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This a Review of the WWF's UK PPV titled One Night Only. This PPV took place in 1997, The peak of The Hart Foundation storyline, The beginning of The DX Formation and in the middle of the Undertaker Shawn Michaels rivalry (just before Hell in the Cell).... This PPV is loaded from top to bottom with Great matches so I wont waste any time and we will get to the action.

Dude Love vs HHH (with Chyna)
These men have exceptional chemistry together when they are in the ring. So anytime you see any incarnation of Mick Foley vs HHH you know your gonna see a good match and this was no different. The thing that sets this match apart from all the other Foley vs HHH matches is that this was a really good Wrestling match, You didn't see the usual wild brawl we were a custom to from these two, In stead we got a Good wrestling match. For anyone who says Mick Foley cant wrestle, Watch this match and you will see Foley can wrestle and he is pretty damn good at it also.... Foley does a Great job of keeping HHH grounded with some stellar technical wrestling and the match never lags or gets boring, Its a exciting match that is well paced, I just wish it was longer, Another 5 minutes would of made this really good match in to a Great match. Foley gets Pedigreed thanks to interference by Chyna. WINNER: HHH. RATING ***1/2

Tiger Ali Singh vs Leif Cassidy
Tiger Ali is in Rocky Mavia mode here, Being the Always do right, Blue Chipper baby face and even bringing his father to the ring with him... Tiger gets the mic and cuts a sort of straight edge promo (12 years before CM Punk) and gets booed out of the building. The crowd really hates Tiger Ali here, They despise Tiger so much they are actually cheering Al Snow (Leif Cassidy)... This match is nothing but a PPV squash, Al Snow seems a little off in this match but it really doesn't matter, this match sucks cause Tiger Ali Sucks, I'm just glad it was over quick. Tiger wins it with a Top Rope Bulldog. WINNER: Tiger Ali Singh. RATING *

The Headbangers vs Los Boricuas: WWF Tag Team Championship

HeadBangers are the New WWF tag team Champions thanks to Steve Austin and this is their first title defense. They go up against Savio Vega and Miguel Perez of Los Boricuas... The match was boring, too many rest holds took away all the excitement from the match and if their is one rest hold I truly loath its the Fucking NERVE HOLD! and Savio and Miguel really worked that nerve hold all thru the match. but I have to admit, Savio and Miguel did a hell of a job using heel tactics to cut the ring in half and keep one Headbanger on their side of the Ring. Match ends after a Hot Tag to Mosh. WINNER: Headbangers. RATING * 3/4

The Patriot vs Flash Funk
The Patriot was heavily booed here which you can tell wasn't really expected. This was suppose to be a face vs face match and have The Patriot show he has good sportsmanship to try to get him over as a Goody Goody Face but man the UK crowd hated The Patriot with a passion.... Flash Funk and The Patriot put on a fast paced hard hitting match. Both men made a name for them self in Japan and you can see how they incorporated that Japanese style in this match. This ended up being a much better match than I expected, I really think a friendly rivalry between these two men with a series of matches would of really got them over and made some good TV.... The match ends when Funk goes for a Moonsault and The Patriot gets his knees up and Full Nelson slam Wins it for the Patriot. WINNER: The Patriot. RATING **1/2

L.O.D vs The Godwinns
This match is exactly what you would expect from these 2 teams, Just a sloppy brawl with about a million clothes lines. Nothing too terrible but then again my expectations wasn't so high. Match wasn't offensive in anyway just very repetitive. The L.O.D. wins it with the Dooms Day Device. WINNER: LOD. RATING **

Owen Hart vs Vader

Now here we go, This is where the match quality starts to go up... this is the second half of the PPV and Owen makes his way to the ring and he is insanely over with the London Crowd. These fans are 100% behind the King of harts here.... Excellent Big man vs Little man match, these men were on the verge of a classic here and I don't know why after this match the WWF didn't put Vader and Owen Hart in a program together. Vader played a dominate, aggressive heel perfectly and Owen sold his ass off for Vader. Owen was great in this match, He wrestled a much different match then he usually did, Owen was much quicker in this match and kind of reminded me of the younger Owen Hart .... At one point in the Match Owen hit a hurricanrana on Vader and it looked as if Vader landed on his head hard and for a few minutes Vader seemed out of sorts but then regained his composer. Great match here with Vaders usual brutal violence and Owen Hart playing a Excellent underdog good guy..... I love this match but I maybe a little partial cause I'm a huge fan of both of these men and their style of wrestling. Vader wins it after catching Owen Hart off the top rope with a Powerslam. WINNER: Vader. RATING ***3/4

Bret Hart vs The Undertaker: WWF Championship

Wow wow wow, What a match. This is one of the best Undertaker matches you will ever see, Bret does a amazing job here and shows why he deserves to be considered one of the greatest in ring performers of All Time.... Back in 1997 Undertaker wasn't considered a great worker, as a matter of fact, Other than a Gimmick matches I don't recall Undertaker having a truly great match up to this point. This is probably the best traditional Undertaker match you will see. I absolutely love this match and its a must see, The ending was terrible, but the match is so good the turd of a ending didn't effect it much..... The Undertaker was Disqualified when he refused to allow the ref take Bret Harts head out of the ring ropes.... If you wanna see why Bret Hart is considered The Greatest of All Time, Watch this match. WINNER: Bret Hart by DQ. RATING ****1/2

The British bulldog vs Shawn Michaels: Euro Championship
Bulldog loses the title in one of the most humiliating defeats I have ever seen in wrestling. The crowd was 120% behind The Bulldog and Shawn Michaels worked the UK crowd like a pro.... The match had alot of energy and a Hot crowd but it suffered from being too over booked. This match is not as Good as I remembered it but still a Great match in its own right and the UK fans were way in too it. The Ref stops the match in favor of Shawn Michaels cause Bulldog could no longer continue. WINNER: New European Champion Shawn Michaels. RATING ***3/4

This is a Awesome PPV, the Atmosphere, The matches and Everything just clicks. Most these matches are not easy to find especially The Bret Hart vs Undertaker match which stole the show..... People talk about how great the Horsemen were but alot of people don't give The Hart foundation the credit they deserve, They always have the best matches on the Card. No disrespect to Ric, Arn and Tully but Bret, Owen and Bulldog was better as a whole Putting on better quality matches in their time then the Horsemen did in their time. That is Why The Hart Foundation is one of my if not my favorite faction of all times...... I Highly recommend to watch the entire PPV as a Whole, Seeing a great PPV like this really exposes what Prowrestling is lacking today.

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    Just finished watching it. I loved seeing the formation of my favorite stable DX

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