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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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SummerSlam recap

Last week I labelled the end of Raw as a disaster. I should have known that it was just a precursor to what would be the worst SummerSlam I have ever seen. If you ignore the fact that Punk retained, Jericho finally won a match on PPV in 2012, and Santino lost his United States Championship on the pre-show, WWE really dropped the ball here.

Every match, to me, seemed to be slow. Even Jericho vs. Ziggler, the match I bought the PPV for, was slow when it could have been a master class in fast-paced and impactful pro wrestling. The fact that it opened the show was the first sign that every match on the card was simply a time-killer before “the perfect storm” of Lesnar vs. Triple H. I haven’t cared about this match since it was on the cards three months ago, but I at least expected a semi-decent slugfest. Instead I had to endure a match with no creativity and no story to speak of. And ending the show with Triple H apparently saying goodbye to the WWE Universe? The guy is a pretty vital cog in the company, we’re gonna see him again.

If I wasn’t 100% confident that I have no chance of getting my money back, I would demand a full refund for what I deem the worst PPV of 2012, and the worst SummerSlam I have ever seen.

Raw – 20/8/2012

Now I head onto Raw.

I watched this week’s Raw quite literally off the back of SummerSlam (I had to work through the PPV on Sunday night), and I have to say I had extremely low expectations. SummerSlam left a sour taste in my mouth and it took trudging through the first hour of Raw to get rid of my negativity.

In the end I was left happier than when Raw started, but once again it involved CM Punk. The guy is single-handedly keeping me interested in the product now that Jericho has hung up his boots for the foreseeable future and Bryan is being slowly removed from relevance by AJ (I now cannot stand her as GM – the crazy act has become old and all that remains is the smile I get from seeing her skip from situation to situation).

CM Punk to choose his own opponent for Night of Champions

I have to say I was slightly disappointed by Punk’s choice, at first.

I’m not the only fan sick of seeing CM Punk vs. John Cena, am I? It’s been done to death and it seems, at first sight, a complete mismatch. I mean, it is a mismatch in terms of in-ring ability (Punk wins in a landslide). But as we all know, WWE doesn’t do business based on in-ring ability.

It was actually Cena’s promo that made me think I may enjoy the build to Night of Champions. Cena does hold a longer title reign than Punk’s, and for Punk to beat Cena in Boston would be the final step in making Punk a household name. That’s not to say that Punk isn’t already a household name for the WWE Universe, but he still has his doubters due to his lack of main events on PPV in his nine month title reign.

Anyway, back to my point.

Cena is right, he never asked anybody for respect during his runs as WWE Champion. He also had a good point when he said that those in the WWE Universe who still follow him after failing to see him with the championship for the last nine months still follow him because they respect him and vice versa. The problem here is that Punk never asked the fans to turn on Cena.

Punk also doesn’t have quite the calibre of push behind him that Cena did, and as a result has been overlooked in favour of Cena for the last year. Cena fails to mention that he was pushed to the moon whilst Punk has relied on stealing the show with a stellar performance in the ring week after week and one Sunday a month. My point here is that Cena has once again tried to make a storyline about the fans.

Cena vs. Punk is not about the fans this time. It is about Punk finally grasping his spot at the top of the mountain which Cena has denied him for a year, and tonight Cena delivered a promo which could relight this rivalry in great fashion. I look forward to seeing this develop next week.


We all knew it was coming either at or immediately after SummerSlam, but it is still a sad day to see Chris Jericho once again depart from a WWE ring for the last time in the foreseeable future.

I actually wanted to take this chance to mention my favourite part of his 2012 return to WWE, rather than talk about the way in which he departed (other than helping fuel my dislike for AJ as GM, I thought it was quite fitting that Jericho leave in the midst of a post-match assault).

The thing I will remember Jericho for this time around will be his rivalry with CM Punk. As anybody who reads this blog regularly will know, I am a huge fan of both and have no problems in saying that Jericho is my all-time favourite professional wrestler. A rivalry between the two was on the cards long before Y2J ever returned (thanks to the magic of social networking), and when it occurred both men built it to levels I didn’t think WWE would ever allow (the line, “You’re a piece of s#it, and that’s what I’m going to beat out of you!”, is still one of the best things I’ve heard Punk say). As well as always stealing the show in their matches, Jericho did well to challenge Punk’s straight edge beliefs to the point that I found myself almost questioning my allegiance to him. It was an entertaining storyline from start to finish, and I’m certain WWE will struggle to be that risky with content for the foreseeable future.

