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Be a Star? Is Vince the biggest "Bully" of them all

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I just have to touch on this whole situations with talent being cheated out of their money which is a complete mockery to the business. I'm very upset about this because eventhough we aren't affected, these guys are still human.

Let me address Vince McMahon. Vince can kiss my ass and I mean that. I'll continue to watch Raw every week but it sickens me how this guy treats people and it truly needs to be dealt with, somehow.

People Vince has "Bullied":
Vince has a history of bullying folks and he's been doing it his whole career. I'm talking about backstage issues that he has with people and purposely books them to be jobbed out or embarrassed on television just because he has the money and the power to do so.

Forced to job out to Ryder after his huge Twitter remarks and was made a fool of again.

Lately for the past month Santino has basically lost every match he's competed in and just this past Raw, he wasn't even feature. I guess Vince is too stupid to realize he's killing the prestige of the United States Championship.

Zack Ryder:
This guy gets himself over on his own with an amazing YouTube series. He gets a push, then gets immediately jobbed and forced to sign his show over to the WWE and not get proceeds from the show. Not to mention he's in the Top 5 in merchandise sales and isn't compensated as much as the others.

William Regal:
Was forced to kiss Vince's "Ass". Back when that took place it was a rumor that Regal got in an argument with Vince weeks prior over Vince not letting his gimmicks reach their full height. Vince sure did make him pay if that's the truth.

Jim Ross:
Vince fired this guy after his first Bells Pausy attack which is just low class. Before that took place, Vince who was a God awful commentator, took Jim Ross's seat on announcing. I know it has to be some bad blood their in real life but Vince knows he needs Ross.

When Ross was the head of Talent Relations, the talent was absolutely amazing. Vince thanked Ross by having his wife kick him in the nuts on Raw. Let's also not forget how MVP was said to be Ross's crown jewel.

Jim Ross on the Legends of Wrestling talks said that MVP was the guy he brought in that he knew would be a draw. He slated MVP to be the next breakout star and said it was one of his proudest moments when MVP had his record breaking United States Championship run.

Apparently Vince & Ross were in some sort of dispute. So Ross said Vince basically turned MVP face and slowly let him get lost in the shuffle. Because of that incident, Ross said he never wanted to work under Talent Relations any longer and was heartbroken over the incident. And do I even need to mention the fact that Vince just mocked his Bells Pausy not too long ago on Raw?

Eric Bischoff:
Everyone knows my beef with Eric so this doesn't bother me as much. But talk about bullying when Eric Bischoff's send off from WWE was by being thrown in a dump truck by John Cena. That's the ultimate burial and I'm sure that had alot to do with some WCW ribs. Still bullying none the less.

Johnny Ace:
Triple H apparently isn't a big fan of Ace. Slowly Triple H was taking Johnny's real life role as the 2nd man in charge behind Vince. They made Johnny an on screen character. Johnny was very over as a heel and was doing a solid job.

Johnny started losing his real life power in the fact and since then has been used at house shows and live events to just get beat up and basically he's lost his power. Bullying from Vince due to the fact that he's had issues over Johnny not convincing MVP & Jericho to resign.

Vickie Guerrero:
This lovely woman Vickie. Was given an iron clad contract after Eddie's death. That was nice of Vince but Vince decided he wanted to control her and make her work for every red cent of that money. Vickie was asking Vince if she could take time off to be a mother to her three daughters. They had just lost their father and she didn't want them to not have both parents because she was on the road.

Well Vince didn't budge and continued to keep her on the road. Not to mention the ruthless abuse she got from when she was fat. Jerry Lawler was fed lines all night to humiliate her. When Vickie graciously worked her ass off to lose all that weight, Vince wasn't through yet. Now they bully Vickie over being old. So that's probably why Jericho is always calling her Grandma and stuff.

Vickie looks damn good and she's a damn good woman. One of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet and I actually did meet her. She's been forced to portray this obnoxiously loud annoying rude lady when she's the complete opposite. She's still the biggest heat drawer in the company. Vince seems to be a little butt hurt at the fact that she's 20 times the female character, GM and head seaker that his daughter Stephanie couldn't achieve. Vickie didn't need the crowd calling her a slut to get over. I love this woman.

Mickie James:
There was reports that the WWE was urging her to lose weight. I guess the pressure they put on her to lose weight was to have Michelle McCool and Layla literally bury her with the whole "Piggy James" thing. One thing I'll tell you is those tears from Mickie during that era was real. The young lady was embarrassed out of her mind.

