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WWE RAW 8/13 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

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See? I told you I'd be back. Welcome to the Deluxe Lounge. In this blog series, I will feed you the weekly ratings for WWE RAW and put my own thoughts on the numbers and why the segments either drew or failed. As always, if you strongly disagree with what I have to say in this blog, feel free to leave comments below or respond with a blog of your own. Well, now that that's out of the way. Time to look at some numbers!

The August 13th WWE RAW did a 2.85 cable rating with 4.14 million viewers. Oh dear, that’s not good. We went below average this week and it’s the go-home show to Summerslam; the one supposedly that gets us salivating for the PPV this Sunday. Quite honestly, it didn't do that for me. In fact, there were some things that actually KILLED my excitement for the PPV, but not too much. Wanna see what got under my skin? Keep reading.

In the segment breakdown, CM Punk vs. Big Show opened with a 2.60 quarter rating. Okay, the positive thing about this is we opened the show with a match. As I've said before, that is always a GOOD thing. It's a change of pace and helps get people into the shows more. The problem with THIS match is -- despite being advertised-- apparently nobody cared about it. I keep harping on the fact that, even when he's a heel, the entertainment value of the Big Show has long-sense died. He doesn't even FEEL like GIANT anymore. And to those who watched the match, are you really surprised about this rating? I'm not. Following a decent back-and-forth, Daniel Bryan runs out randomly, demanding to be in the main event, and attacks CM Punk. John Cena, wearing his superman cape, flies to the ring and quickly eliminates Bryan and Show, with Punk once again standing in the background "overshadowed" like last week. Then, what a surprise, AJ Le comes out and makes a match involving all four of them later on. Already, the opening of RAW is starting to feel routine and miscible. That needs toc hange soon before they get stuck in a hole.

JTG vs. Repack gained 63,000 viewers while Heath Slater vs. R-Truth gained 186,000 more.
It's always good to get new faces on RAW. One of the things I asked for when going 3-hours is to feature new talent and not the same people every week. Whether he is highly favored or not, JTG IS a face we don't usually see a lot and he brought a fresh feel to the show. Yes, he got on there because of his twitter rant and being outspoken backstage, but look on the bright -- HE WAS IN A MATCH ON TV! That's better than where he was before so, in my opinion, he should be proud he spoke up. On top of that, his match against Repack gained viewers, once again continuing the streak of Ryback’s ratings gain. Another new face, somewhat, is Heath Slater who is quickly becoming my favorite jobber. His match against R-Truth was decent and afterwards PTP beat down R-Trut to hype up their tag match at Summerslam. So all of this gets two thumbs up from me.

Tensai vs. Sin Cara lost 105,000 viewers. There was absolutely no reason to have this match. In fact, there was absolutely no reason for Tensai to LOSE this match. A guy as small as Sin Cara giving a big guy like Tensai a hard time and beating him CLEAN is unrealistic and just straight-up stupid. Then he beat up his manager because he ... apparently can. Not shocked that it lost viewers.

Piper's Pit with DolphZiggler, Chris Jericho, The Miz and Roddy Piper at 9pm gained 516,000 viewers. Jericho vs. Ziggler vs. Miz lost 96,000 viewers. Top of the hour when most fans tune in and it’s a Piper's Pit segment. Oh yes, bring on theviewership! First off, the RAW active where fans either picked Jericho,Ziggler, or Miz on twitter was messed up and such a political BS move that it actually ticked me off. Why ask your fans to vote for who is going to be in the segment, when all four of them were going to show up anyways? Stop insulting the fan's intelligence, please. That's probably why people tuned out afterwards because they were probably mad about the rigged voting. Regardless, the segment was entertaining; especially consider how much improvisation Jericho and Piper put into this segment. LOL. You can tell Piper was lost. The match afterwards was good too. In fact, very good. Ziggler wins and picks up steam heading into Summerslam. Can't argue with that.

Backstage segments with Shawn Michaels, John Cena and CM Punk lost 374,000 viewers. Well let's see. Throughout the night, all HBK did was cower and shiver over the idea of Brock Lesnar eating him for dinner, and nothing happens. CM Punk and John Cena confront each other backstage and pretty much rehash everything they've said the last two weeks. Are you surprised people tuned out? I hope not. I thought the interaction between Eve Torres and CM Punk was good. I hope they do it more often. Screw it; just make Eve Torres a corporate valet for CM Punk. It'd be interesting to say the least.

The Divas match with Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix vs. Layla and Kaitlyn gained 45,000 viewers. Hey, it may not be as high as last week's divas match, but the divas continue to gain viewers. Again, we got a new face! Kaitlyn. This girl has such a great personality, so you know I was happy she got featured. Plus, we got a returning face in Beth Phoenix who hasn't been seen for months. The match was.... well... sloppy, but decent. Phoenix had MAJOR ring rust. Right off the bat, the ybotch a roll-up pin and then Layla botches her patented roll-up pin. Even Kaitlyn worked a bit awkward. Eve Torres was the only one who had a clean performance and she didn't do much, haha. But, I'm not going to bitch, because Kaitlyn wins and picks up the victory for their team and builds into her match against Eve on Smackdown. So I'll give it ONE thumb up for featuring a new face and giving us a reason to watch Smackdown.

