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The Best and Worst gimmick matches

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What are your favorite/least favorite gimmick matches in wrestling? Just go ahead and list my top 5s of each. Leave yours in the comment section. Basically, ones that are over-used will not be in my top 5. I'll explain why I chose them as my fav/least favorites. Reasons behind these such as anticipation, care, and sometimes foolishness.

Favorite gimmick matches:
1.Royal Rumble-How can anyone put any gimmick match above the Rumble? It is a match everyone including myself look forward to every year. Got several reasons as to why we can't wait for it? Rumble is the starting point to building up the biggest ppv of the year in WWE, surprise entrants yearly, and the winner gets a world title match at Wrestlemania.
2.War Games-NWA and WCW had a yearly ppv you always looked forward to. Whether it was the Horsemen or NWO as the bad guys facing the faces every year. You always looked forward to it because it was teams inside of a cage. That match should be used at Survivor Series to help revive that ppv. It certainly isn't as great as it once was and when you think about it....they should have kept King of the Ring over Survivor Series. TNA still uses the concept for their major ppv Lockdown.
3.Hell in a Cell-Before it began as a ppv, the match meant something. It meant a lot to me when you heard a Hell in a Cell match was going to occur. It was designed as the last battle between rivals. Which is why the Cage match today isn't looked upon anymore as a big match. Classics fueds ended in the Cell, but now the legacy is getting ruined by just throwing guys in the Cell who only has a couple of matches together. These guys don't have the hate for each other they used to.
4.Ladder/TLC/KOTM match-Basically the same thing, you got to climb the ladder to get the belts just with more use of chairs and tables. No matter who is involved in the matches, you always look forward to the Ladder matches. Always been a favorite as was King of the Mountain match in TNA. Stopped doing some of their gimmick matches when Bischoff and Hogan showed up. I for one looked forward to Slammiversary because of that match. However, I do believe the last one ended terrible I believe it was Joe joining MEM. Still hasn't recovered from that debacle decision.
5.Ultimate X-For those who may not watch TNA may not know the concept of this match. You have the X-Division title hanging in the middle of the ring, but no ladder. Competitors have to climb the rings posts and poles onto the rope and get the title. Most common only 3 competitors compete in the match. If you want highflying type of match, look no further than the Ultimate X match. I believe it helped the X-Division at one points mean more than the world title in TNA. In the early days, I believe it was the most prestige because I thought a helluva lot more of AJ, Daniels, and Joe than Jarrett who had it most of the time. For any of you out there who have read my blogs should know I don't like Jarrett that much at all, but I do like TNA however. Glad Aries retained his title at Hardcore Justice!!
Honorable mention: I Quit; Iron Man match; tables match

Least Favorite gimmick matches:
1.Pole matches-Anything on a pole match.
2.Champion vs Champion matches-It has got to be one of the most annoying matches you here weekly for Raws and SDs. It seemed like every week it was champion vs champion. It was at its worst when Rey Mysterio was champion and they did that champion vs champion matches with Gregory Helms to main event the SD. 2006 was a terrible year for SD.
3.Punjabi Prison match-You get all pumped up about it think it is going to be some crazy match. Than you end up seeing how ridiculous it is. Big Show ended up replacing Khali in the first one. Super Heavyweights having to watch struggle get out of cages LOL!
4.Lumberjack match-The Lumberjacks annoy me while watching the match. Always tapping on the mat or something distracts me from the match I'm trying to watch. Usually always ends up in a brawl on the outside. Not a real big point in it because the wrestlers outside more likely than not get involved and ruin it.
5.Handicap match-hate the match all together. You either have the the heels get DQ'd or the 2 job out to the face more likely than not. Isn't good for either side if you ask me.
Honorable mention-X-Scape match; Ambulance/last ride match

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you liked the topic and what I typed in my post. Have any comments or thoughts on this piece? Leave it in the comment section below. Next blog will be on TNA's top 5 X-Division wrestlers all-time. Stay tuned.......

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  1. longtimefan's Avatar
    for me you are forgetting some of the best gimmick matches that are rarely used today.

    Scaffold matches: those things looked scary growing up and while the E may not want them they are cool.

    The chain/strap match: where they are strapped together by a long chain.

    The double ring battle royal: Cool because you got the guys going at it for awhile.
  2. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Best I like the king of the mountain match and the scramble mAtch
    And wcw one with three cages
    Worse tuxedo match blindfold match and honestly the chairs match
  3. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Punjabi Prison match!! What a piece of turd that frickin' thing is!!

    I'm not a fan of "Falls count anywhere" matches. I'd rather watch a display of in-ring wrestling than two guys brawling through the crowd. And man, if you attend the event....they really can't see a damn thing.

    Scaffold matches are legendary!! Road Warriors Vs Midnight Express is one of my best wrestling memories as a kid.

    I also loved the old TV time limit matches. It is a great forum to create to give a crafty wrestler a great push. Tully Blanchard was the master of keeping the TV title through slick, veteran manipulation of the time limit. I think TNA should bring back the TV time limit, and give the strap to RVD. We all remember his TV title reign in the original ECW....seems like a no-brainer to me.

    I can't stand mixed-tag team matches. Where the guys have to tag out if one of the broads gets tagged in. Poop.

    I do like 2 outta 3 falls matches. I know they always split the first two....but it makes for a great match if its a good match-up.

    I agree with your list pretty much....except I don't hate the ol' Lumberjack match.....there has been some good ones.
  4. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Awww, no electrified cage match?
  5. Outback Jack's Avatar
    Worst - Kennel From Hell, need I say more.
  6. The Big Shot's Avatar
    Give me the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Give me Superstar Billy Graham. Give me a Texas bull rope. Get out of the way.

    The Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard I Quit match was classic as well. So was Flair Funk I Quit. I agree about the old scaffold matches too.

    I also like the 60 minute most falls matches. The last one I remember HHH and the Rock fought and HHH had to carry Rock throughout the match.
  7. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog. I agree that Lumberjack matches are annoying. In my opinion, it serves no purpose other than having the heels attack a face from outside of the ring or having the faces attack a heel from outside the ring. It's a good concept but a bit boring to watch.
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