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Impact Wrestling 8/9/12 Segments & future plans

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1. Bully Ray, comes out to open the show, & says that he goin 2 win @ HJ. But 2 get down 2 bigger & better things startin w/ 2night he is gonna beat James Stiorm & pick up 7 more pts. in "The BFG Series". Out comes James and he says that he gonna kick Ray's ass, & Ray seems game 4 a fight, thats good b/c Storm & fightin R like me w/ chocolate they go hand & hand. The only catch is Bully changes his mind @ the last second & backs off. Then "Aces & 8'S comes on the screen & says they will raise hell 2night. Ray still thinks its JS, I think its Jarrett 4 the leader & some of the other members R Gallows, Masters, W. Brisco, DDP, D' LO (will B a non factor when its set N done) among a few others. This all makes sense considering Jeff sure as hell has an "Axe 2 Grind".

2. When we return from commercial, we C "The Pope" sayin that even tho he is down he is not out & he is still goin 2 bring "The TNA" "WHC" 2 "The Congregation". I C him as the dark horse in the "BFG series", & U never kno in the wrestling business its very unpredictable.

3. Our 1st match of the evening is a "BFG Series" match, between RVD & Magnus a pretty 1 sided match w/ Van Dam hittin' all his highlight type manuvers & pickin' up the "W" in the process, Anderson was on commentary 4 this bout. I think RVD is goin 2 win on sun. in his respective "BFG" match & pick up the 20.

4. Roode is shown BS, sayin that if the contract negotiations arn't seen as an thumbs up by his lawyers 2night their just might not B a contest. "C future ahead".

5. Garret/Devon v. Kaz & Daniels 4 TTT. Decent tag match, mostly controlled by the heels Kaz/Daniels win 2 retain. I hav a feelin' that either its really Kaz or Daniels who is "the father" or she is not really pregnant. "obviously".

6. Sting is shown backstage, sayin I invited "Aces & 8'S" but U didn't show. N I told HH that I had Brookes best interest @ heart. & that is Y she is not here 2night, Y shouldn't U sho!

7. Robbie E/T come out and E is braggin' how he has 5 pts. N he beat Hardy by count out, N that he will hav 20 more after sun. Jeff then eventually comes out, & goes after "T" and then after "E" till "T" comes back in attacks him then powerbombs him through the table. I C Jeff winnin' on sun, & pickin' up 20!

8. Styles is then shown backstage, he seems quite rattled, but he says that even w/ everything that has been goin on. He had a 14 hr. long flight 2 think about everything N he will B goin out their 2night & givin it his all.

9. B4 the match can start, Joe comes out & says that he is goin 2 destroy every1 on sun. I find this appropriate b/c he sucked last yr. in the tournament, it makes sense that he is in 2nd place this tyme around.
10. Angle v. Styles is on tap nxt. Classic match, a lot of "high impact" moves w/ them both hittin' their finishers on ea. other multiple tymes. Angles won it. I think Kurt is gonna win this sun. 2 pick up 20 more pts.

10. "Aces & 8'S"" is then shown, on the screen sayin that their nxt. victim will B chose 2night.

11. BS. Anderson is shown talkin 2 James, & he still thinks that it is Storm leadin' the attacks, but Storm is still denies it. So Ken vowed if it was him & he found out, then things would sure as hell get physical.

12. Aries is shown talkin' 2 his lawyer on the phone, then he is asked about the fact that Roode doesn't like the writtin on the contract. & he says he doesn't kno his deal, all he knos is he is gurantein a fight on sun.

13. Brooke v. Gail This was a match hard fought much better than wwe, Brooke wins. I C Hebner screwin' Tessmacher out of the title, then Rayne & Hebner get married then become another "power couple" in terms of KO matches.

14. Joseph Park feels like Sting is in over his head w/ moderatin the CS 2night, This whole Joseph thing needs 2 end b/c in reality he is actualy Chris Park A.K.A Abyss.

15. They sho. a vid. package of Kenny King, sayin he wants 2 1 day B remembered in the likes of J. Hardy & RVD. I think King has a shit load of potential, but the title just doesn't fit around his waist rite now so 2 speak. So Ion is gonna win sun. but in do tyme KK might B champ.

16. Up nxt. is "The Contract Signin" btween Aries & Roode, Roode is still against how it is set up rite now. So they decide if Aries wins Roode doesn't get another crack @ Aries & if Roode wins Aries can't get his "Contractually Obligated" rematch against him. So in other words its goin 2 B the last shot fired. I think Aries is gonna keep the title, Roode will get it back eventually just not off him.

17. After they come bac from a break, they sho a backstage interview w/ Chavo/Hernandez & Ka$h/Gunner w/ a vid. package talkin' bout their bout this sun. I feel that Ka$h & Guerrero hav it. But Gunner & Hernandez don't I think the heels win on sun. then U got a rubber match between the 2 "big men", on nxt. wks. impact.

18. Main Event - Ray v. James Entertainin match good 4 the ME, Ray wins pickin' up the 7 pts. Then "Aces & 8'S" come on the screen sayin BR will C a whole hell of a lot more of them on sun. Then Ray goes off on Storm sayin "That U" "That's U" while he rolls out and we go off the air this week.

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    I swear I am reading a kids article. The whole abbreviating words with numbers is juvenile and annoying to blog readers.

    Other than that the results were accurate. Just marred by abbreviating and inability to use actual words.
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    so this is why Grammar Nazi Hitler shot himself...
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