John Cena and CM Punk vs. Big Show and Daniel Bryan gained 247,000 viewers for a 2.94 quarter rating. This isn't necessarily the type of gain the WWE usually gets at this time, but it’s a pretty decent gain regardless. We got solid in-ring action and VERY good character interaction. CM Punk and John Cena created tension by using each other's moves, with Punk clearly out performing Cena(lol) and Daniel Bryan told Big Show "NO!" when he wanted to tag-in. That type of stuff we usually don't see in tag matches and it makes matches fun and a lot more interesting to watch. Eventually, both Punk and Show walk out, leaving Daniel Bryan to get SQUASHED by Super Cena and win the match for his team. Afterwards, Punk saves Cena from Big Show and then attempts to shake his hand. Cena hesitantly doesn't shake, not trusting Punk, and this upsets The Best In The World. Doesn't Cena know anything about the "Code of Honor"? So disrespectful. Lol.

Christian vs. Damien Sandow lost 121,000 viewers.
Yikes. Sandow took a hit in the ratings this week. Maybe I'll need to take back my statement that Clay was the one who lost the viewers last week.... Nahh! It's just a onetime thing. More hype for Sandow vs. Clay at Summerslam which I am positive will be added sooner or later.

The contract signing angle with Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Paul Heyman and Shawn Michaels gained 431,000 viewers. The angle in the parking lot where the camera went out lost 394,000 viewers and the in-ring angle where Lesnar broke Shawn's arm gained 817,000 viewers for a 3.44 overrun. Wow, talk about influx .Alright, so this is how it went down to me. Everyone tuned in to see thec ontract signing this week [since it was hyped last week] and when nothing happened in the segment, people tuned out. So a majority of them missed out on the backstage set-up by Heyman and Lesnar where they kidnapped HBK, and they tuned back in when AJ showed up backstage looking at HBK's destroyed car, reminiscent of his 2002 attack. Once they realized what happened, fans at home probably called all their friends and family telling them about it and the final minutes of Lesnar breaking HBK's arm got a HUGE gain in viewership. Definitely the biggest one of the night. The show ends with a pissed off HBK telling HHH not to touch him and Lesnar smiling.

So overall, nothing spectacular happened on the go-home show. As a result, we got the lowest rated 3-hour RAW this year. The only thing to really take home is Lesnar breaking HBK's arm and the triple threat match between Miz, Jericho, and Dolph Ziggler. A very weak addition of RAW to get people into Summerslam.

Now, before I go, I have a rant I want to get off my chest. Is it just me, or were Jerry The Buffoon Lawler and Michael Cole ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS on commentary this week? Holy shit, it was terrible. It's almost like they're being annoying on purpose. They goof around during the matches, they BURY wrestlers like they did JTG in his match saying "tweet about that" which is messed up, they praise everything like political kiss-asses, they blindly support the babyfaces, they make AJ out to be a "great GM" when all she has done is make tag team matches, and they OVERREACT to things like Brock Lesnar hurting HBK when wrestlers get hurt inside the ring ALL THE TIME! Why is it when HBK "gets hurt" they wanna act like the world is ending? I get it, he broke his arm, but hot damn shouldn't that be expected in the wrestling ring? Shouldn't that be expected on a wrestling show period?? Geez, I'm going to start watching RAW on mute. That is how bad it is. I miss Jim Ross.... I really do.

Anyways, that's the blog guys. Thanks for reading. Please check back with me next week so can FEED YOU MORE ratings and also, on your free time, I ask that you watch the following video on Natalya. I am doing a campaign to get more people behind this great female wrestler and to help her get more TV Time. After you watch it, do me a favor and tweet #PushNatalya to @WWE and @NatbyNature which is Natalya's twitter. She'll be expecting it cause we talked about it over twitter, so please do check it out:

Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

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  1. LostOmega's Avatar
    Is it possible that Christian was the reason for lower ratings for his segment? I mean I like Christian, but these days he has become so bland and just... just bad. When you hear his music come on, you know the other guy is going to win. He's effectively a jobber now and it's a damn shame.
  2. knox's Avatar
    I watched your video. You know your stuff.
  3. knox's Avatar
    Lol and you gotta huge personality, not sure how old you are but if your still in high school, you should goto college and get a degree in broadcast and public relations and send your videos to the WWE. I could realistically see you as a backstage interviewer or a heel manager in the WWE.

    Hell, you should try it. Dreams come true, you never know. And it seems as if you got a following on YouTube.

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