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Impact Wrestling 8/16/12 Segments & future plans

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1. Austin Aries comes out first, and says that everyone was calling his title win a fluke. But he doesn't think this is the case. Especially considering the fact that he beat Bobby Roode twice. Austin, then says it doesn't matter who is the winner of "The Bound for Glory" series because either way he is going to walk in to "Bound for Glory" champ and walk out the same way. This brings out Jeff Hardy, who says he has been chasing after Aries for a year now, and if it wasn't for "Aces & 8'S" he would have 20 more points in the series. This brings out Bully Ray who is still sticking to the claim of Storm being the mastermind behind this whole plot. Ray then tells Jeff, that he always knew his brother was smarter than him, because he knew either way he was gonna win those 20 point at the ppv. Then "Aces & 8'S" appears on the screen and tells them that they are all about two things 1. Luck 2. Commitment. The leader admitted that yes Bully was lucky that he succeeded at what he did last week very lucky indeed. But, he said the story behind commitment was that of one that will go down tonight, and they will make it clear that they are here. The way I see this turning out I feel Austin could very well still be champ at "Bound for Glory" and I think Aries & Hardy would be a great match, I am still backing my claim that it is Jeff Jarrett as the leader we shall see.

2. Magnus says he knows everything their is to know about Joe, so on to the match itself. This was a match you could pretty easily determine the victor, which it was who you would think it would be, but not in the fashion Joe got the win with a pin. After the match Joe was attacked by Magnus with a chair and all this did was make Joe irrate.

3. They then go to a backstage segment with Madison Rayne, where she is saying that even against all odds, she was able to win fair and square on sun. at "Hardcore Justice". And to continue her dominance as "The Queen Bee". I still stand at my position of Hebner/Rayne power couple in the "Knockout's division". Madison is then shown in the ring saying how wonderful Earl is and all that he was so influential in her latest part of her career and stuff like that. Madison then spots Hebner and she wants him to come down and share in this special moment. But, before anything can really get started Brooke Hogan comes out and says that Earl Hebner is no longer allowed to ref. any "Knockout's" matches, and also that she will defend the title against Brooke Tessmacher tonight with a special ref. in charge. Madison then calls Brooke to come in the ring which she does but as Madison and Earl leave that leaves Brooke along with two member of "Aces & 8'S" but, that is quickly nagated when Hardy and a bunch of guys come from the back to clear them off. I think Madison will win tonight and I think Brooke Hogan will be the guest ref.

4. When they return from commercial, Sting says since next week is "Open Fight Night" As soon as we go on the air at 8p he is calling out "Aces & 8'S" and he has backup ready and is not afraid to admit it. Also on this matter Sting was talking to Hogan via 'Cell Phone" and even though he shouldn't be he going to be their next week live to go to battle because things are about to get "Old School" because its "Showtime".

5. Daniels/Kaz/Styles backstage segment, where if Styles wins he gets to take a "Perternity test" but if Daniels beats him he just has to admit to it. Styles and Daniels had a good back and forth match, untill Kaz gets caught trying to still the win, but AJ was able to win, and he gets the chance to tell his side. I still think its gonna come out after all Claire has put AJ through that she is going to admit not being pregnant.

6. Hardy and Storm are shown backstage, and James was saying how the last person he would have thought to accuse him would be Jeff, because he knows he is very care free and is who he is. But, he did however say that he will be out their tonight for the "Main Event".

7. Bobby Roode is out next, and he says that yes it was a flkue, that he blames all the fans and everyone at home for. Bobby was about to say he quits/retires but, he just dropped the mic' and left. I think he might take sometime off to clear his head and come back reenergized we shall see.

8. Main Event - This was an exciting match, these two have great chemistry together, and a good heel/face combo. Jeff wins with a quick roll up, "Aces & 8'S" came from the crowd looking to strike but they were chased off by members of the roster. Then, after the victory Jeff was accidently superkicked (or was he) by Storm. Bully Ray then realized it, then lost it.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Wow, so not only are you trying to swim in my Kool Aide with a TNA Impact post, you forgot the defining moment at the end, where Aces & Eights jumped James Storm. Leave the Impact stuff to the Real Deal...which is me.

    *Just so everyone knows, I'm posting this all in good fun. Keep that in mind before you jump down my throat for attacking a blogger. I, in no way, claim to be the be all end all of TNA.*
  2. Daveydoodles's Avatar
    Sounds like U R jelous U wanna kno how many pgs. their would B if every1 just had 1 topic CALM YOUR HORMONES PAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Daveydoodles
    Sounds like U R jelous U wanna kno how many pgs. their would B if every1 just had 1 topic CALM YOUR HORMONES PAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hmmm....I guess you missed the part where I was joking. I even noted it, if you read again.

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