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Dubs picks it: Funny Booker T moments

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What's up guys. Now, we all know that Booker T is one funny guy whether it's his promos or commentating but today, I want to pick out my favorite Booker T funny moments. Like I said before, I don't really like doing count-downs that much since it comes across as an objective opinion so I'm just going to randomly pick my favorite moments from the 5 time WCW champion. Also, I'm not going to use the infamous Booker T botch from WCW since it's an obvious pick. Let's get started!

Booker T's face reactions in this are hilarious. I don't know how he does it but his face reactions are just priceless. Even when hes getting attacked, he finds a way to make it hilarious. Funny stuff.

Booker T running away from Stone Cold was entertaining stuff. Especially when he was playing bingo. Haha. I wish WWE would do stuff like this more often.

Booker T and Goldust always gave us some funny moments but this is the one that stands out the most to me. Booker T and Goldust were a great tag team in the ring but their backstage stuff were pure gold (no pun intended)!

The Booker T Shampoo commercial was another funny moment from Booker T. The reaction to when Tajiri said about Booker's hair was awesome.

In my opinion, it's safe to say that this is one of the best beatdowns ever. lol Booker T getting destroyed by Stone Cold in a Supermarket is nothing but greatness. It had me crying in tears when I watched it.

Can't get any better with Booker T as the Scorpian King. 'This was from the Goldust and Booker T at the movies' segment. Quality stuff it was. Started to laugh when Booker T had the sword in his hands.

Here's another funny 'Booker T at the movies' promo but this time, hes King Booker and with Queen Sharmell. Most people hated the King Booker gimmick and I don't understand it. It gave us a lot of funny stuff from Booker T. It was great.

This funny moment is Booker T at 7 Eleven. It also includes a comical encounter between Goldust and Booker T. Than again, every encounter between Booker T and Goldust are hilarious. I also thought it was funny how he didn't pay for the slurpee. Haha.

I'm going to leave it here with funny Booker T commentary from 2011. Some may say hes a bad commentator but putting him on commentary was the best decision WWE made in my opinion. Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!

Booker T is the funniest wrestler in the WWE. From his backstage segments, promos, and commentary, he finds a way to make it enjoyable. Hopefully we'll see more funny stuff with Booker T as the Smackdown GM! Thanks for reading guys and give me some feedback.
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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    LMFAO!!!! Thanks for the good laugh. You brought back a sh*t load of memories! Made chocking on my morning coffee totally worth it!

    Good list of vids.
  2. JT316's Avatar
    Hahaha these are great, Booker T is a great talent. Watching these videos did remind me of one of my favourite segments which I suppose is more about Goldust but still hilarious WWE should bring Goldust back as Booker T's assisant or something along thoughs lines now Boooker is the GM.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Every thing about Booker is PURE GOLD!! His look, his in ring work, his gimmicks, his mic skills (both comedy n serious ones) every thing about him is PURE GOLD!!

    Damn!! He never won the WWE Championship....
  4. Analyst's Avatar
    Good stuff, but how can you forget

  5. bigrence202's Avatar
    thank you so much for this trip down memory lane! i have followed Booker T since his days with the GWF when him and Stevie Ray were called the Ebony Experience. All the way through the WCW days, then on to WWE where he really made his mark. Everybody knew Book was a hell of a wrestler but WCW didnt know how funny and how much of a personality he has, props to WWE for tapping into it. IMO he has some of the funniest backstage moments and vignettes in the history of WWE. I cant wait till he gets his spot in the Hall Of Fame. Great blog sir!

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