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Storylines and Where They're Headed: The Aces And 8's

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What's up viewers and fellow bloggers,
I'm back today with another entry about my opinions about certain story-lines, where they're headed, and what I think should be done with them. If this becomes a success, I might make a series out of it.
The last time I did this, I discussed the AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels/Claire Lynch/Kazarian storyline. This week, I am going to give my thoughts on one of the best story-lines in wrestling today, and that my friends is: The Aces and The 8s.

How It All Began: It was the LIVE episode of IMPACT Wrestling that took place the Thursday after "Slammiversery '12". Sting was in the ring thanking all the fans for such a great career that he had after TNA announced that he (meaning Sting) would be the very first wrestler elected into TNA's Hall Of Fame. In the middle of his speech, The Aces and 8s attacked. It was a "What In The World?" moment for all wrestling fans. Over the next several weeks, The Aces and 8s made their presence known by attacking several members of the TNA roster at random. From Kurt Angle to Hulk Hogan, the members of the TNA Roster were unified to try and figure out who these guys are, and what to do to stop them.

Who Do I Think These Attackers Are?: For the past few weeks, it looks like there are four key players of this entourage. From the looks of things, the TNA roster is more concerned about who their leader is rather than whom these four clowns are. I want to know who the leader is too (which I'll get to in a minute), but in order to get to the leader, you have to get through the rest of the field. Here are my ideas on who these four men are:
Luke Gallows: This man is most likely the fat one who's been speaking in a voice blocker every time there's a video message. Makes perfect sense considering he's been working a few dark matches with TNA over the past few months.

Joey Ryan: If you look real closely into the eyes of the one on (Gallows's) right during one of their video messages, it looks exactly like the eyes of Joey Ryan. It would all make perfect sense to, because after Gut Check, invading Open Fight Night, going at it with Al Snow, etcetera, he wants his share of revenge on TNA. This the ideal way of doing it. He could be the Scott Hall of the group if you will (not the druggie version, just his style of role in the group if you get my point).

El Zorro: Yes I know this is a long shot, but according to select Internet reports, TNA has been very interested in signing this man after working against select TNA wrestlers down in Mexico last year. Select reports also claim that El Zorro was suppose to do an angle last summer on IMPACT that involved the Triple A IMMORTAL Title. Would've been exciting to see that's for sure. This could be the make up point for that. I for one, would be very excited to see this man in IMPACT Wrestling no matter who he faced.

As for the rest of the group, I think it's going to be select members from either the Indy circuit or AAA. I feel that there will also be more members to this stable, not just four. My reasoning for that, is when Hogan was talking to Hervey in an interview several weeks back, an unmasked man saying "we're coming for you Hulk" gave him the envelope that said: "See You Next Week" with the Deadman's Hand on it.

The Leader of the Stable: Now then, there are three men whom I have narrowed the list down to as for who the leader is. These three men are all out for revenge, and leading this stable is a great way to get that.

Eric Bischoff: I really hope it's not him, but his career was cut short by Hogan and Garrett back in April at LockDown. As for right now, I feel Eric should stay behind the scenes at IMPACT Wrestling because he's able to focus more. If TNA wants to bring him back on screen, then put him back at the announce table. Or make him a backstage interviewer since TNA doesn't really have one. Eric even said it himself that he wouldn't mind one day making a return to commentary. As for Hogan,if he is the leader of this stable, TNA is dead.

Bobby Roode: this would be an ideal choice because it was he who first pointed out who he thought the leader was. It could be a way to take everyone's mind off of making him a suspect. After watching some old clips of "The Greater Power" Storyline from the Attitude Era, I began to think that Bobby Roode should be the man as the Aces and 8s leader. If it was the Aces and 8s that attacked everyone but Storm, convinced the TNA roster that Storm was the leader, then attack him to end last weeks show, then, Storm can be their main target, not just Hogan. Roode himself was even having his issues with the Hulkster before he lost his title.
How He Could Reveal Himself: he could reveal himself during the closing to an IMPACT. The Aces and 8s could attack Storm backstage and then, in the midst of their attack, the leader shows up. With his back turned to the camera, he reveals his face to Storm. Then Storm yells "YOU SON OF A (Radio Edit)!!!" The next week, Roode could do pretty much the same thing that Vince (McMahon) did when he revealed himself to be the higher power. This would set up "Roode-Storm II" at Bound For Glory.

