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Bringing Back the Championship Scramble

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Hello wrestling peeps. I thought I would talk about bringing one of the most interesting stimulations for a match in the WWE, the Championship Scramble.

The creativity in the match is brilliant. It has aspects of an Ironman, Fatal-4 Way, and the Royal Rumble match. It has a certain amount of time, there are 5 competitors, and one competitor came in I believe every 5 minutes. What made it greater in its debut at Unforgiven in 2008is each show (Raw,Smackdown, and ECW) got to put their most prized titles on the line in such a match. And the title could change hands a any moment, even if there was 5 seconds left. Chris Jericho won within such an amount of time when many people thought Batista was going to win.

Plus for certain moments, mid card guys like Brian Kendrick were able to be a World Champion during the match. It was cool to see the title change hands throughout the match and to see who would end up with the title at the ed. It even helps midcard guys, not only for the reason they got to win the title at a point in the match, but that they were able to get in the main event title scene.

This kind of match got 3 exciting matches in one night at one PPV, Unforgiven. I say WWE should bring this stimulation back at Night of Champions. This is the best PPV to have this kind of match in my opinion. Why you may ask? Because think of it, Night of Champions is a PPV where al the titles are on the line. And although there have been two non title matches in Night of Champions history (Big Show vs CM Punk, Triple H vs CM Punk) those matches should of never happened cause it takes away the idea of what this PPV stands for. Anyways, back to what I was saying, this PPV is mainly filled and should be with title matches. Now I know alot of the titles today like the US, Divas, and Tag Team Titles have lost all or some meaning but WWE is not going to take away this PPV because of that. Also feuds that are not revolved around a title will not be able to be on the card. So bringing the Championship Scramble can allow more stars to get on the card and get noticed.

Other things I want to mention about the Championship Scramble is it is suspenseful cause anyone can sneek in and get a victory (like I said with Jericho). It even gets more fast paced as more competitors come in. Whether it goes from a one on one to a triple threat, it gets more interesting. This match even adds more unpredictability considering WWE needs that today due to how predictable they are. Many of us can see one competetitor enter the ring and instantly know who they are facing which is really sad. It gives different perspectives on who a title can go to.

I hope I proved my point on why WWE should bring it back and where to bring it back at. (Sidenote real quick: It would be cool to see Dolph in the WHC Scramble Match and attempt/actaully cash in right after the match) I hope all i well with yall. God bless. Remember the Cross, especially who died on it.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Great blog, I couldn't agree more with bringing it back. Bring this back and the 3 Stages of Hell
  2. sexyboy14's Avatar
    What about this?
    Scramble Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship:
    Air Truth vs. Primo & Epico vs. Prime Time Players vs. Hawkins & Reks vs. Usos

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