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WWE '13: Which Wrestlers to Include

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Hi boys and girls and welcome to part 2 of WWE 13: Which wrestler? I am going to finish the work I did in my latest blog entry and this time I am going to include those wrestlers I think have a good chance to be in the game, more likely than some of the other guys that I include in part 1. Here are my choices:

  1. Goldust. Hade some decent feuds in the mid card division. Won the Intercontinental title in 1999 during the Attitude Era. An underrated wrestler who should be included.
  2. APA, Acolytes attire and APA attire. Farooq and Bradshaw 2 guys who was very over with the crowd and played the more adult version of the WWE very good. With their gambling and the beer they showed what Attitude means.
  3. Owen Hart. I am sure that he is not going to be included in the game but I can always hope and dream about an Owen Hart character.
  4. William Regal. Joined the WWE in 1998 but didn’t have a nice run because he got injured before he could make an appearance. He joined WCW but returned to WWE in 2000 and had in my opinion a very funny feud with Jericho.
  5. Shane McMahon. In my opinion he should be include in the game before Stephanie or Vince since he gave 200% in the ring and was an excellent performer even with the limited training he got. Just those OMG moments he made could be used in the game.
  6. Lita and Trish. Made the diva division even though the division was more about the sex appealing and these two women’s are very hot. Last time I played with Lita was in Smackdown HCTP (I had SVR2007 but never picked her) and same with Trish. So I would like to include these two hot divas in my 6 man battle royals.
  7. Val Venis. Hello Ladies! Maybe not the most beloved character but I think he should be included to the roster thanks to his very edgy character. Just to be billed as a Playboy is something you wouldn’t see in today’s WWE.
  8. Sable, Debra, Stephanie. Maybe not the best wrestlers in their division but they had the sexy body that made them superstars. Would love to have them in Universe mode as managers for Austin or Triple H.
  9. Ivory? I loved her character when she was a part of Right to Censor and a very underrated diva who in my opinion gets overshadowed by Trish and Lita or Chyna.
  10. Godfather? Could his character work in the PG WWE? NO! Could his Kama Mustafa work? YES! So it’s more likely we see Kama Mustafa than Godfather thanks to his entrance. Without the HOS there is no Godfather.
  11. The Radicals without Chris Benoit. Could it work? Should they mention The Radicals or should they only include Eddie. But without Malenko and Saturn there is no Eddie as he started with those guys in the Attitude Era. In my opinion THQ should include them separately and not give some attention to Benoit even if we all know who he was.
  12. Too Cool and Rikishi. 3 guys who got well over with the kids. Started in the Attitude Era and ended in the Attitude Era. Rikishis dive from the Steel Cage against Val Venis is an OMG Moment and don’t forget the Chokeslam he received from Undertaker.
  13. 2 guys that I don’t think complained about not getting a decent storyline or didn’t fight for the top gold but played their part of the Attitude Era and made their character something we could pay attention to, I am speaking of the Holly Cousins. Crash the guy who was billed as a 400+ pound wrestler and his “Cousin” Hardcore Holly made some memorable moments in the hardcore division. Crash Holly, The Houdini of Hardcore won the Hardcore Title 22 times and as I saw in his face he loved everything about it. So if THQ is going to have the Hardcore title (which I believe they are going to have) THQ need to include two guys who was a part of it almost the whole time.

In this list I am going to include wrestlers I think THQ are not going to pick: X-Pac, Chyna, Test, Albert, Raven, Bull Buchanan, Steven Richards, Jeff Jarrett, D’Lo Brown and Chris Benoit.
They all have something that I believe WWE doesn’t want to have in the WWE 13 game and therefor they are not going to be included.

Well that’s all folks! Please check my Part 1 and be sure to read my next blog which is about which wrestlers should be included in the WWE 13 game from the current era. And if you are not down with that I got 2 words for ya! READ IT!

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  1. evilash's Avatar

    I agree, but I collected information from rumours and such as this is the full roster that is supposedly going to be revealed at Summerslam AXXCESS this weekend - which, I can NOT wait for!
    I agree, though, that there is TONS of people missing from the Attitude Era roster. But then again, if you look at the roster, it actually isn't that bad. You get all the key members of the babyface DX (bar Chyna for obvious reasons), loads of tag teams like the APA, E & C, LOD, New Age Outlaws, almost every Corporation member, and members of the Nation of Domination. Strong rumour is that because of last year's popularity, there will be around 5 - yes, 5! - DLC Packs, all featuring a mixture of both current and Attitude Era WWE Superstars. I believe my DLC predicitions are wrong (well most of them anyway) and more classic Attitude Era stars will be revealed in-time.

    But I know what u mean. D'Lo Brown is contracted to TNA (although so is Angle, but he says he's IN!), Goldust is not rumoured to be in, same with Val Venis. Test may be in, due to a strong Corporation prescense (and his angle with his marriage to Stephanie was a HUGE part of that Era). Owen Hart's family won't allow him to be in the game. Jeff Jarrett is strongly tied to TNA. I doubt Matt Hardy will appear without Jeff Hardy, who is in TNA also, and WWE doesn't want half the TNA roster in their game. Dudley Boyz also. But in a interesting note about them, WWE DOES own the rights to the Dudley Boyz name and merchandise, so they could be a possible entry into the roster!
  2. alexjowen's Avatar
    If you pause one Mark Henry (Attitude) Entrance video on the Roster page you will see some of the crowd models wearing APA shirts, APA are in this. Accidental confirmation haha.
  3. rhyno535's Avatar

    I have actually talket about this in my First part. But i am waiting for the blog to be approved by Rob so please read it and comment. And like you said its rumors so we dont know yet till 18th august.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Ahh, Radicalz shouldn't be on the the game. Dean and Saturn really didn't have the impact in WWE that they had in WCW. Few good storylines, but other than that no real big impact on the attitude era other than being competition. Eddie should be in there on his own. Bringing Radicalz in would reference Benoit from fans who were of the attitude era. Should just leave it alone and just let Eddie be in it.
  5. rhyno535's Avatar

    I actuallt thought about that before putting the Radicalz name on the list. I feel a kind of sadness about the Benoit thing because if he did the right way we would have seen the Radicalz in the game. And youre right, they didnt have any good storylines, maybe when they debuted but it was still Eddie and Chris who won and made their character look a bit different than Saturn or Malenko.

    So if THQ is going to include one of them and not all they need to include Eddie. You can always download Saturn and Malenko as CAWS
  6. DWR001's Avatar

    1) Stone Cold
    2) The Rock
    3) Kurt Angle
    4) Biker Undertaker
    5) Triple H
    6) HBK
    7) Edge
    8) Hardy Boys
    9) RVD
    10) Dudley Boys
    11) DX
    12) APA
    13) Mick Foley( All of three characters)
    14) Shane McMahon
    15) Lita
    16) Trish
    17) Molly Holly
    18) Sable
    19) Rikishi
    20) Torrie Wilson
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