But this is the man whom I think it's going to be:
It's going to be Jeff Jarrett!!! Why do you ask? Because Sting was the first man The Aces and 8s attacked when they debuted. Then they went after Hogan, and then Kurt Angle.
Sting was originally the one that fired Jeff and Karen Jarrett back in December. I don't need to explain why they went after Angle. When they attacked Hogan, these were my thoughts, this could be the start of an unbelievable war for power in TNA between Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett. Not like the one the Ric Flair and Vince McMahon went through in 2002, more like a "I'm here to take back what's rightfully mine" type of ordeal.
Jeff Jarrett was one of the three founders of TNA Wrestling back in 2002. Himself and Dixie Carter started working together because Panda Energy was the one who financially backed TNA to be in business for so many years. In the fall of 2009, Hulk Hogan signed with the organization, and made his television debut on January 4, 2010. If you are a hardcore TNA viewer, when Hogan first debuted, he took Jarrett out of his Executive roles. Jarrett even began threatening legal action against Hogan and Bischoff (kayfabe). For the past two and a half years, he's been on his best behavior for both TNA and Ring-Ka-King. The Aces And 8s could be his best chance to go to war with Hogan. I'd consider it epic. Wouldn't you?

That concludes this entry. Tell me your thoughts down below and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

The next Triple Threat Top 5 is also coming this week. Believe me it's going to be one you won't want to miss.

Till then,

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  1. The_Socal_Guy's Avatar
    It's Hogan's daughter. Think about how much of a shock it would be lol. But I think your right about it being Jarrett, makes sense in the long run. I do agree in hopes IT'S NOT ERIC!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    If it's Jarrett, that would be a deflation for me....but not as much as if it were Hogan or Bischoff. I don't like Roode either. I would like some sort of major league shock factor out of this. James Storm, or someone who's really over and would make an epic heel turn. So think Storm, Hardy, or who I'm really seriously hoping for....STING.

    It would be a heel turn for the ages. It may even be bigger than Hogan's back in 96. Well, not quite...but close.
  3. Delirious's Avatar
    Oh, man.. if it ends up being Sting, that would be absolutely epic! But knowing TNA, it'll probably be Jeff Jarrett. I hope Joey Ryan isn't involved in Aces and Eights. It would make sense IF they weren't having him show up every four weeks and mess with the Gut Check segment. TNA needs to bring him in that route, they shouldn't do both.

    But yeah, good stuff, man. I enjoyed the read.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    What about Wes Briscoe and Chris Masters?
  5. Speezy88's Avatar
    I believe that the real head man behind Aces & 8’s is going to be Jeff Jarrett because of exactly what you said earlier about the whole “I’m here to take back what’s rightfully mine” logic. My other hopes for this group, is that Luke Gallows is the heavy muscled leader of the attack on TV, Chris Masters brings his American Adonis character from Ring-Ka-King to TNA in this group, Wes Brisco is a part of Aces & 8’s, and that Joey Ryan somehow gets into TNA by way of Aces & 8’s. In fact imagine this:

    Aces and 8’s have a power struggle with Hogan/Sting/Dixie like Main Event Mafia v TNA Originals/Young Talent aka The Front Line went.
    They win, bring Jeff Jarrett into power, Jeff brings in Joey Ryan, and all of a sudden the guys who were a part of Aces & 8’s dominate TNA and capture all the gold and let Joey Ryan take the X-Division title just for the heck of it.
  6. Cobra Commander's Avatar
    Everyone has forgot about one man who has benefited from this more then he has lost and that is Bully Ray. He was the only one not shown fighting during the big fight scene at the end of impact. Yes he came out at the end with his chain but they all left when he did. Sound familiar? *James Storm set up*

    I think it could be Bull Ray and right now no one seems to be expecting it which will make it all the sweeter if it is really him.

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