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The Last 2 Credible World Heavyweight Champions

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanna talk about the declining of the Championships and I'll start off this blog with the World Heavyweight Championship. A Championship that truly has a big piece of history stamped to it tracing all the way back to NWA. I wanna talk about the last 2 Credible Champions to hold that belt.

Jeff Hardy & Cm Punk:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hell has official frozen over because this is a "Pro" Cm Punk blog.

Jeff Hardy & Cm Punk Feud:
Personally this was one of the greatest feuds I've ever seen and it was such a slow grind approach that I loved so much. I always looked at Cm Punk & Jeff Hardy in a similar light so seeing them feud was amazing. I'm going to talk you through this throughout the blog. Stay tuned folks.

Jeff Hardy wins the World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match against Edge at Extreme Rules 2009. Moments later Cm Punk cashes in his Money in the Bank Contract on Jeff Hardy to become the new World Heavyweight Champion:

Cm Punk Heel Turn?
No, Punk cashing in was not his official heel turn. People kept calling that a heel turn. He was a babyface that cashed in his briefcase on another babyface wrestler that was much more over. The fans immediately turned on Cm Punk after which basically is why Cm Punk tweened until the night after Night of Champions.

Cm Punk's first promo after cashing in on Jeff Hardy:
So basically this is Cm Punk (still babyface) in the ring cutting his promo after cashing in on Jeff. He's greeted with quite the amount of boos. He explains how everyone had his back when he cashed in on Edge but previous year, but all of a sudden, they aren't too happy. Out comes Edge & Jeff Jardy and we have ourselves a little promo party. Check it out below.

Jeff Hardy vs Cm Punk - Night of Champions 2009:
Cm Punk loses the World Championship to Jeff Hardy in this stellar match. Just check out the match below. You'll enjoy it.

Cm Punk's Official Heel Turn:
Below is his official heel turn. This was the Smackdown after Night of Champions. I was there live as it was in Baltimore. One thing I can say is when Punk knocks him out with the mic, everyone were on their feet. It was such an epic scene as we were all eyes. So there you have it, I was there live when Punk officially turned heel. And this is back when I was the biggest Punk fan alive haha.

The End of an Era? Cm Punk vs Jeff Hardy - Summerslam
This marked the end of one of the greatest feuds ever and the last time the WHC meant something in my opinion. It was the win or go home match. Jeff Hardy was at the end of his contract so he lost. But it led into a great run by Cm Punk with the WHC as he started the Straight Edge Society soon after.

What made Jeff Hardy & Cm Punk so special?
They were two of the smallest guys on the roster headlining Smackdown for the richest prize in a very great back and forth feud. Lets not forget to mention that Edge & Triple H (two gladiators of this business) were just feuding for that very Championship. Out of nowhere, Triple H & Edge passed the torch to Jeff & Punk and took a backseat while they ran the show. It was great.

Jeff Hardy:
He was a guy that overcame alot. He was given a 3rd chance by the WWE and took it to heights. I never thought I'd see Jeff as WHC in any promotion but he made it look so convincing. He was awesome and it just looked so right. The guy that jumped in this business at the age of 16 with his brother actually positioned himself to win the big one.

It pissed me off when he decided to leave because it was so amazing and different to see. Him & Cm Punk added something huge to this title that has since then been lost. It was great stuff.

Cm Punk:I lie to you not, this was when I was the biggest Cm Punk fan around. I loved this feud and I loved him before. To see him step into this underdog babyface role, then capture that belt and turn heel and start this amazing stable (Straight Edge Society), I was shocked at how well it worked. It was ground breaking. This led us into a great feud with Punk & The Undertaker and the rest was history.

So what about Christian, Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan?

Him winning the title was the true definition of paying your dues. It worked well, we were pumped. Then days later he lost the WHC to Orton and everything went downhill. They put on great matches but when Christian won it back, he went back to the same whiny heel that cheated to get by. It sucked to see.

Mark Henry:
This was another case of paying your dues. Mark Henry had one of the most dominant run and it was pretty cool seeing a black guy as WHC again. But it didn't jell the right way. It was still a decent run though.

Daniel Bryan:
I have all the luck in the world because I also was live in attendance to see Daniel Bryan cash in after the Big Show & Mark Henry match to win the WHC. This was great. But Daniel wasn't that great during the reign. Daniel didn't become truly over until he lost to Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Still Bryan did pretty well.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Yes, I truly believe the last time the WHC was truly relevant was during the Cm Punk & Jeff Hardy feud. Some will agree, some will disagree. Please leave feedback and check out my link below to my new song. Thanks guys and be safe. Until then.

Jae Knox - "Frozen"

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  1. Incubus_99's Avatar
    hey dude...i really enjoy most of u'r blogs..and this one is pretty awesome too...ive been a Punk fan ever since his ECW days and i've always been a Jeff Hardy fan as see him and Punk feud was truly great...tis feud was something that really kept me glued coz I wanted to see what would happen next...

    however I feel that even Kane's reign a couple years back was pretty damn good...he had the title on for over 6 months or so...and his promos are just too damn good...that was one reign which i really did enjoy as welll...
  2. Bobby1181's Avatar
    I find myself always rooting for Jeff. Alway thought he had the "IT" factor even during his Smoky Mountain days. I'm glad to see him coming back to form in TNA, really hoping they have him compete against A double for the belt in the future. I still shake my head everytime I think about Christian's 2day title reign, stupid suits deciding to put the belt back on Mr.Personality Randy Orton. Speaking of, I loved the fact that they had Mark Henry beat Orton twice cleanly to get and retain the title, it added that credibility that henry needed. And personally to me CMPunk vs Mark Henry No DQ on Raw awhile back was an awesome match especially the ending with punk blasting Henry with the steel chair elbow drop to finish the match.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Last time when you really gave a crap who won and who lost the world title.
  4. Glenjose's Avatar
    great blog, completley agree...also think if Jeff had got his personal problems or woteva sorted and stayed with the WWE, he would of been one of the greatest in ring peformers of all time, I would of loved to see Hardy vs Bryan, or Hardy vs Ziggler...half the time I think the only reason WWE kept Matt Hardy around for so long was because it was a pull to get Jeff back so many times.
  5. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Good blog. Hardy/Punk did have a hell of a feud. But Edge retired WHC, so to me he was the last guy to make he belt credible. I may be misunderstanding your view, I just don't see how you say they were when he held it after them.

    But yes, the Hardy/Punk feud did add credibility to it in my opinion.
  6. SHW's Avatar
    as much as i cannot stand Sheamus, they have built him into a credible champion...

    i mean, king of the ring winner, royal rumble winner, wrestlemania winner in 18 seconds, has not lost a televised singles match since ???
  7. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    Congrats, you've finally written something I can agree with somewhat. However, Henry's run was brilliant. It was the last time they've done anything smart and consistent. He was on a massive destructive streak. The way Orton practically jobbed out to him, you got the feeling there was no way he could possibly loose. He looked and acted every bit like the dominant heel champion. It was great. The way he lost it sucked, but still his run was great.
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