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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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So close yet so far.

It was clear tonight that WWE forgot they now have to book three hour episodes of Raw if you ask me. There was no main event, and they had nothing better to improvise than what has to be the least progressive and relevant ending to Raw in a long time.

Before the catastrophe that was Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Shawn Michaels’ poorly improvised ending, tonight’s Raw had been solid in my eyes. John Cena showed my claims as truth by doing the unsporting thing and refusing to shake CM Punk’s hand (and just as London 2012 had finished, shame on you Cena), Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler featured on the only entertaining Piper’s Pit in WWE history, and we got a plethora of decent matches.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - and we still don’t care…

Usually when you sign a contract signing which is four months in the making on a professional wrestling show, you get an unforgettable moment – USUALLY.

Unfortunately for WWE, there was no brawl and nothing progressive in what has been a dead rivalry since its inception. Of the WWE fans I’ve spoken to there has been a resounding response of ‘who cares?’ when the name Brock Lesnar comes up. Just to make things worse for WWE, tonight was a disaster in terms of ending the show. Instead of having Lesnar ‘break’ Shawn Michaels’ arm, why not end on the Punk/Cena versus Bryan/Show match? At least then Raw would have ended on a moment which progresses a key storyline and was actually interesting.

Much like with John Cena, WWE is shoving this Lesnar/Triple H rivalry down our throats begging us to like it. I’m not responding to it for the simple fact that I lost interest in Lesnar’s return when he was made to semi-job to Cena at Extreme Rules and it subsequently took all of the fire out of his return. To add salt to the wound that is Lesnar’s expensive contract, he has so few appearances that it is hard to make us care about him anymore (at least The Rock’s few appearances are backed up by his promo skills, something Lesnar has never had).

I’m sure the match itself will be just as good as the majority of Lesnar/Cena was, but just avoid making it a main event, PLEASE!

And Cena isn’t the heel…

I wrote about this last week, and I’m actually enjoying the Cena/Punk rivalry (Big Show is just another guy who got an incomplete push and will inevitably slow what could have been a great match down), but CM Punk is not the heel in this rivalry. I’m not going to waffle on about it again (if you want to read my views on Cena/Punk I urge you to read my blog from last week), but tonight Cena effectively proved he doesn’t respect Punk by declining his handshake after he saved him from the assault of Show.

On second thought, I will reference one thing from last week’s entry.

Cena’s claims that Punk has to earn the respect of those around him are now null and void since Punk earned that respect almost a year ago from Cena, and then provided back up for him tonight. Respect is not a trait determined by the arrogance of the individual in question if you ask me, especially when it comes to someone who has never denied that arrogance and then gone on to be the best WWE Champion in years.

Other than that, I enjoyed the tag team match which preceded the non-handshake. I just wish Bryan would stop being pinned by Cena, and that Cena would learn to deliver his own moves correctly before trying (and failing) to mimic CM Punk.

In other news…

CM Punk def. Big Show via DQ – I wish WWE would stop wasting PPV matches on their weekly shows, but I enjoyed the match and Daniel Bryan’s interference. It also led to a better tag team match at the end of the night, so I have no complaints.

Ryback def. JTG – I’m glad Ryback is getting some actual superstars to wrestle with, and I like the slightly altered theme song. Feed him more, WWE. Feed him more.

R-Truth def. Heath Slater, Truth attacked by the PTP – I’m sure Slater and Truth could have been put into a better match than this, but it served only as a platform for the now manager-less PTP to attack Truth. Did anybody else notice Little Jimmy was wearing a tutu and an eye patch?

Sin Cara def. Tensai – I’m glad Cara is winning matches as I can see him as a good United States Champion (along with around four other contenders), but what happened to Tensai? He once main evented against John Cena, y’know…

RAWactive Piper’s Pit with Chris Jericho leads to a Triple Threat – after The Miz and Dolph Ziggler crashed a business-as-usual (by which I mean dull and pointless) Pit, we got a great Triple Threat match. For me, this was the best match of the night.

Layla & Kaitlin def. Beth Phoenix & Eve – So, yeah. There was a divas match, and it lasted more than five minutes. I hope this trend doesn’t continue until they start to build rivalries with the divas.

Damien Sandow def. Christian – despite the distraction from Brodus Clay, Sandow thankfully came out as the winner in this one. My only reservation is that it was Christian being underutilised in this way led him to TNA once before. Just saying…

I won’t mention Raw’s closing segment again. I’ll just close this week’s entry by saying that I enjoyed the majority of Raw. The matches were all worth watching and for the most part there was some storyline progression. I even have high hopes about SmackDown being good again this week.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to comment on Twitter feel free (@SpringerAJ) with #YYYTRR.

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  1. The Big Shot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dub
    My thought's about the Brock/HHH/HBK segments were: "Man Brock is making HBK look like some washed up scrub"... It's not like HBK is some old geezer??? I mean he was walking around in the back scared out of his wits throughout the show. THIS IS MR.WRESTLEMANIA!!! They should've at least booked him to get a few punches in on Brock B4 he hit the F5. IDK it just seem like they booked HBK to come out kinda weak.
    Yep, I agree. This would be different if it was Flair who is in his mid-60s. Just a few months ago HBK was physical in the HHH-Taker match at Wrestlemania and now he's an old scared guy. Since when does HBK need HHH to protect him?
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    Am i the only one that though blood would have made the shawn michaels ass kicking better? just a personal preferance
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