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Blog Wars Olympics: Top 6 Talents the WWE Misused

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Welcome back to the semi finals of the Olympic Blog Wars series. I am sorry this is late but I have been on vacation for the last week and off the site. With 4 really close and amazing Blog battles behind us, we move on to a more challenging topic. Now I am only providing the list but the competitors are required to make up their own criteria and there is an extra spot added to make it a top 6. This week I will be taking on Tommy Thunder to determine who moves on to the gold medal match. Here is the list...

Top 6 Superstars the WWE Misused


My only criteria is all talent on the list CANNOT BE UNDER WWE contract right now. There is always potential to move up if you are still contracted since anything can happen.

6. Kanyon

His time in WCW started shaky but he did improve and looked to be on the rise in the singles division until WWE bought out WCW. When the Alliance angle began he was GIVEN the US title and won the tag team titles with DDP later on. But both reigns were brief and forgettable. After he was put on OVW (WWE's farming territory then) and Velocity before being released.

Kanyon had a great personality, a cool move set and a good gimmick and there was a lot of potential for him to grow and become a bigger part of the midcard and maybe move on to the main event later on. Regardless, I think the WWE missed out on a lot by not capitalizing on Kanyon more.

Why he is 6: Basically, we never saw what he could do at his full potential, at the most he could have had a successful midcard career which is why he is 6.

5. Kaval

The first ROH World Champion, multiple time TNA X-Division champion and tag champion and a 2 time IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion in New Japan, you would think someone of his talents would be an easy fit in the WWE. Well, the WWE started him off in FCW then moved him on to NXT where he was the most experienced talent on the show. After winning because of his popularity, he was put on Smackdown with no plans and losing every match.

Kaval has a really unique and exciting move set with high impact kicks, a variety of aerial maneuvers and unique submissions that could have been easily used reignite the cruiserweight division in feuds with Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, and Tyson Kidd at the time.

Why he is 5: In the WWE I would say at the most he could be a major part in the upper midcard division since Vince isn't high on guys his side.

4. Shelton Benjamin

One of the best pure athletes in the WWE during the 2000s, Benjamin actually did a lot in his time there. A three time IC champion, 2 two time Tag Champion and a one time US champion.

Now I know this may not be misused, but in my opinion he was ready for the main event scene and the WWE had multiple chances to get him there but never capitalized on it. Benjamin could easily be one of the top guys today if he was given the chance and not released.

3. Ricky Steamboat

One of my all time favorites and an all time great. Steamboat had some phenomenal matches during his run, including his Wrestlemania 3 match which easily one of the greatest wrestling matches.

Sadly, that win was Steamboat's only run with the IC title not to mention his only title with the WWE. A few week's after winning the title, Steamboat asked for time off for the birth of his son which did not sit well with management since he was meant to be a long term champion. Because of this his reign was ended at 35 days with Steamboat dropping the title to the Honky Tonk Man, who went on to set the record for the longest IC title reign. When he returned a month later, he wasn't given a push and shortly left afterwards for WCW.

Why he is 3: The top 3 were really hard to choose from, but I think the top 2 just edged it out over him.

2. Rick Rude

A talent with with amazing mic skills, top notch ring work few could match, and one of the greatest heels in history. Rude had all the makings to become a world champion yet was stuck in the midcard during most of his time in the WWE. Like Steamboat, the only title he captured during his time there was the IC title.

Unfortunately his accident in Japan shortened his career and caused him to end his WCW world title reign early. Rude was looking to make a full time comeback in 1999 but died before if could happen.

1. Jake Roberts

The founder of the DDT, one the greatest promo cutters in histoy, Jake Roberts never held a title during his time in the WWE. He had memorible feuds with the Undertaker, Randy Savage, the Million Dollar Man and even had a part in the birth of Austin 3:16.

Roberts had amazing ring chemistry which helped the fans get into his matches and get behind Roberts. The fans went nuts for Roberts, just listen to them when he touched the Million Dollar Title at the 3:00

Tommy Thunder

Top 6 misused WWE stars

#6 John Morrisson

I know that many won't agree perhaps, but I do think that Morrison had it in him to be a top player in WWE. He was tested at the top level after having matches for the WWE title against Miz amongst others, and he delivered great matches every single time. His mic skill has always been in question, but I don't think he's been given enough opportunity in that respect.
I think perhaps he's better off playing a heel to begin with since I think his mic skills as a heel is better based on his stuff from the days of Miz and Morrison (remember the Dirt Sheet?). But he has a pretty unique move set that appeals to the audience, he was very over as a face, and I think he's got what it takes to be a top player for WWE.
I don't agree with the people who say "He's the next HBK" or the others that say "He's the Janetty of Miz and Morrison". I think firstly that nobody will ever be "The next HBK", and Morrison will evolve into his own guy. Sure, there's similarities, but I don't want to see him stereotyped as the next HBK when he can become the first John Morrison. And he's way too talented to be a "Janetty", so I ignore the people who suggest that.

