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Top 2013 WWE HOF candidates I'd consider most.......

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Let me first say, I'm not going to put all deserving candidates on my list to get inducted in 2013. I'm going to give you guys who have ties to the city of New York. I'll of course provide reasons why they should be inducted next year:

1.Bruno Sammartino-Anybody more obvious here? Bruno basically just battled in the New York area back in the early days of WWWF. Longest reigning WWF champion in history. I believe his longest reign was 12 years. Of course it is not likely to happen.

2.Bob Backlund-Hearing rumors that he has turned down the offer to be in the HOF in 04 for either being upset about the fact Pete Rose was going in or he thought he could still go in the ring and wasn't ready to retire. Again, virtually based in New York as all WWF champions did because of the territories along with not being in the NWA any longer.

3.Mick Foley-Who doesn't love Foley? His last run in TNA reminded me of how much I loved him. LOL! Rock N Sock, jump off the cage at Summerslam, like his idol Superfly did in a cage in the 80s. Lives in the area and has a lot of history in New York. Most likely probably of the entire list I have here to get in 2013. I hope Terry Funk inducts him!!

4.Paul Heyman-A name that hasn't really come up from fans when discussing the HOF this year. I read on this site one of its reports saying Joey Styles is pushing for him to be put in the HOF this year because it is in New York. Hammerstein ballroom ties there. Love to see him get inducted in 2013. Couldn't tell you who'd be the right guy to induct Heyman: possibly RVD, Dreamer, or someone like that.

5.Larry Zbyszko-Involved in probably the most famous cage match in the history of our business. He faced Bruno in the cage selling out in Shea Stadium obviously in New York. Which is why he obviously should be put in the HOF in NY. Still takes shots at Hogan/Andre for being a midcard match while him and Bruno was the main event. Gagne may induct him if he were to be inducted.

6.JBL-One could argue Texas, but he got over with the rich New York gimmick. Brags about living in NYC, he should be inducted there. Who should induct him? How about his APA partner Ron Simmons.

7.Sable-New York + Sable? What tie is there? Not really a tie other than Lesnar is currently working for the WWE. She certainly brought women's wrestling back to the WWF when it died when the title landed in the trash can. Her and Luna got more over than the men they managed which is why it was brought back. She was the face of the division til she left. A diva or former women's wrestler will get in anyways. Why not?

6 candidates at the top of my head I'd consider most. I obviously could go on with some ECW guys like Dreamer or Taz, but these ones stood out the most in my mind. I did make a previous blog featuring top 10 considered period for the WWE HOF here:!! Any I may have missed? Past wrestler you would consider? Leave it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Showoff86's Avatar
    What you think about mr. Perfect, Owen hart, or maybe Yokozuna
  2. Showoff86's Avatar
    Forgot curt henning and Yokozuna are already in, my bad
  3. knox's Avatar
    I agree with everything you said. I like Jake Roberts going in, he's deserving.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Karl Gotch.
  5. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Bruno won't go, and it's too early for JBL.

    I think they are making a mistake inducting some of these guys too early. HBK is very deserving, but he could have waited a few years while they induct some of the older ones. By the time they get around to Savage, Roberts, Rude, etc most of their fan base aren't going to know who they are(if they already don't)

    Using the logic of location Savage won't go in for a while. They've already done 2 WM's in five years in Florida where he's from. Don't see them being back any time soon.

    Rude,Savage,Roberts,Warrior,Muta,Bulldogs,Arn(solo ),Thesz,Honky,Duggan, Hansen,Luger. That's just a few.

    If they have to induct the whole Poffo family then induct them. Savage belongs, and everyone knows it will be Randy thy are truly inducting. And if they don't want to do that then for the love of God induct Elizabeth. She did nothing wrong.

    And if you think having Tyson, Rose and Carey in it diminishes it, wait until Snookie is inducted in a few years.
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Savage should be 1a or 1b.

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