On that note, I’ll raise a fragile bottle of Jack Daniels in honour of Jericho’s recent stint, and hope he makes his return once more.

In other news…

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman kick off Raw, Tout their leave – so after being proclaimed by Heyman as the new King of Kings Lesnar is now gone? I have a bad feeling that this pointless rivalry is far from over.

Sin Cara, R-Truth & Kofi Kingston def. The Prime Time Players & Cody Rhodes – this continues to happen. Why do WWE insist on wasting talent like Rhodes and Cara in six man tag matches on a three hour show? And what is it with Cody and masks?

Ryback def. Local Competitors via DQ – apparently Ryback and Jinder Mahal are now rivals, and I missed it. If anybody could tell me when or why this is happening I’d appreciate it, not that I’m overly bothered or excited about it.

Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio – Sheamus rubbed salt in ADR’s wounds by pointing out to the referee that Orton’s leg was on the ropes during a pin attempt from the screwed challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship. Not much else to say here really…

Damien Sandow def. Brodus Clay – I’m glad Clay is being put into his place right now, but attacking Sandow post-match is surely a bad example to set for the victims of the Funkasaurus’ grooming ways?

Shawn Michaels gives a heartfelt speech on “the perfect storm” – all I have to say to this is… zZzZzZzZzzzzzzzz…

Big Show def. David Otunga – finally Show is back where he belongs, in the midcard destroying fellow no-goers.

Daniel Bryan & The Miz vs. Kane & Zack Ryder ended in a no contest – I honestly wish they would drop the Kane/Bryan thing and give Bryan something better to do. Also, Bryan being put into anger management gives me a bad feeling that Charlie Sheen may return to WWE programming.

You may have been able to tell that my mood improved as this blog entry went on (I’m sorry it went on for so long, and to those who hung on until now – I commend you for your patience). As far as Raw goes, it was what I’ve started to expect – a few good matches (Jericho vs. Ziggler was easily the best of the night), a good promo or two (Punk and Cena stole the show there), and a whole lot of filler (although WWE seem to be finding a productive use for Tout, is it not just a very short video promo?).

I’m glad I underwent this six-hour marathon in one sitting, as it got it out of the way. Sadly SummerSlam was terrible in my opinion, and it negatively impacted my view on Raw this week. For every good thing there was something equally pointless to counteract it (see: Dolph Ziggler gets utilised in a great way with Chris Jericho, whilst Cody Rhodes wastes his time in a six man tag team match).

I sincerely hope Raw doesn’t waste so much time next week, but until then you can follow me on Twitter (@SpringerAJ) and comment on this entry with #YYYTRR.

Until next Monday, thanks for reading.

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I don't fully agree with "punk wins in a landslide" when it comes to in-ring ability. I can understand you hate Cena, but be fair. How many guys do you know can fly off the ropes as high as kofi kingston, AND, deliver an AA to Big Show, or Mark Henry? I know of one person who can. And that person isn't CM Punk.
    My personal opinion is that Punk is a better overall wrestler, and I find him more entertaining than I ever have Cena. It's well known that I loathe Cena, but I liked his promo last night. I can respect that he has some strengths in the ring (which you outlined) but I personally don't think he is anywhere near the level of Punk.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Great One
    You forgot about the divas battle royale lmao, And no I'm not tired of seeing Punk vs Cena they put on some good matches. Also Cody says that Sin Cara wears the mask because he's ugly so my guess if he's trying to expose his face like when Jericho tried to take of Rey's mask.
    There was a divas battle royal? lol. I did drift off for about 10 minutes of Raw, that must have been what happened. Oh well, I'm sure nothing incredible happened with that.

    As for the Cody thing, I personally think he's better than basically rehashing a rivarly he's already had with Mysterio himself.
  3. aweso_me's Avatar
    I enjoy reading our reviews. I want to comment on the Cena promo. He was changing his mind about facing for the title. He was telling punk that he didn't care but then telling punk that they should have the match at Night of Champions? Which one is it? Cena wants to title, that's it. Punk should point that out. Cena doesn't care about the fans because he wants the belt. He said it's ben 9 months since the belt. Wrestle for the fans.
  4. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Your review as usual was spot on. Summer Slam was very medicore and the whole build up with HHH and Lesnar was horrible. One of the worst matches of the night if you can even call it a match.
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Been a while since I've commented on anything. Excellent reviews to go alone with great insight in regards to both the PPV and Raw. Enjoyed the read.
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