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Brett Wayne Pachmayer

WWE: The New "ERA"

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I titled this blog the new "ERA" because I am going to pin point the problems that WWE is having and how they can fix the problems while using some of the simple methods while keeping the family friendly "PG ERA". I know many of use would love the attitude era back in the WWE and many of us thought with the 1000 episode of Raw we would see the dropping of the "PG" and back to "TV 14". Now with the new "kids" Saturday Morning TV show we understand its not going to happen anytime soon as well Linda running for Senate. That's fine because the problem is not rating its the format as well as the issues I will touch upon and how they can fix them.

We have exactly 12 PPVS per year. This gives the WWE a whole 4 weeks to build new stables, matches, characters, and gimmicks to the audience. Back in the PG ERA of the 1980s the company had only 4 PPVS per year: Royal Rumble, Wrestle-mania, Survivor Series, and Summerslam. This gave them more of a time period to debut that new wrestler to build them up for a match that the audience wanted to see because we had the jobbers( this will be brought up later.) This gave the talent more time to go over the match with their opponent behind the scenes. This give the company more flexibility to make more solid tag-teams, building up feuds, building up characters as well as debuts.
The 1980s was very successful the jobbers allowed the other talents to showcase their move-sets. The jobbers need to be brought back to allow the talents that need either "on-air" time or that extra push. The jobbers allow build the gap that allowed the time it was needed to build that match we all want to see.
Mangers need to be brought back because it would allow the mangers to get over the talent if they could not do it on their own. Mangers are a big piece of what made so many Heels so successful in the 1980s. The firing of A.W was a mistake by WWE as he was the mouthpiece for The Primetime Players this is why they was getting over.
This needs to be brought back only if it applies to the story-telling of the match. Blood should be allowed when it helps the match or if its a special match such as Extreme Rules, Cage Match as it helps the reality of the matches. It does not need to be overdone though.

Non-Scripted Promos and Interviews
This a huge no-no in this business could you imagine a interview with Stone Cold, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, or Hulk Hogan scripted????? No, because this is how their characters got over weather or not you understood them (Warrior) did not matter because their personality was able to show to help build their characters.
With the extra hour on Raw should be allowed to focus on the ladies. They should hire Lita or Trish to train the new women talent to not only look good but as well as take some bumps as well as some real wrestling.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog I am a lifetime wrestling fan named after Brett Wayne Sawyer a wrestler in 80's who kinda never went anywhere but I have fell in love with everything in wrestling but I think it lacks the "spark" it had from the 1980's to early 2000's. Thank You for reading.

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  1. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Okay .. Blood is non PG so that's outta the question, and compared to the 80's way to many people are spoiled for any of those things .. we grew up happy just to have some kinda toy or simple game .. kids nowadays cry and complain for laptops and ipods .. plus the kids aren't really the complainers as compared to the people who read the spoilers .. I guess nobody seems to notice the trend between "spoilers" and "spoiled kids" .. if that's confusing then we have way to many ignoramuses as well .. it's an alright blog, but nothing can stop people from complaining .. the common trend is when heels become champions and main eventers they turn face and as fans we hate that .. examples John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Sheamus .. pretty much opposites of Bobby Roode, Austin Aries is the closest thing we have to a Rocky or Stone Cold .. but people will use his height and weight against him .. but all we can do is eat the garbage they feed us, I just try to enjoy what's good .. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes(before Christian came back), Damien Sandow, The Miz .. TNA is better .. hands down, I wish I could watch ROH, FCW, or NXT .. but I can't .. ha maybe since we know what's going on backstage we start getting in touch with those frustrated superstars and let them we're sick of corporate bullsh*t too .. and maybe by some miracle they form their own promotion like South Park lol and things would be amazing .. until then I'm just waiting for that new GM mode on a game(hopefully) and just make things my way .. I just wish my created TNA characters seemed more original .. BTW I thought Hogan was scripted? I notice a lot of similarity with him and Cena .. even the recent divorce .. lol hopefully a Mickie James sextape is next haha .. just saiyan

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