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Sudden Impact: "Erase The E and Go Fluk Yourselves"

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Hey EWN community, and loyal readers of my blog series. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, and not the Corporate Bullies from the North. *had to sneak that in there*

TNA continues to gives us what we want. Good quality wrestling. Unfortunately, in today's world, that's just not enough. People want more story, more intriguing content that leaves us wanting more. TNA didn't exactly give us that this week. It was a very good show, don't get me wrong, but nothing that made me say, "Wow" or "I can't Wait to see what happens". It's their lack of story building, their lack of feuds, and their lack of intriguing characters that holds a show like tonight, back from reaching "Awesome" status.

Let's get started...

Opening Segment w/ A Double, Hardy, and Bully

A Double came out and didin't disappoint. He cut a very nice promo, which included the phrase in this title. "If you thought it was a fluke, you can erase the E, and go Fluk yourself" Then, a certain giddiness came over me when Jeff Hardy's music hit. I thought to myself, talk about the possibility of an awesome match right here. It didn't take long for Bully to come out and then all the Aces & Eights talk shot that fantasy away for the time being. It was good stuff by all three of them.

BFG Series Rolls On

We didn't just get three matches this week. We got three GOOD matches this week. Samoa Joe took on Magnus first. It was a good, competitive match. Joe got the clean win with a roll up. I would have rather seen a tap out. Magnus is all but done now. Not sure what was up with the chair shot on Joe afterwards. I'd love for them to build a feud, but that doesn't seem to be the TNA way.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Now, some people may think, "Geez, again with these two", but honestly, AJ was once again involved in a 5 star match of the night. These two always work well together. And I'm actually happy that the baby storyline angle was held to a minimum tonight.

The main event featured Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy. Talk about two guys going back a long way. They put on a decent match. Not sure what was up with James Storm but any thoughts of him being behind Aces & Eights have been buried, as they attacked him after the match. Hardy got the win, though I'm not sure why the Twist of Fate was done more like a stunner instead of a Diamond Cutter at the finish. Either way, good match.

Would Brooke Hogan Please Shut Up and Go Away?

First, she's not appealing to the eyes at all. It's actually disturbing. Second, she slipped and fell like two or three times. Finally, she can't talk on the mic worth a shit. And what was up with the special ref? Who was it? Can someone answer that question? The crowd didn't exactly care who she was either. Bad segment all around....this leads to the Knockouts Match.

well, so much for Madison Rayne's title reign. Tessmacher is champ again. The match was good though. Very competitive. If you like women's wrestling, the Knockouts Division is where it's at. All their matches are good.

Aces and Eights

I love the storyline. I'm not sure how much I like the voice changer talk segments. Maybe it'll grow on me. But there's some interesting developments this week. First, we now know James Storm isn't behind them. However, there are questions now about Bully Ray...and for me, there's also questions about Jeff Hardy. I can't seem to remember them attacking Hardy at any point. They cost him the match at Hardcore Justice, but they never actually laid a hand on him, did they?

Also, Sting came out with Angle, A Double, and Hardy...They're planning on calling them out to open Impact next week. And Aces and Eights seem to be ready to answer the challenge. Also, it looks like Hogan will be there to have Sting's back and go old school again.*golf clap*

I still wonder how this is all gonna turn out. I am hoping for a real shocker on this one. Not a Jeff Jarrett or Eric Bischoff led faction. I'm looking for something special out of this.

Other Notables

No X Division = Boo.

I'm surprised there was no Chavo. Second straight Impact without him.

Bobby Roode cut a promo where he blamed everyone for his loss. It ended with, "What's he gonna do now?". and honestly, that's a good question. What is next for Bobby Roode? They need him on the show if you ask me. They can't pull a Gunner and Crimson with him.

No Joseph Park? No Park, Park, & Park law firm? WHAT!!!

There was a heart-felt video of next week's Gut Check contestant. It was good and all but, it seems to me like a cheap way to try and gain the guy sympathy. Yes, it is sad that his brother died. I lost a brother so I know how he feels. But his video should have been like everyone else's. It should have highlighted some of the things he's done and been a quick profile of him. That heart felt video should have been saved for after he got chosen, if he gets chosen. That's just my opinion.

Well, that was the recap of Impact. Now, it's time to talk about Hardcore Justice.

It was a phenomenal PPV. I was gonna blog about it with a special on Sunday Night but opted not to. I decided to save it for here.

