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TNA and WWE: Things Ain't Like The Other

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Well hello again everyone who happens to read my blogs, I haven' wrote one for quite some time it seems but thats due in party to various reasons that I won't list on here.

Anyway I feel like doing a kind of WWE vs TNA comparison blog because since my last effort I feel a few things have changed in both companies, for both good and bad. I will try to be as objective and non-biased as possible but no promises...

WWE: I do not recognise thee

Now I'm gonna start with wwe and for good reason; I am starting to really dislike what they are dishing out. I say this because I feel like wwe is pleasing the politically correct, no sense of humour crowd these days and the evidence is the much talked about firing of A.W. While I agree that the joke was in bad taste and shouldn't have been said, it was after all still a joke, bad or not. I began to like that man because he seemed to be a great manager (annoying yes) and good mangers are a rare breed these days. Getting fired over a harmless joke (it was bloody well harmless come on) is plain ridiculous, its as bad as getting arrested for sticking your middle finger up. This act by the wwe brains trust just proves how pollitically correct its becoming. If you cant laugh then the world becomes depressing and lifeless.

My next gripe would be their complete inability to build up a ppv. I find it annoying and frustrating at seeing probably three to four matches getting build up then come ppv time we get a handful more out of nowhere, how can we fans buy this when only half the matches are made known?...I remember the days when each match had a build up, a purpose of sorts even if it was a small feud.

Which brings me to completely moronic logic. AJ Lee as raw gm?! I once started to like this girl but my god her acting ability is atrocious, i cannot take her seriously anymore, especially as gm. Let me look at this...a man who's power was taken away one year ago comes back and somehow is allowed to make a mentally unstable girl the general manager of their flagship couldn't give wwe an emmy found in the rubbish for that.

My final wwe thought is this: @#$% off tout and @#$% off twitter. These two evil inventions quite frankly are killing my wwe enjoyment. I personally cannot stand the over hype of twitter and tout on each and every show, how is meant to "enhance" our viewing? I don't wanto see what some random person somewhere has said or someones 15 video thought every five minutes, enough is enough wwe we don't care. If you had of told me 8 years ago we would make social media more important than their product today I would have luaghed and slapped you upside the head. That kind of thing should be left to their website, right now its just plain intrusive.

I see people complain and carry on about things like these regarding wwe well my advice would be do somthing about it. Let wwe know or something, noycott their programming, don't purchase ppv's or merchandise etc etc...which leads me to this...

TNA: Slowly becoming a man

I may be in the minority but these last few months I have been enjoying tna more than wwe and quite frankly its strange. I have seen so many good things from them and they are outweighing the bad completely.

When I say good I mean tna is consistently giving us good match quality, good chemistry between wrestlers, good new talent, the right people being pushed just to name a few. I am actually enjoying this BFG series alot. While wwe is off doing the usual stale and bland crap tna is giving us a decent alternative with this, while we all know one of two will win it its still good to watch. Thats my point, tna is doing different things and thats what we want.

While the gut check thing isnt ground breaking or new its still different, its nice to see some new guys and what they can do and most likely its just leading to a x-division revival and thats okay by me. The ace's and eights group is excellent because so far we know nothing about them or who they will be revealed as, just hoping they don't botch it. The knockouts division while nowhere near as good as what it was its still better than wwe model's division (beth phoenix and natayla are the only thing good there).

What I truly hate about tna right now are what everyone else hates. Brooke Hogans presence, id rather watch a 2x4 with a blonde wig than her, never liked her and never will, just hope hogan isn't going for the vince and stephanie dynamic. The whole claire lynch/aj styles/daniels and kaz storylines, its just god damn painful and those three men deserve better, we don't need another styles/daniels feud for christ sake and if new is correct it may just be over soon. While I have always respected the likes of sting and hulk hogan (still have unopened hogan figurines and a chris benoit one for that fact) im just sick of seeing them, yes your legends and occasionally bring something to the product but please just hang up the boots already.

Now i have seen comments from both sides of the fence and my opinion is that if people want tna to rise up to wwe levels then give them a chance. Give them a watch, buy some merchandise, order a ppv every now and then. The competition won't happen if us the fans don't make it happen and the fact they have been around almost ten years (or more?) is pretty good you have to admit. Once tna improves their booking, goes on the road etc I reckon things will pick up but it will take time.

That will do for my blog for njow, may do a part 2 to it but I don't know. While It may seemed like I hate wwe I don't. I have watched them for over 20 years now, it just pains me to see what they are becoming and I hate saying that. While tna still has ways to go its still providing a decent alternative that people should really give a chance to whether they like it or hate it.

You don't have to agree with me or anything I have said, I am open to constructive criticism and debate too. I hope to hear people's thoughts on this and hell even expand on what I said if you so choose.


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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I wasn't ever a A.W. fan but WWE definitely overreacted by firing him, maybe a fine or suspend him for a month or two. The reason WWE has sucked @$$ is because of Linda McMahon' senate run, I can't even watch this sh!t anymore it's boring, weak & I think damn near everybody is sick of seeing these retarded six month feuds. TNA has been improving little by little mostly because Hogan's been off tv( Brooke's @$$ needs to go as well). I became a fan of TNA back in '05 untill '10 I've bought the last two ppv's and enjoyed every minute. A lot of fans want the 6 sided ring back simply because it's different, I'm one of them but the last few months have been great. I love the BFG series & I'm reeeeeeeeeeal happy that the Claire Lynch crap is over, so now A.J. can go back to being the phenomenal athlete that he is. Great blog & dead on!
  2. True Sinister's Avatar
    I feel AJ according to storyline was a stupid choice for a GM. She looks ridiculous in that suit. I understand how attractive she is and I feel that is her whole draw. As much as I like AJ I never liked the psycho AJ character. I wish she would be treated as a heel...she sure as hell acts like one but since she's a cute little girl everything she does is supposed to be good.

    In terms of acting ability...I feel that was never important for her but I prefer her to Adamly or Laurinitis.

    Agree on all this social networking crap.

    TNA has better "wrestling" but nowhere near an ROH and they don't really push it.

    TNA simply put is not as "entertaining" as WWE. It has a boring feel to it that never changes. The storylines and segments look cheaply done and uninteresting. The only TNA PPV I ever bought was hardcore justice and that was out of respect to ECW. I never wanted to buy a TNA dvd of any kind either. Their theme musics suck. Their announcers are...I respect Tazz as a wrestler more than a generic King rip off...and Mike Tenay was better of in WCW when he was sold as being some sort of expert on everything.
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