudley Boyz – TLC Match For Tag-Team Championships

Complete insanity. This match is literally the embodiment of everything THE ‘E was about during the “Attitude Era”. Complete and total anarchy to the point that you just CANNOT look away! Not just singles matches but, tag-team and specialty matches need to look on this to see how it’s done.

It wasn’t the longest Summer Slam match in history but it was indeed one of the most brutal to take place in the amount of time that it did. All three teams need to look back on this match and still revel in the greatness it produced.

02.) 1991 - Bret Hart VS Curt Hennig – Intercontinental Championship Match

The best pure wrestling match that SummerSlam has ever produced. And Mr. Perfect had the flu. It was contested the way it should be with both men having an insane amount of back and forth to the point where both men had to carry the match and it shows.

These guys were so good in this match that the next couple matches suffered because of it. There was no way the crowd could have stayed hot like they did for Perfect/Hart… that is, until Macho Man and Elizabeth were married…

01.) 1992 - Bret Hart VS British Bulldog – Intercontinental Championship Match

One year after aweing the crowd at SS ’91, the biggest match of Bret Hart’s singles career was about to take place… and it was against his brother-in-law, The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. It was for honor, for dignity, for pride in country considering the match was taking place at Wembley Stadium the home of Davey Boy.

It was built to be the greatest match of all time, it was even the main event, besting the WWF Championship in going on last. And what happened? Davey Boy got gassed within the first couple minutes of the match and Bret had to carry the whole thing. To this day it’s pretty much known that Bret was fighting himself in the ring that night.

He became the best that night because of it. Yes, Davey Boy went on to win and to get all of the accolades of that night while Bret slowly backed up the ramp slyly smiling to himself for his accomplishment… nothing to this day has had that type of appeal. Nothing has had that feeling to it. No one has had to carry a match like that since.

And there you have it folks, my side of the Olympic Blog Wars. I hope you enjoyed it and please, VOTE AMERICA!!

Van Hooligan X

Well would ya look at the time! It's the semi-finals.

So the criteria for this bad boy is simple. Top 6 Summerslam matches...Yup it's that simple. So I hope you're ready for my top 6 and hopefully a few good reasons. You may also notice that a few of my matches are not only some great technical matches but they also lead to some magical and well remembered matches

#6 - Bret vs 'Taker for the WWF championship with special guest HBK - Summerslam 1997

Ooooh boy! What a match to start my list off with. The match that lead to so much, including the Montreal screwjob at Survivor Series, Shawns Casket match injury at the Royal Rumble just to name a few. The ending would be Shawn hitting Taker with a chair and Bret would win in a very good match.

#5 - TLC 1 - Summerslam 2000

What a match-up! 1 of the first and best of all time Ladder matches. This lead to THE greatest Ladder match-up at Wrestlemania 17. When you really look at this match now I mainly see the difference between 1 of the best times in the tag team division to currently having a mediocre at best division. I realyl think this 1 helped inspire future ladder matches that we even see today.

#4 - Bret vs Owen Hart Steel cage match for the WWF Championship - Summerslam 1994

Arguably 1 of the greatest cage matches in history, if not the best. The backstory is Owen defeated Bret at the Wrestlemania beforehand and the feud continued. I dunno what I can tell you really. Brother vs Brother, great technical wrestlers fighting it out for the WWF Championship. Back and forth action with a hint of sexualness too.

I have to admit though. I get a chuckle watching the Harts climb the cage due to the fact it's 1 of those old school cage. Kinda looks like it should be in a jungle gym lol

#3 - HBK vs HHH in a street fight - Summerslam 2002

Although Shawn was in jeans and this was his first match back in a long time. He still had it. Together they put on a hell of a match which had everything. This lead onto Shawns second career if you will and although he did have better matches later on, what a way to come back into the WWE.

#2 - HBK vs Razor Ramon in a Ladder match - Summerslam 1996

The match that invented the ladder match. Great match throughout and without it we wouldn't have had the Money in the Bank for example. 41 Ladder matches have happened in WWE and this was the 2nd and thanks to the great performance of both wrestlers this has become 1 of the fans' favourite matches!

#1 - Bret Hart vs British Bulldog for the Intercontinental match - Summerslam 1992

This is personally 1 of my favourite matches of all time. Fun fact: I was 1 when this match happened but that hasn't stopped me from watching it and loving every second of it. In WWEs record attendance at Wembley. The atmosphere in that crowd is amazing and the performance both wrestlers put in this is was terrific. I don't think it physically is possible to have a list like this for Summerslam and not list this match in at least top 3 surely!

Incidentally, keeping on this theme of my chosen matches building up into better matches or feuds. This jumped Bret into the main event spot.

Well here ya go! This is my top 6 matches to happen in Summerslam. Not that many chuckles in this 1 so I apologise if you like when I add comedy into my blogs. I do hope that you agree with the 6 choices I've gone for although I could understand if you had them in a different order but hopefully most of all you enjoyed reading my blog.

This will be a tough one but it's up to the judges on who will face Tommy Thunder in the final 2 for the gold.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Incredible lists by both. Holy Crap. This is probably the toughest one I've seen. I love the Undertaker/Hart match w/ HBK as the was, in a way, the start of DX. However, I feel Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect for the IC Title was a top greatest match of all time. The fact that it didn't make Van Hooligan X's list, gives the vote to Rated R(ob)KO.

    Excellent job by two excellent bloggers. Great two should seriously do a 2 out 3 falls. Or a best of 5 series or something.

    *On a side note, am I wrong in thinking we already had this blog competion for top SummerSlam Matches???*
  2. The Piper's Avatar
  3. eyehatecena's Avatar
    wow- both great list- too close to call. The biggest toss up for me- Rob having that Henning match(and the Edge UT match) and Van having that Owen Hart match. If one of them would have had both those matches on their list- my pick would be a no brainer. But dammit, dammit, dammit. I'll just do what Stevie did- flip a coin because I can not pick any other way- I'd say it was a tie. Ok, flipped coin- Van
  4. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Van just but top job both. How can the WWE site have rated Edge as MR Summerslam when Bret has at least 4 or 5 of the best matches ever at SS as judged by our gurus?
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