BFG Falls Count Anywhere Match

I figured this would be the weakest of the three. It had some nice spots and but the ending seemed very anti-climatic. RVD wins with a Van Daminator on top of the stage to Magnus. It just seemed to end abruptly. And for whatever reason, they had Aces & Eights jump Pope. He must injured or something because he hasn't done much in the BFG Series and wasn't in this match. Not sure.

BFG Tables Match

I hate a tables match. It's such a cheap way out. Put someone through a table and you win? It's not that exciting. However, I can't bitch because this match was awesome. It did seem that Hardy and...yes I'm saying it, Robbie E, did all the work in this match. Storm and Bully spent a lot of time, "hurt" and laying around after some not so high spots. Kudos to Hardy for ultimately carrying the match. Bubba scored the win though, which surprised me at the time.

BFG Ladder Match

After so much anticipation, we finally got to see the match that I thought was gonna steal the show. It was great. There were some awesome spots and I can't believe how AJ won. He spring boarded himself from the top rope, to the top of the ladder that was in the middle of the ring, and grabbed the clipboard out from under Joe. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it. He's really making a move now to get into those standings. AJ vs Aries? I wouldn't hate it.

World Title Match

I thought the ladder match was gonna steal the show but as the main event, this match lived up to it. The ending was a little, ehhhh...with the two refs and you could even see it in the crowd that it wasn't all that shocking. But A Double got the win and it was clean. A roll up and a hand stand for leverage. He's a great peformer and a great wrestler. Size is against him, but you know what? He's getting it done as the main eventer.

The TV Title match between Devon and Kaz was good. The Knockouts match was predictable. The X Division match was totally awesome. I was not expecting a clean win by Zema. But hopefully their feud continues. And Chavo's match was what it was, a chance to showcase him. I hope they figure out something for him now.

Before I close this out, I need to make a major point about TNA. I thought about it tonight as I was watching the show and not seeing anything but good wrestling matches. this sort of ties in to my intro of this blog. There's no story building at all. If they want to high level. If they want to compete. They need more than just wrestlers coming out and wrestling, and then one or two major storylines. Everyone needs a storyline or a feud of some sort. They can better utilize their talent and their time. I want to see a Joe vs Magnus feud. Not just a match, but a feud, that consists of several matches. I want to see a tag team division again. I want something to go on with Kurt Angle that he has to deal with every week. It seems they're going with two storylines and packing as many names into it as possible. They need more depth. That's how they can garner more interest. If people have more options, and more things to potentially relate to, or identify with, then their product will be more intriguing, and maybe...JUST MAYBE, the ratings will increase a bit. Well, in three weeks, the NFL season starts and this year, there's a weekly game on Thursdays. That's gonna spell trouble. Better move to Tues or Wed.

Well everyone. Thanks for reading. I've been working a lot of hours this week so this edition may have come off a little bland, and for that, I aplogize. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

Be Safe.

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Her name is Taryn Terrel. Tiffany from WWE and WWEECW. No dissrespect to her, but Personally I think it's a bad idea to have her around because of her past. As for Brooke Hogan, she needs to put up or shut up. I was willing to give her a chance, but now she just comes off as boring, and last night was a perfect example of that. At this rate, Goldylocks was more entertaining than Brooke Hogan is.
  2. tdp's Avatar
    I haven't watched TNA for months but for some reason I tuned in yesterday. As far as storylines go whatever is going on with AJ and a baby seems really stupid, the aces and eights thing seemed interesting though. I've gotta say Joe vs. Magnus wasn't good by any standard. That roll up pin was botched, done terribly at least and that "chair shot" was awful. My biggest disappointment was no X division, that was what drew me to TNA in the first place. On a side note Brooke looked great imo. I said looked great, I surely can't say the same about her mic skills.
  3. Kenny Kaos's Avatar
    I don't watch TNA often, who is A Double?
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Kaos
    I don't watch TNA often, who is A Double?
    Thank you for reading, even though you're not a TNA fan. A Double is Austin Aries, he was X Division champ for most of the last year, and traded in his title for a World title shot and is now the World Champ.

    Please take a look at the rest of my Sudden Impact blogs. You can get caught and then, maybe, become a fan of TNA. If you like straight wrestling without all the social media nonsense, you would love Impact Wrestling.
  5. BigMich1's Avatar
    As always, great blog. I find myself as a longtime wrestling fan(20 years and counting) drawn a lot more to TNA nowadays than the others. I don't always love the storylines, but honestly the A&E could be really good depending on how they go with it. I really hope though that Hogan isn't behind it again. Anyways, I digress, loved the blog keep 'em coming!
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog. I loved this week's Impact. The Styles vs Daniels match was great.

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