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WWE Roster Taking a Huge Injury Hit?

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First of all greetings everyone, hope everyone is doing ok.

Recently I noticed many injuries taking place and am not sure what to make of it. Definitely I can assume it involves the busy schedule. Basically the stars that are hurt/recently hurt all happen to be big name guys. Those guys are Cm Punk, Triple H, Edge, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and many others.

Whats going on as of now is the WWE are trying to really push the young guys because their mistakes are backfiring on them. They put too much of their product into 3 or 4 main guys whom all happen to be battling injuries expect for the almighty John Cena.

The huge mistake occured when WWE decided to drop the ball in the middle of the pushes of Jack Swagger, Ted Dibiase, MVP and John Morrison. First of all, after WM26, Ted Dibiase should've been given a huge strong push and John Morrison honestly should've been champ two years ago. They somehow found away to screw Swagger over which is beyond me because he was getting a great deal of heat. Also, I believe Shad had an opportunity to be pushed as a big time heel given the right story.

Also like Matt Hardy said. You have to have a mix of veterens and young stars making moves but you can't up and give someone a push. I believe the WWE had sooooo many opportunities to have a better product right around April after mania when everyone was healthy. Christian and Hardy could have had a great feud but creative killed that as well.

Now the WWE is in an uneasy spot as to what to do so consequently the made Miz cash in a little early. And this is not the full answer but the WWE needs to shake things up. I think when Triple H returns, he should immediately turn heel and feud with Orton. It would be sooo cool to see that feud in reverse with randy as the face and Triple H as the heel. Basically something huge needs to happen.

I mean something very very big has to happen. Imagine if Cena did a match that ended Nexus for good. Imagine if a new stable came to rise of fedup stars like Dibiase, Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, McCintyre and HHH as the leader as a heel stable. Imagine if they did so much damage that the Nexus returned as faces to take them out. I mean something has to happend in the WWE that is different because the roster is at a very scary position.

Basically lighten up the schedule after wrestlemania because one day Vince has to realize money isn't more important than these guys health. He has made enough money, TNA is no competition so its about time he lightens this schedule as the WWE doesnt have much to prove, they just need better writers because its not impossible to be PG and have a good product, it can be done just look at the 80's.

Last idea, I agree with most of the IWC. Lets have Morrison vs the Miz for the belt to mainevent Wrestlemania. Its something new and something huge can come from both. Just try something new like when the WWE let Batista and John Cena win the belt at WM21. I think they are proven hard workers and would put on a hell of a match.

Theres alot wrong now a days and the roster is scary. Lets Hope and Pray these guys can stay healthy and maybe this will open up the creative teams eyes and they will work on making a more balanced product with a little something for the kids as well as the long time older fans.
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  1. 2xtreme's Avatar
    Prepare for the abuse. You quoted Matt Hardy in a positive light lol. I think Chris Jericho mentioned at least a year ago that new talent needed to be pushed because him and the other main eventers were getting older and will have to retire eventually and it would leave a huge talent gap in the roster. The newer guys don't neccessarily get the reactions that the established stars do which is probably why they aren't always pushed as much as they should be which leaves the usual suspects as main eventers. I don't neccessarily agree that TNA isn't competition either. It may not be now but I think it offers a viable alternative. I started to watch when they signed Foley and didnt think much other than they had my favourite wrestler. After a month or so I grew to really like the product and prefer it to WWE. I know a lot of people will disagree but if Vince starts to slacken off he runs the risk of more people jumping ship. If TNA got better writers they could really start to compete. Listened to your song though and it sounds pretty good. Hip Hop's not really my thing though so I can't be overly critical.
  2. wwetna100's Avatar
    I Think a good heel stable would be Swagger, Sheamus, McIntyre and Miz and they could be called "The Fatal Future"
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    WWEs gotta start putting over the young talent faster. Through all the injures and age etc the vets won't be around for much longer so WWEs' screwed if they don't get some new main eventers. Vets should put over the younger stars and then have a long, even fued so that the younger wrestlers look more believable as maint event material. I like that they put Del Rio in the World title match at TLC and made a #1 contender match involving Morrison, thats 1 step closer to building a new main event scene. Now they gotta go 1 step further and push Drew(what happened to his push? He wasn't bad in the ring), Kofi(would make a crazy heel), Cody Rhodes, and Swagger.
  4. TNA FN Show's Avatar
    @WWETNA100 It Sounds Like Fourtune
  5. Tai Night's Avatar
    Agree with some. Do think that WWE need to do more with their younger talent. The part about TNA, I am not so sure. As someone stated earlier, better write, big threat.

    Listen to your song an glad that someone else rep for Bmore.
  6. Slickman69's Avatar
    What I don't understand is why do they still have Smackdown and Raw as two separate brands ? It worked in 2002 because there was so much talent you just had to split the roster but now the roster looks really weak. If we had the same roster for both brands as we did in the late 90's and early 2000's we would see a lot of guys getting better pushes because they would actually have somebody to wrestle.
  7. miz AWESOME's Avatar
    PUSH YOUNG TALENT PLEASE WWE yoshi tatsu is an amazing superstar but he is used on superstars, the same with zack ryder, he is used on superstars to job to everyone and chavo, cant you see really need to retire, your jobbing to Beth Phoenix in an eagle costume!
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