In the new mold of the WWE where divas are made to be supermodels, the last thing you wanna be called is fat. Its one thing if you keep it backstage and really try to work with her but to translate that on television is gutless. Then she was fired soon after.

Lillian Garcia:
She was getting bullied over the amount of mistakes she makes while announcing. She's been affiliated with WWE for so long and should be entitled to her few mistakes. Vince's response was to have Cole bury her on commentary. Horrible.

And the horse jokes that Triple H were making light of backstage was gutless. Has Triple H looked in the mirror? His nose looks like a damn tumor. He should be the last one making jokes about anyone's facial features.

Guys I know I missed alot of people Vince bullied. Can you please leave the names I missed in the comments. Thanks........Moving on...

Is Money Important to WWE Stars:
You bet your bottom dollar it is and let me tell you why. You talk about a business when your on the road over 300 days a year. Physically you can't be around your wife, kids, parents and family as much as you want. So the least you wanna be able to do is provide for them financially but some of these guys can't even do that because they are blatantly being cheated.

These midcarders are the true work horses of the WWE. The guys like Tyson Kid, Trent Baretta, JTG, Justin Gabriel, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are the one's busting their asses on the road at all the house shows just to get that opportunity to show the fans in attendance why they deserve to be on Raw or Smackdown.

I'll get heat for this example but quite frankly I could give a rats ass. The NBA has around 400 professional players not including the developmental league. And there are rough 1700 professional football players in the NFL not including the euro league. These numbers don't include the GM jobs, the owner's staff, the vendors at the arenas, the trainers and other expenses.

The least you can pay an NBA basketball player a year is $240,000 a year. That's great compensation if you ask me. Now keep in mind even though these NBA & NFL teams draw alot of money from the different cities, their expenses are much larger than the expenses the WWE has to make.

And yes, I've taken into account the large amount of sponsors NFL & NBA has but keep in mind, the WWE has alot of those same sponsors. The WWE has K-Mart, 7/11, Sonics and other top sponsors.

My Point (Finally Geez)
The NBA & NFL are accountable for much more costs, coverage and expenses than the WWE. But they still afford to pay their players. Both the NBA & NFL both went through a lockout but that was based off greedy players.

People like Chris Paul who makes $16 Million a year was the main one on the Players Union staff complaining about money. People found a way to justify that.

But your telling me when a guy like JTG working for the biggest wrestling promotion ever only makes $500 and not given a fair bonus complains, and its the end of the world. He gets all kinds of backlash from the internet marks. How in the hell does that make sense?

Put Yourself in Zack Ryder's and the other pissed off talent's shoes:
Imagine if your working for a company. A big time company and your the secretary. Your answer the phones and schedule appointments for others but your job is still somewhat important. BAM. This company lands a big client and everyone receives a huge bonus. But they come up to you and say, "Sorry but since your only a secretary, you don't qualify for the bonus". You would feel like complete crap.

Now lets take a journey to Zack Ryder's shoes. This guy gets himself over. In this new "Social Media" wrestling world, Zack Ryder has done everything to the fullest that Vince stresses everyone else to do. He's top 5 in Twitter Followers, FaceBook & Tout Fans and Merchandise Sales in the WWE but he's still screwed out his fair share and compensation. Really soak that in. Really soak in the fact that this guy has to share an apartment with a friend just to make ends meet.

Will Linda McMahon Ruin Wrestling?
Yes, it will unless she loses and finally gives it up. Like I said on the comments thread on EWN. The WWE has become more watered down then some shows on Nickelodeon and Teen Nick, its truly a shame when Degrassi is more edgy than Raw. We as fans are being cheated.

Its not even PG. That's not the big problem. The big problem is that everyone are booked to be like robots and follow a script and not be themselves. How in the hell are you supposed to become a character without any real emotion in it? These guys aren't Bruce Willis, they aren't taping Raw. They don't have millions of takes to get it right.

Steve Austin & Rock got over so well because they were just being themselves for crying out loud. Is that too much to ask now a days. Now we have to be stuck with the good guys always prevailing over the big time bully and its slowly turning into crap right before our eyes.

So is Vince a Hypocrite:
He's the biggest of them all. Vince does all this propaganda media Be a Star stuff just to make the WWE look good for Linda, the company that she apparently has no affiliation with. Yup, and the fact that he treats people like crap and embarrasses them in front of millions actually makes me happy to know that instead of billions, he's been reduced to being just a millionaire. He's lost that company alot of money because he's lost touch of what makes wrestling, wrestling.

