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Suhayl's Stardome: 08/17/2012 Smackdown Review

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Hi guys, this is Suhayl and this is my little review of latest episode of Smackdown!

Good things:

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes & IC Champion The Miz - It was good, yet too short match. I really (REALLY?!) liked the ending, but Mysterio wrestling in a t-shirt... Really? If you want to hide the gut, don't wear tight things.

Eve as Booker assistant - I like that idea, because I think she could replace him... in the future. And maybe she'll help William Regal get the job. I don't know, but it could be interesting angle.

Reks & Hawkins - It is always good thing when you see these two on a show. Their strip-tease... Well... I'm almost sure that they did this as one-time thing, just to make us pay attention to them. As a R&H mark I'll wait for next Smackdown!. By the way, they were really boo'ed.

Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho & Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan - just two good matches, especially D-Bryan one.

Ziggler vs Jericho build-up - I don't have an idea who can win this match. I think it will be Ziggy, because Y2J is 'injured'. Then he may cash in on 'injured' Sheamus.

Bad Things

The Miz getting a 619 -
the match was good, but they spoiled the winner at PPV.

Divas Match - Like I wrote I like the outcome, but the match itself sucked.

ADR vs Sheamus at Summerslam - well... So we get a Super Sheamus again, damnit. I'll skip this match.

RAW Recaps - nothing more to say about this.


Cesaro vs Ryder -
I'm not buying Antonio at all, but I hope he will win the match at Pre-show. However I would prefer Sandow in this fight. This match itself was to short to rate it.

No Ryback & Mahal - Why? Just why? From what I remember he still is a member of Smackdown roster, so why aren't they using him? And...did they drop this feud?

Overall, in my opinion that was good Smackdown, I enjoyed watching it and I may go back to watching SD regulary.

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