I do think that JoMo will be back in WWE sooner rather than later though, so WWE still have a chance to pick this ball up again so to speak, hence why I've ranked him at #6 here.

#5 Chavo Guerrero

No, he wasn't Eddie, but he was definitely better than what WWE gave him credit for, a LOT better.
I hate to suggest that WWE should exploit Eddie's death, but they could have used that as a catalyst to have Chavo go on to try and follow in his footsteps. Instead, they had Rey Mysterio riding the coat-tails of Eddie to the World Championship. I mean, I know that Rey was a great friend of Eddie's but Chavo's familiy man.
Chavo is an excellent in-ring technician, and can talk really good too, especially as a heel. They did kind of cash in on this by having him winning the ECW Championship once, but that hardly counts, since the title was in decline during that time, and meant little to nothing.

I really think that Chavo should have been given the chance at least to have a crack at the main event scene, but he was never even close, and was shamefully reduced to comedy skits which involved jobbing to Hornswoggle. That really is dropping the ball with a great wrestler.

#4 Chris Masters

If you know me, you'd know that I've always been a fan of Masters and I always give him a shout-out in any threads regarding misused WWE talent.
During his first run, he was indeed pushed as a main event heel, receiving a few WWE title shots as well as wrestling big stars such as Shawn Michaels amongst others. He proved during this period (IMO) that he definitely had the mic skills to be a main eventer, albeit that his ring skills weren't the best. He also made his modified full nelson look like a legit finisher, since I always saw the Masterlock as a pretty devastating looking finisher.

When he returned for his second run however, it was evident that he had worked hard on honing his in-ring ability, and he was now a much better wrestler. When he was instantly put in a feud with upper mid-carder MVP, I thought that he was set on becoming a top player again, but I was disappointed to see him relegated further and further down the card in the coming months. He really hit rock bottom when he turned face and was used in a comedy role with his dancing pecs (even if that did manage to get him over as a face). Although he did in the end manage to become a pretty decent and over face, WWE elected to release him.

To me, this was a huge waste. Since losing Batista, WWE haven't had a big muscle guy in the main event scene in WWE (apart from Sheamus), and to me, Masters had the potential to be a top level main event heel. He looked the part, he could talk on the mic, and he had the in-ring ability. Plus, at 29, he was still young. A great shame that they didn't realize this potential. Given that he's young, I'm hoping that he'll be back in WWE eventually.

#3 MVP

Mentioned MVP earlier, and he's another that WWE dropped the ball bad with for me.
MVP was a credible face and heel, had the mic skills, and (for WWE's standards) could wrestle pretty good too. But after years of holding the mid card status, he was let go before he got the chance to have a crack at the big time.

Since going to Japan, he's become a pretty good wrestler after honing his craft, and IMO, he should be given another chance to be a main event player in WWE

#2 William Regal

How did Regal not win a world title I wonder? A fantastic talker, one of the best of his generation in the ring, played a fantastic heel. And yet, the cretins in charge failed to capitalize on that potential.
He's become a multi time European, IC and tag team champion, and he won the King of the Ring back in 2008. How did WWE fail to make him a world champion?

#1 'Rowdy' Roddy Pipper

I still find it unbelievable that 'Hot Rod' never won a world title in WWE. That in itself pretty much explains why I've put him on this list.
Pipper is one of the best talkers in the history of wrestling IMO, and he wasn't too bad in the ring either, which begs the question why on earth didn't wWE capitilize in making him champion. An awesome heel in his hayday, and still hugely popular today, it's a huge shame that he never won a world title, and that for me is enough to make him the most underutilized talent in WWE's history.

That's it for this round, the winner of this match will move on to the finals.

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  1. Destruction's Avatar
    I know my vote won't count, but for me, Piper, Rude, Roberts and Steamboat didn't need a world title to be over with the fans. Yes, they should have been World Champion multiple times, but they careers are still remembered without them.

    Regal would clinch it for Tommy for me, but it's all down to Asher, bear, Roba, Knox and EHC
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
  3. areyouready?'s Avatar
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    Tommy Thunder

    because of Regal, Masters, and Chavo

    Wrestlingfan, Ricky Steamboat wasn't really misused, and Jake Roberts misuded WWE
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    Oh....both great choices, but my vote goes with Tommy Thunder
  6. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Tommy Thunder
  7. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Thunder all the way I enjoy his list def hot rod
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