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Great One

Great One: The Real Reasons Why People Hate Cena

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Hello people it's me again Great One talking about why there is so much hate towards Cena.

1.His character; SuperCena. Yeah I get it's a PG era but really? he comes back with like 5 moves out of no where and wins the match. And I mean I'm a Cena fan and all but really? That's getting really really old. He's getting plain and actually pretty boring but like I said I'm a Cena fan but his character needs an upgrade like maybe going back to rapping or something. Doing the same moves over and over again out of nowhere is pretty annoying so he needs some new moves to improve his character he needs to stop being a "superhero"

2.Title shots; Now we all know he's almost always in the title picture like 90% of the time. And people hate that because since he always gets a title shot none of the newer stars get pushed to be champions. See that actually gets on my nerves but I think I get more pissed when Cena wins the title and then loses it a couple weeks later. I mean he barely keeps it longer then 3 ppv's I think that's why I hate when he's in title matches because when he does win the title it's never a long reign like Cm Punk.

3.Heel turn; As for me I like the faces better but really a lot peole including myself is tired of Cena being the good guy I actually want to see him turn heel just to see how it goes.Yeah one may argue he turned heel when he was forced to join the Nexus but I wouldn't necessary count that as a heel turn. And this past year Cena had so many chances to turn heel like when Kane wanted him to embrace the hate, and when he started to fued with The Rock. But yet he is still SuperCena. I mean as much as everybody including myself wants Cena to turn heel and stay heel for a while I don't think it's gonna happen. Vince sees him as a money maker from all the kids so he doesn't want him to turn heel because he's afraid the sales will go down. I guess we can only hope and pray that one day he turns heel.

4.MAIN EVENT!!!; I capitalist that to prove a point he's always I mean ALWAYS is in the main event and that is annoying and pretty uncalled for. I can see why CM Punk wants to be respected because he doesn't get the respect he deserves. I mean he's been WWE Champion since like what the end of the year last year. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. But anyway he doesn't even get to be main event?! That's just wrong don't get me wrong I can see if Cena was main eventing ppv's once in a while but not every single ppv it gets boring and sometimes his matches aren't that important that they have to main event. Yes I understand he's the face of the company but that doesn't give him the right to main event every ppv I mean it's already enough that he's in every ppv let alone main event all of them. I mean give other people the chance to main event ppv's like I don't know how about the WWE CHAMPION CM PUNK!! Something's gotta give they need to do something about this really soon.

5. He's the Guinea pig for WWE; I mean some of his matches he just gets destroyed by people smaller then him. And then he comes back to win with those 5 moves he ALWAYS does. He also loses the most important matches I mean he lost to The Rock, The Rock had no right to win considering he always leaves to be the big Hollywood star. I mean Cena is always there and yeah he's in movies but he always comes back right after filming. I mean he's there every week and he loses important matches and now I see news that says creative plans call for Rock beating Cena again? What's the point? He already lost to The Rock before he deserves to win a match against him for the WWE Champion. If they really have Cena lose against The Rock again that's gonna really piss me off. I mean people can see it clearly all the stuff he does for WWE and in return he gets treated like shit. So I can see why a lot of people hate Cena. I mean he's not even his own person he's the guinea pig for WWE and he's the guinea pig for Vince

Side Note; I'm a Cena fan to be honest even though I mentioned this a couple times but I wanted to mention it again. So I made this to show some of the reasons why people may hate cena and evaluate these reasons more. But enough is enough something's got to give there needs to be changes immediately. And honestly WWE needs to stop being PG I think that would help a lot.

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    The argument that it didn't make sense from a business standpoint to have Cena lose to Rock is very stupid. The Rock is around!! If you bury The Rock like they already buried Brock Lesnar less people will care to see his matches and less people will buy merch and PPVS.

    Who do you think is more excited to see The Rock wrestle? Do you think it's 10-12 year olds who have only known him as the guy who faced John Cena or do you think it's those millions of Attitude Era fans the WWE lost when the product started to suck (even before the PG era).

    Do you think any of those people want to see The Rock lose to Cena?? How does it make any sense to need the top star in the company to be put over more?? It will just piss off the people who may have bought the PPV to see The Rock.

    If it was a ONE TIME thing to have The Rock appear it makes business sense to put Cena over but if Rock is going to come back continuously then it makes better business sense to put Rock over even if he's not a full timer.

    WWE doesn't give a crap about fair. They care about sucking our money away as effectively as possible and they did it exactly right to do just that. Stop drinking Cena's Kool Aid and wake up to what it's like to run a business
  2. Great One's Avatar
    And why would the Rock need to be put over more? He's been over since the Attitude Era (and before that) so why should he be continued to be pushed he ain't no full time wrestler. His days of being the top star is over, and a win over The Rock will be to push Cena even more and start more fueds with some more Legends to get them screen time and to bring some of them back. And anyways Cena losing to The Rock twice is just stupid it's not interesting it's boring and no point what so ever. And IS a bad business idea. Plus you say WWE just sucks money from us they would probably make some more money if Cena wins since all the kids love him and would want to buy more of his stuff
  3. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Great One
    Thank you someone with common sense
    Hahaha thats Hilarious, Cena may have more Palmares and a better W/L record than The Rock, Cena will Never and I mean NEVER have the star power the Rock has. He will never be able to pull crowds the way Rock has. I don't even want to see Cena & Rock in the same ring again to be honest. The Rock, Stone Cold etc. have earned the right to come back, they have earned the right to get special favors. They were a major key factor in the Attitude Era, along with DX & The creation of "Mr. McMahon"
    John Cena hasn't saved a dying company.
    Besides Cenas been here around 11 years and is already a 12 time world champion?
    Rock wrestled 8(not counting the part time) years and has held a world title 9 times.
    Stone Cold wrestled 9 years(not counting the part time) and is a 6 time world champ.
    What I'm saying is I think Cena's reached his peak and you Cena fans cant admit it, I don't hate Cena, he's a great person, even met him once. Probably the nicest guy in the locker room alongside Vickie surprisingly but he needs a break, either an injury or a break in the acting world. Something. A heel turn just won't do it and its sad to say but the Cena days are slowly coming to an end, He's done EVERYTHING there is to do lol. Besides be Undisputed Champ. He'll be 40 and pretty soon its going to be HIS TIME to start "jobbing" to guys like Ziggler at Wrestlemania.

    IMO The greatest moment that could happen right now in the E' regarding Dwayne, is if The Rock is in the ring and one of three peoples music hits, Stone Cold's, Undertakers or Jerichos. They have amazing chemistry together and can actually get Rock to perform at that top notch level.
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    so you complain about cena getting title shots out the ass but you say he should win the belt against rock at wm29 lol right.
    1) cena vs rock fuck no
    2) cena wins wwe belt again fuck no
    3) cena should not main event wm we are tired of his shit
  5. Great One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bartish2
    so you complain about cena getting title shots out the ass but you say he should win the belt against rock at wm29 lol right.
    1) cena vs rock fuck no
    2) cena wins wwe belt again fuck no
    3) cena should not main event wm we are tired of his shit
    Did I say he should main event? I didn't think so I even said I'm tired of him main eventing so why don't you read the blog before posting. And whether you like it or not Cena vs Rock will probably happen again so yeah. And also if your tired of his shit then why do you still watch it when you know he's the face of the company.
  6. The_Socal_Guy's Avatar
    Well this is what happens when WWE does not have enough main talent to put in the spot light. So they put it on Cena. Like @WrestlingFan484 said. Cena is today's Hogan.
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