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10 WWE Stars who deserve face/heel Turn

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10. MVP - I feel that MVP should stay a face. I feel this because yea he was an excellent heel but MVP gets a good reaction and still has maintained good mic skills as a face. I believe its the creative team that ruined his face turn i mean what happened to the randy orton feud. I think MVP is just fine as a face as long as creative helps him along the way.

9.Ted Dibiase - This guy needs a face turn. I feel that lately he's becoming stale as a heel because honestly he has all the skill in the world but lacks mic skills. If he gets a faceturn it will give the fans a chance to rally behind him and see just how good he is. I think they should have an angle where maryse turns on him in a match against a heel like sheamus or something with maryse taking sheamus's side and becoming his manager.

8. R-Truth - Turn him heel immediately. I am honestly shocked he's lasted almost 3 years with the same boring gimmick on television in his 2nd run i mean the fans love him and with good reason because he is a beast in the ring. I just think that his gimmick is whack i mean he's running out of breath trying to rap his theme. He hinted a heel turn when he talked about jumping orton so cena could stay but it never happened. Fix this guy because I would hate to see a great talent go to waste

7. Cm Punk - I think cm punk deserves a faceturn and it might very well happen. Him on commentary is just causing people to like him more and more. I think he will eventually turn face when a heel wrestler calls him out one day in the ring. I can see someone like the miz doing that. Could you guys imagine miz cutting a promo saying, "I rose to the top in the WWE, i remember when everyone gave me critism but where are they now. hhh is hurt, hbk and batista quit, undertaker is Lord knows where, jericho is reliving his horrible music career and ohhhh cm punk got scared to fight so he's an announcer". Imagine how the crowd would rally behind punk.

6.Edge - The WWE making edge a face was a good move. I think its about that time I mean he returned as a face then went heel. I like how they just made him an all out face within a week. He had a historic heel run winning the belt 9 times. Now he can enjoy having the crowd on his side for the remainer of his career since he has stated he's about 2 years away from retirement.

5.Triple H. - HHH needs a good ol' heel turn. I mean people keep saying he will return and get revenge on sheamus but that is soooooo predictable. I think it would be a twist to see him return during a sheamus vs orton match. Have his music hit and have him come out and nail orton with a sledge hammer. Triple H's could say this as an excuse, "I made orton what he is today and i turn my back and he lets a little punk like the miz take his belt after all i've taught him. And as far as sheamus, i respect him. I'm glad sheamus put me on the shelf because he showed me that i need to step my game up instead of pandering to you useless fans". Classic scenario and you all know it lol.

4.Chris Jericho - Ok so we all know that raw is running low on heels but i still wanna see a Y2J face turn when he returns. This guys is one of the most beloved wrestlers i mean he insults the crowd and we still cheer. I think the miz is a young y2J as far as work ethic, mic skills and size. I would love to see them in a program.

3.Rey Mysterio - OMG he's been doing the samething for a over a decade including wcw. I guess creative doesn't think his gimmick is old. Turn him heel but keep the mask. I dont know how but just do it.

2.Drew McCintyre - He needs a faceturn they pretty much killed his chosen one gimmick. I say put him in a feud with Cody Rhodes.

1.John Cena - I guess this was a no brainer. He needs a heel turn now. Why are the wwe soo afraid of doing this to hell with merchandise sales. Hulk Hogan turning heel back in the day was classic and I hated hulk hogan still do. I feel that he has ran this superhero marine gimmick as far as it can go. Cena has the mic skills to put on a good heel promo. Imagine Cena saying, "To hell with women and children. The rest of you all booed me and said i cant wrestle so for once im not going to pander to you all anymore. Im fighting for myself." The WWE are making a great talent like cena look one dimmensional i mean the guy was an amazing heel back in his thuganomics era and honestly i feel cena doesnt get enough credit for what he did for smackdown back in 2002-2003. Rock and stone cold were pretty much done and they put cena over as a heel and he kept the cool factor on smackdown but now a days cena's is very bland.

Honorable mentions: keep kofi face, turn john morrison and melina heel and put them together, turn alicia fox face, turn layla face and keep michelle heel, stop eve from dancing lol, keep daniel bryan face, keep cody rhodes heel and somehow repackage zack ryder and get him back on television

P.S. guys thanks for reading and check out my song i pitched and check out my youtube page i rap.

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  1. CMhuw24's Avatar
    Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre as faces? They hardly get airtime as midcard heels, if they were face they'd be jobbers.
    And i agree on your MVP point, i beleive he is doing an alright job being a face at the moment.
  2. CMhuw24's Avatar
    Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre as faces? They hardly get airtime as midcard heels, if they were face they'd be jobbers.
    And i agree on your MVP point, i beleive he is doing an alright job being a face at the moment.
  3. dxtaker's Avatar
    Well the MVP possibilty isn't gonna happen. He just got released
  4. Hannah's Avatar
    I agree with majority of your blog, the Triple H, Mysterio, and Cena turn mostly. I think the WWE needs to shake it up, and they need a badass heel, I don't care who, just someone different.

    P.S. Love the "stop Eve from dancing" mention cracked me up.
  5. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    Edge is an awesome Face. Wwe royally screwed him up having Cena bury him as a heel making him look weak. Edge should have been a bad ass heel instead of the coward bitch heel. if cena were to FINALLY turn wwe would just screw that up by making him the unbeatable heel so he would still win every week. if cena wasn't shoved down the fans throats & the focal point of the whole freaking company then turning him heel would be an easy decision for wwe. but since they only cared to build cena and no one else, they have no other top faces to tradition to as their top guy to face a heel cena other than orton. and another cena/orton feud would be stale. my point.. they need to build more stars rather than focusing the company on just one guy
  6. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    I agree with most of your post except about Edge. He's been both face and heel in the space of this year, and although i would have to say his heel run far surpassed his face run.. Hes most entertaining as a tweener. Just look at what that did for fans that hated Randy, now they love him. Same things' happening for Edge and I'm glad WWE made that move
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