He's lost touch of what makes this business go round. We don't wanna see a bunch of heels running around whining, crying and cheating to win. We want to see good television. We don't want to see no Hornswoggle running around going over on guyslike Heath Slater. Its a travesty. I hate to sound rude but it is.

Thanks guys for reading. I went on a bit of a rant and I usually find nice things to say and cool topics to talk about but this particular topic of the true greed of Vince really does bother me but I apologize if I offended anyone. Its just a shame when a WWE star has to choose between a hotel and food.

Please check out my music below and leave feedback. Thanks guys and be safe. Until then.

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    In my defense, you put no smiley to indicate sarcasm. It's hard to tell on these crazy forums
    I thought the content would be enough!
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AlexWorldOrder
    I also don't mean to sound like a dick, Even though I honestly believe this is the best blog I've read on this site, but should WE as FANS take action?
    I can't count how many times I've said this, but this is the typical all American issue.. Sit around and get fed a plate of shit, and come back for some more, JUST because we love the plate they serve the shit on.
    Vince has created this blanket between wrestling and fans, to the point where he can literally make you believe all sorts of bullshit through his DVDs and propaganda.
    My believe is that fans need to take action, by letting these wrestlers know that we understand at least 30% of their situation (which is all based on bullying). Why do we continue to sit around and support it, while supporting his bullshit and feeding the machine? We all know that every single episode will revolve around Cena-Triple H-Orton. Almost every single episode ends with Cena's theme. How can we NOT get tired of the same bullshit? Meanwhile, the guys in the back are being bullied and ripped off?!
    my solution to this, is to scare the shit out of Vince. How do we?
    Don't watch Raw. Simple. You won't be missing ANYTHING. YouTube it, read results, or keep up with it in another way than providing ratings to this man. Prove to him that we are not his sheep.
    Even if you don't like TNA (who have been producing a much better wrestling show than Raw for months) give Carter those ratings, give impact a 2.0 rating. That's all it takes. Vince will shake in fear and up his game the way he knows how to. How much can it cost you to not watch Raw for at least 3 weeks?
    Don't want to burst your bubble chief but the drive by IWC haven't got anywhere near the numbers or the sway to make any kind of bold statement and I think the sooner they realise that, the sooner we can stop with these ridiculous rants, that make the owner of a friggin entertainment company sound like the worse human being since Stalin. It's so hilarious it's unreal.
  3. theunderdog84's Avatar

    By far the greatest and most intelligent blog ever written on this site. You have a great way with words and a likeness like no other blogger on this website. Everything was well thought out and argued. I agree 100% with everything you said and i too am sick of the way he threats human beings. They deserve better.
    Here, here and well said.

    P.S. in the meantime id be only too happy to sign a petition of some kind in order to get wrestlers a union. We as fans should come together and support these wrestlers in a bit to get equality and fairness.
  4. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    Bret Hart. Almost anyone who came from WCW after the fallout.
    Vince has said though that he hasnt made anyone do anything He himself would not do, while I do believe that theres a difference, He does his for fun/gimmick/rating, but he does it to people because of personal reasons and revenge which makes it not OK.
  5. DR.X313's Avatar
    you are 100% correct with everything you say. what you didn't mention was vinny mac is also the biggest racist to have his own show. come on crime time? umanga? like thier are still wild samons. those two mexicans made to wrestle in dickies and potray gang bangers. it crazy he still gets away with it. i understand its just a charactor they play,but come on. it exsplains why john cena has been the main focus for 8 years now. and why shamus got that mega push threw ecw and givin' the belt in only a few mounth being on raw. because of thier irish decent. vince loves all things iris. now i'm not racist to any race, but come on you don't see it? booker t only wins the world championship, and not the wwe belt. you knew triple h wasn't gonna drop that belt. booker t was the hottest star they had, and triple h had that belt for like 5 or 6 mounths long. you know they didn't want booker t the main face of the company or he would have won that match. i'm tell you racist. yeah i know the rock is half black and half samoen( if that how you spell it) but like i said if they wanted him as the main face he would have won that match. the list goes on and on. last exsample. having rey mysterio win the wwe belt just to lose it back to john cena in the same night? now i know reys' a company guy ,but come on why do that to him? now i'm just saying
  6. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    we just should riot and not watch RAW next week, they will even get less ratings than 2.8 i guess
  7. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jerichoholic-NL
    we just should riot and not watch RAW next week, they will even get less ratings than 2.8 i guess
    Telling you, man. If people just tune into Impact this week, Mcmaster will shit himself. "(Vince Voice) THOSE BASTARDS HAVE BRAINS??!?!!?? GRRRRRAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! DAMN IT HOGAN!!!!!"
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