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TNA X-Division: "It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits!"

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What made the X-Division special? Who made the X-Division stand out? Was the X-Division title at one time the most prestigous title in TNA? I hope to answer those questions and more with this blog dedicated to a division that we all love. It is a cruiserweight division, but the difference X-Division has is big men over the weight limit can compete for the title. I started watching TNA in 2004 when it was on Foxsports at like 4pm at the time. Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg, and so forth kept my eyes on the TV. However, the X-Division was the most enjoyable to watch. At one point, I'd say the X-Division title was the top title in TNA. I'm not joking either because Jeff Jarrett was the world champion at the time. I hated Jarrett. Only guys he really faced were guys like Nash, Jeff Hardy, and so forth in which he would always win. It has been documented I've never been a huge Jarrett fan at all. However, it shouldn't take away what the X-Division did at the time. Still the best match to occur in TNA in my opinion happened when the X-Division title main evented the Unbreakable ppv in a triple threat match featuring AJ Styles, Daniels, and Samoa Joe. Those 3 took the X-Division to the level that we all wish it still was....same goes for the tag division in WWE when Hardyz, Dudleyz, and E+C took the world by storm. I'm going to name the top 5 X-Divison stars in the history of TNA along with some honorable mention to keep everyone happy:

1. AJ Styles-AJ has always been a favorite of mine since I started watching TNA. He was the first X-Division champion, multiple time world champion, and one of the best still in this business today. He along with Joe and Daniels took the X-Division to heights TNA fans now wish it was still. Main eventing a ppv, having the best matches on the card each night, and making the X-Division division mean more than the world title. AJ was the "Phenomenal One" and still is to this day. The rivalry the 3 had still is talked about to this day. AJ was unique. He was an attraction that kids and adults alike loved. Eye popping moves we hadn't seen before. You knew he was going to give you your moneys worth every night just like all X-Division wrestlers did with those spectacular high flying moves. His theme, "get ready to fly" I along with the rest of the fans were ready. LOL! Hooded hat covering his eyes w/ flipping it off as the fireworks went off. You had to love him. One of the reasons Kurt came to TNA was to wrestle AJ Styles. Which is high praise towards any wrestler in the business coming from the best wrestler in the biz.

2. Samoa Joe-Hopefully no one gets offended when I say Joe had that same attraction that Kong had in the Knockout division. He was unbeatable force who was a lot bigger than the other talent in the division. Joe actually was such as force he didn't get pinned or submit in a match while in the X-Division. He lost matches in triple threats, Ultimate X's, and so forth. He was undefeated virtually the whole time which made you not like the guy. You wanted him to get defeated because your favs like AJ are facing him. Joe was such a attraction in the X-Division he started main eventing ppvs because the strong reactions he got from the crowd. Chants such as "Joe" or "Joe's gonna kill you" as you could see in the video I posted beside Joe's name when he was announced to face Jarrett at No Surrender of 06. The man was a force that could make anyone submit, but couldn't be defeated. Some say TNA waited too long to give him the belt. I certainly could agree with that even though I still disliked Joe when he won the title because I was a huge Kurt Angle mark. Not understanding why people cheered him like they did. Now I'm rooting for the guy to get back on top of the mountain. Worst decision was to have him join MEM. Never really has been the same since. Joe without a doubt one of the best ever in the X-Division!

3. was debating of having Daniels #4 with Aries #3, but I decided it may be my current hate state with Daniels even thinking of making that decision. Stuck with Daniels despite it posting a video where he talks about his career that like all the videos I posted on this blog were posted by TNA's youtube channel. Without question, biggest accomplishment of Daniels TNA career has been main event of Unbreakable. I believe he won that match. The only one of the 3 not to achieve the TNA world title. Some believe he is the best never to hold the world title. He may be, but a different wrestler who isn't with TNA now I'd say was the best not to be the world champion. Who? Monty Brown! In any case, Daniels has had a great career in TNA winning the tag titles and the X-Division title on multiple occassions along with a handful of TNA ppv main event matches under his belt.

4.Austin Aries-Longest title reign in the history of the X-Division should be enough to get him on the top 5 list. What do you think? This man revived the X-Division taking it to heights not seen in several years. Not meaning to disrespect Lethal or Robbie E, but Aries brought back the X-Division making it mean something again. Us fans are more than appreciative of that. Cashing in the title to win the world title means everything. The Destination X ppv along with the title has more prestige.

5.Chris Sabin-I was originally was going to put Petey Williams in this slot, but the more I thought about the more I thought Sabin deserved the slot. If memory served me correct, he was at one time undefeated in the Ultimate-X match. Winning several of those matches in a row. Holding the championship on several occassions. Sucks that he is injured again. Hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later. Sucks even more that MCMG are over as well. Sabin has contributed a lot for TNA over the years. Hopefully the best is yet to come with him.

Honorable mention: Petey Williams; Jerry Lynn; Sonjay Dutt; Jay Lethal

TNA X-Division certainly deserves some love. We constantly talk about the best IC and US champions, but never the X-Division champions. Well at least, that I've seen. Hopefully you enjoyed this topic, read, and so forth. Any thoughts or comments? Leave them in the comment section below. Targeting some love for upcoming ppv No Surrender sharing some of my favorite moments in its shorts history. I may be doing that as well with BFG when it comes up. If you have any favorite moments or least favorite moments from those ppvs that should be listed on my next blog....plz share them in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Definitely feeling this blog! I love the X Division too - already a TNA fan, but my high point of almost any episode is the X Division match (or matches) of the night. Almost everyone involved seems to put everything they have into the match, it makes it seem as if anything can happen in them.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    The X-Division was where I first heard the fans chanting "that was awesome!" after a match. Peter should have definitely made your list. The Canadian Destroyer was & still is the most amazing finisher that I've seen to date. The X-Division wrestlers are the true stars of the show often times forceing the rest of the roster to step up. Joe was like Godzilla in the X-Division destroying everything & everyone in his path. Damn, I miss the good days in TNA(before Hogan). A.J. Styles was & is the only wrestler who should rank #1 on a best of the X-Division list.
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