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WWE Classics OnDemand Review: WCW BEACH BLAST 1992

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1992 was a transitional period for WCW, With the loss of Ric Flair WCW was scrambling to come up with some new stars and story lines. Since the WCW no longer could use the Heel group "The Four Horsemen" they decided to create a new Heel stable with Arn Anderson having more of a leader role and that stable was "The Dangerous Alliance". The Dangerous Alliance was the breath of fresh air the WCW needed from the stale Horsemen act that had ran its course. Most main event and mid card matches revolved around faces vs the Dangerous Alliance.

This PPV is very odd, Even though the Champion (Sting) and the US Champion (Ric Rude) have important one on one matches on the Beach Blast card, Neither of the titles are on the line. This PPV only has the Light Weight and Tag team Titles on the line.

Brian Pillman vs Scotty Flamingo: WCW Light Heavyweight Championship.

This match was very lacking, Scotty Flamingo who would later become Raven was very green here and Pillman wasnt able to have the quality of match he was accustom to giving cause the moron Bill Watts made new rules in WCW and one of them was NO GOING OFF THE TOP ROPE! and add to that no throwing over the top rope and you got a extreme handi-cap for these guys in the ring.

Who would of thought that these two men who play the most Generic baby face and heel in this match would later become two of the most Unique and Innovative Heels in wrestling history (The Raven and The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman)... Terrible match with a bad ending. Pillman does a sick Suicide Dive thru the ropes and misses Scotty and slams his head in to the ramp way and Scotty follows it up by bringing Pillman in the ring and doing the crappiest knee from the 2nd rope you will ever see in to the rips of Pillman to become the NEW WCW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...... RATING *1/2

Ron Simmons vs Terry Taylor
This is a glorified squash match here, Simmons getting the Goldberg/Ryback treatment here. Watts really was impressed with Simmons College Football background and wanted to push him to the moon. Nothing to really say about this match, Ron is alot less polished here than he later became, He was the cliche former football player turned wrestler with 3 point stances shoulder blocks and all that junk has offence. Simmons wins it with a Powerslam on Red Rooster/Terrific Terry Taylor/Taylor Made Man....WINNER: RON SIMMONS..... RATING *

Greg Valentine vs Marcus Bagwell

This PPV is beginning to feel more and more like WCW World Wide. This is your cliche veteran vs Young Up and Comer match. Greg Valentine works bagwells leg and slaps on the Figure Four for the win. WINNER: GREG VALENTINE.... RATING *1/4

Now the Awesomeness will begin cause here comes the next match.

Sting vs Cactus Jack: Falls Count Anywhere
This match begins with Cactus waiting for Sting on his knees half way down the ramp and these two start brawling right away. Very Innovative and fast paced match. Cactus took some sick bumps and Sting played a great face that shows he could mix it up in a chaotic environment. Cactus back and skull smacked the concrete a uncountable amount of times in the match... This was a crazy and wild brawl and very Unique for its time and still holds up even by todays standards. I love all the great ways Cactus and sting used that walk way ramp. I really think the WWE or TNA should use it once in awhile, I bet alot of guys could find a million creative ways to use it.

Great match here and was Cactus Jacks best singles match at the time but his WWF stuff far surpassed this match but still this is a Great match that I think all Wrestling fans who only know Sting and Foley for the last 10 years of their career should see. see just how great that pathetic old man in TNA that needs people to carry him to below watchable matches was back in his prime and how Dangerous, Innovative, and wild of a brawler that fat out of shape guy that makes appearances on Raw every once in awhile to Dance with Brodus Clay and have a Sock fight with Santino Marella really was.... Sting wins with a awesome Clothesline from the top to the outside on the ramp. WINNER: STING.... RATING ****

Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat: 30 Min Ironman Match

This is a non title match. Steamboat brings his kid with him who would later become FCW star "Richie Steamboat". Steamboat attacks Rude before the bell and does a gut buster to Rude which would set the story for the match as Rude would sell it thru the whole match. Steamboat dominates for close to 10 mins till he gets caught with a knee running in to the corner and Rude ACTUALLY PINS HIM WITH THAT. (Rude 1 Steamboat 0) Rude picks Steamboat up and Rude Awakening perfectly done and gets the pin (Rude 2 Steamboat 0). Rude then sets Steamboat up and knee off the top which calls for the DQ (Steamboat 1 and Rude 2). Rude then easily small packages Steamboat for the pin (Rude 3 Steamboat 1). Rude just sets the pace for the match with Steamboat making short comebacks here and there. Steamboat is a incredible seller, He sells others offense so realistically and the crowd is so sympathetic cause of his realistic selling, That is why Steamboat is such a great Face. Rude is a incredible Heel also just playing the crowd and adding little things here and their to the match. Steamboat catches up after reversing Rudes tombstone piledriver and getting the pin to make it (Steamboat 2 Rude 3). Rude soon after gets caught in a backslide and gets pinned by Steamboat evening it up at ( Steamboat 3 Rude 3). Rude with 3 mins left in the match gets a sleeper on Steamboat and wont let go, Steamboat trys to break free and cant. Finally with less then a min left Steamboat walks the turnbuckle and pins Rude getting the lead (Steamboat 4 Rude 3). Rude scrambles to get the pin but cant seem to hold Steamboat down before the clock goes to 0. Your Winner here is Ricky steamboat.

I love the pacing and selling of this match, 20 years old and its still a great match. This is easily one of the best Ironman matches you will see and much better than any of the 30 min Ironman matches you see now. these were great wrestlers who happen to have great chemistry together. This is a MUST SEE! for any wrestling fan. WINNER: RICKY STEAMBOAT..... RATING ****1/4

Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton and Steve Austin vs Nikita Koloff, Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes.
Ole Anderson is the special guest ref in this match and he looks pissed and bitter as usual.... This match was a mess and very disappointing considering the talent involved. It had no flow and so many mishaps and mistakes. Just a mess and the ending is terrible with Arn getting DQed for coming off the top. WINNERS: KOLOFF, WINDHAM and RHODES.....RATING **1/4

The Steiners vs Dr Death and Terry Gordy: WCW Tag Team Championship Match
This is a very different match, In the beginning of this match they are really wrestling each other, You can see they are really testing each others amateur backgrounds. its a very gritty and hard hitting, No finesse style match, Just in your face wrestling.... I personally love this match cause its so different from the stuff we usually see. This is just 4 tough guys with a collegiate wrestling background in a fight. Despite the burst of real collegiate wrestling and the stiff shots, This match is not sloppy in anyway, All the moves are very crisp and well executed.

This match is not for everyone but I recommend you watch it cause it is a very unique tag match. Its more of a japan style tag match. The ending is a buzz kill in this match as its a Time limit draw at 30 mins. A DRAW! A DRAW FOR A MAIN EVENT OF A PPV? You got to be kidding. WINNER: NO ONE....RATING ****.

These men would go on to have a better match.

The first half sucked so bad, The second half kicked ass. Three 4 star and up matches is a awesome PPV. I recommend you skip the first half of this PPV.

Give Credit to the talent involved here, Despite terrible booking and dumb moronic rules the wrestlers in this PPV were able to have some great matches. This PPV was a big Fuck you to Ric Flair showing him they can put on a awesome PPV without the Nature Boy. Sting vs Jack, Rude vs Steamboat Ironman and Steiners vs Williams and Gordy are all must see matches, The rest I think its best you skip unless you wanna watch the PPV in its entirety to get the feel for it.

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  1. a wrestling fan's Avatar
    Really? A Review on a 20 year old wcw ppv. Dude you really need to get yourself a girlfriend.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by a wrestling fan
    Really? A Review on a 20 year old wcw ppv. Dude you really need to get yourself a girlfriend.
    why would i review a new PPV when everyone and their mothers are reviewing them. I dont think having a GF would change me reviewing this PPV. I think that is easily one of the dumbest comments i ever read. If you dont like the PPV then simply dont read the review. This is for people who have WWE Ondemand , its a guide to help them decied what to fast forward and what to watch.
  3. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Nice blog. That was a very weird time in WCW, & although they had alot of front office bulls%#t going on & some very cheesy, generic storylines & personas, there was some serious talent in the company at that time. I can only imagine what would've happened if they actually had creative minds backstage how successful they could have been pre-N.W.O.

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