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Break It Down: Hardcore Summer

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What is up everybody? Time for another edition of Break It Down, where DK Wrestling Savior and myself tackle a few topics from the week. Last week someone brought up the point of readers throwing us questions, and I think that is a great idea. So when you comment, if you'd like to leave a question for us to tackle on the following blog, feel free to do so and we might just pick you! Let's get right into the discussion though

1. Do you think Summerslam will be a success or bust?

Bear-I think it will be both. You have atleast 4 feuds that have had build up. Jericho/Ziggler, Cena/Show/Punk, HHH/Lesnar, Sheamus/ADR. Then you also have matches that I don't feel have had sufficient build. Miz/Mysterio, Marella/Antonio, Air Truth/PTP. I think for those fans who are tuning in for the big matches, the four i mentioned, they will be happy. For those who tune in hoping the whole PPV is amazing, they will be bummed out.

Savior- Depending on how you look at it. Are we talking about buy rates? SummerSlam
typically brings in more buys than most other no WM PPV's, so it depends on their expectations. If it's for actual quality of show? I think there will be some good matches. I wouldn't expect to be wow'd by the PPV though. For the sake of the fans, I hope I'm wrong.

2. Where do you see Austin Aries title reign going to?

Bear-I see Aries reign going past BFG. Considering the fact that Austin kept the title at Hardcore Justice, I see him having a lengthy reign, similar to Roode. Plus he has a lot of title defenses possible. It's a breath of fresh air into the world title scene for TNA

DK- A Double should get a nice title reign. There are many matches I'd like to see, such as Aries/Styles, Aries/hardy, and Aries/Angle. I'm going to say it will last until Bound For Glory. The Sky's the limit after that though.

3. Which feud, Cena/Show/Punk, HHH/Lesnar, Ziggler/Jericho, Sheamus/ADR, do you think has been built properly for Summerslam?

Bear-Honestly, Jericho/Ziggler. They've had matches where they've interacted, but not a 1 on 1 match. They've had dynamite mic work tearing each other down. Plus, it's brought out a side of Jericho that the fans love to see. To me, this has had the best build up.

Savior-All three feuds have been built pretty nice for Summer Slam. I did stop watching after Raw 1000 so I basically don't have much to go on recently. But for what I did see, things have heated up in all three main rivalries. I read about the HBK thing and I'm not sure what his involvement does for their feud. I still say he should turn on HHH, but that won't happen.

4. Do you see anything actually happening with the mid card talents because of their frustration? Meaning, do you see them taking any action or trying to do anything to turn things around for themselves?

Bear-It all depends. If they are forced to job out like JTG had to on Raw, or like Marella might have to on Summerslam, If that continues to happen, then yeah, I could see some talents asking for a release, I could see some talents acting out. It really all depends

Savior- I don't think the Mid-carders are gonna do anything. I think this will just be squashed internally. As it should. I do, however, feel the mid-carders would be better served in some of the other promotions. They would have more opportunity to really be themselves and not WWE cartoon characters.

5. Do you think AW was justly fired?

Bear-It all depends on how you look at it. If the main reason he was fired was because of the Kobe comment, then yeah, I'd agree. Granted he was probably caught up in the moment out in the ring, something like that can't go unpassed. If he was fired because he showed support of Linda McMahon, then no, he shouldn't have been fired. To me, it's stupid that the WWE doesn't want any of their workers showing support for Mrs McMahon.

Savior- No. AW was made an example of. I personally didn't like him. I thought he was a bad recycling job of Jimmy Hart, but he did serve a purpose, an his firing will prove to be a disservice to the young talents of Darren Young and Titus O'neill.

6. Who is winner and loser of the week for WWe and TNA?

Bear-Lets start off with the losers of the week. For WWE, I'd go with Ryder. Look at the guy. 8 months ago, he was US champ, he was the IWC favorite, and now...he is jobbing out on SD. For TNA, I would pick Aries. Now I am sure alot of people are shocked by that choice, but here is my logic. The dude has an amazing match with Roode, and then come Impact, he cuts a promo....that's it. No nothing. I was kind of disappointed by that. Now for winners. The first would be for WWE, and that would be Jericho. Going back with the fact that since he returned from his suspension, the guy has been on fire. My hope is when he comes back from his leave, he is just as over with the fans as he is now. As for TNA, that's easily AJ Styles. With the revelation off the "paternity" test, it seems like this whole Lynch angle is winding down. I really hope Styles is thrust into the main event scene, as I am a big AJ fan,

Savior- For the winners and losers, I'm going to say, WWE winner would be Dolph Ziggler for his trple threat win and loser would be Christian who has become a jobber. For TNA, the winner is clearly AJ Styles for his Ladder Match win at Hardcore Justice and his win over Daniels on Impact. Loser, I would say is Magnus. He lost to the Van Daminator at Hardcore Justice and lost to Joe in match that was less than clean in quality. I'm also throwing out Brooke Hogan as a loser for TNA this week. Just because, she is a loser.

7. Who do you see winning the BFG series, and what do you see as the main event for BFG?

Bear-I am going with two choices. My choice and the person who I'd say is having a 50% chance of winning, Samoa Joe, and the likely choice, AJ Styles. With Joe, we've seen a stellar match between Aries and Joe in recent months, and I think this as a BFG main event, would be epic. As for Styles, with his two recent wins, and the fact that the lynch angle is winding down, where does he go next. The world title scene. I think Aries vs Joe or Aries vs Styles would easily be 5 star matches

Savior-Bound For Glory? I'm going to go in the not so obvious direction here, and say AJ Styles. He grabbed the 20 at HJ, and then won another epic battle against Daniels for 7 more. He's right in the thick of things, and as Mike Tenay mentioned, he still has 4 more matches to go, so there's time to close the gap and be a player.

All right guys,, I hope you enjoyed the read, and Dk and I look forward to your comments.

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  1. HungOver's Avatar
    I love this format guys with both you answering questions from the readers.Just one question,Who do you think is leader of Aces+Eights.My choice would be Bully Ray and i think with his mic skills and bully character he would fit the position perfectly.Double J could get a shout in too as i don't mind him been heel plus he has been off camera a while now.

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