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6 Ways Women's Wrestling Can Be Saved

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WWE: Maintain good pace of Divas Matches

If there's one thing that WWE is doing right, it's allowing Divas matches extended time not only on the new 3-hour RAW, but on the 2-hour Smackdown. What I've seen from the past two months is just the right amount of time for them and they get more ring time on occasion than Clay, Barrett, Tensai, etc. But if Divas matches went on for any longer I'd fear that everybody would get bored of them, as believed as the main problem of the Divas before they changed their booking scheme. But so far it's been good, and I hope they just keep it up. Then again this is the WWE we're talking about. A promotion full of fear and doubt.

TNA: Fire Bruce Pritchard and Gail Kim

Ever since Gail Kim ran from the WWE like a little girl and headed to the nearest private jet to Orlando, the Knockout Division has been going downhill ever since. She's hogged the KO title and the tag titles and what happens? Velvet Sky's push = dead, Winter's push = dead, and everybody else other than Mickie and Madison are afterthoughts. Really? You're willing to turn your women's division in the wrong direction just so Gail can get what she wants? Pritchard has also been known to not be a big supporter of women's wrestling, and now we are only seeing two or three Knockouts per episode on a regular basis. Pritchard's authority played a factor in the Beautiful People leaving, which is a huge shocker to me if true.

WWE: Get the Divas Championship off of Eve

I cannot stand Eve. I think she is overrated and has gotten too much attention than what she needs. I cannot take away that she has decent promo skills, is very athletic, and has a strong BJJ background. I get that. But Eve is hardly a draw, she's a very irritating space occupier who is ruining the chances of other women who could use them like Naomi, Tamina, even Natalya again. How come AJ can't wrestle while in a role and Eve can? How much attention can you give one woman in two years? We all know how Vince is obsessed with this woman but she isn't that special.

TNA: Search the Indies for more talent

There are only six Knockouts that TNA books on an ordinary basis. Scary huh? Well out of those six, only two Knockout out of those six never worked for WWE, that being Madison Rayne and ODB. TNA needs to find new, never been seen before women. We know Mickie James and Tara have established themselves already in WWE, because if it weren't for WWE, they wouldn't be in TNA right now. Since the start of 2011, only two new women have been called up from TNA, Rosita and Taeler Hendrix, who are still rather underused. Introduce us to some more homegrown talent. If they can be developed well then we won't know what to expect out of them and we can think "Wow, TNA did a good job with this woman. They don't need to rely on WWE people all the time."

WWE: Sign the Beautiful People

I don't know about you people who don't want them to go there, I'd like to know how many of you are willing to drive all the way to New York to see them compete in someone's backyard & tell me how that's not a waste of their time. They need WWE and WWE needs them; They know without WWE, they wouldn't have the careers that they do. It's certain they would be more than willing to receive 2nd opportuities in the #1 promotion, because very few wrestlers ever do. Regardless of their age, they would be a breath of fresh air to the Divas Division; Angelina I'm certain is very determined to add more titles and accomplishments to her career and follow Trish and Lita, while Velvet could be the next Kelly Kelly and be exposed to much larger markets than in TNA. Velvet's new clothing line I'm sure is a test for her to prove how well she can draw on her own and try to help her chances with WWE while trying to fade her image as TNA's resident sexpot. There is a very elaborate blog about them which I recommend you read if you haven't already.

TNA: Send Brooke Hogan packing

Brooke has been a total flop right off the bat. I understand her role is only an on screen character but couldn't Dixie or the Hulkster bring in anybody else he's friends with in the whole world with more prominence? Brooke is certainly not helping with ratings or making the product any believable, so why is she still around? If TNA keep bragging about their strong women's division, why do they need a boss who is a lot younger and with no wrestling experience? I mean Tara was a toddler when Brooke was born. I know it's gonna be very hard to oust Pritchard, but Brooke can easily be taken care of and she can wander off to go be a rich blond socialite. That's all she is since her singing career flopped.

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  1. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour Girl
    I agree with TNA firing Bruce Pichard and Brooke Hogan, however, I don't agree with firing Gail. You do know that Gail doesn't run the show right? And that she didn't make herself champion? Gail is a great wrestler and deserves a spot in the roster.

    As for WWE I believe Eve is the best all around Diva they have right now, she has the looks, the skills in the ring and on the mic and she has been getting a lot of media attention so it makes perfect sense to push her. In the case of the Beautiful People they'd be so watered down in WWE they'd be boring to watch, they'd just become Laycool all over again if they were pushed at all which WWE doesn't have a good history of pushing former TNA talent. I'd much rather see them return to TNA once Bruce was gone.
    Who said they'd be going together? Bruce doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon either.
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