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Silly Brit: WWE Wrong Calls

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Hi everyone!

So yesterday, I did WWE's Right Calls', so I figure it'd only be right if I did a 'Wrong Call' blog as well! The interesting thing about this one is it might be influenced by hindsight more than the other one, but I'll try to be as objective as I can. If you read the last blog, you'll know that my focus is really starting in and around 2002 (when I first started watching) but I do try as hard as I can to reference figures of even older, who have greatly inspired the future.

Wrong Calls

John Cena def. Edge to win WWE Championship - Royal Rumble 2006

Having cashed in his Money in the Bank to be crowned the new champion, Edge ushered in a new era! That era would be the 'short reign' era where a champion could barely hang on to his title. This result was a wrong call for two reasons. Firstly, Edge could have done so much more with the programme that him and John could have run. The match itself was your typical 'Cena comes from behind to win' and I remember watching immeditaely after. Poor Todd Grisham got a face full of Edge (accompanied by Lita), who was undoubtably pissed off to the high high hilt that his chance had gone so quickly as it arose. The other reason that this was a bad call was because, in my eyes, it slightly ruined the validity of the WWE Championship. If it is your company's top belt, why on earth would you transition it by using a fantastic wrestler so close to Wrestlemania? It was truly the top babyface against a fantastically developing heel, the chemistry was surely going to be the talk of 2006 just by continuing the feud into WM? Having Edge lose that belt to John cena also may have proved to be a slight undoing for Cena as he went on to have an average match with Triple H at WM22 (at this Wrestlemania, there were the first signs that he was starting to age). I believe that Cena could have gone on to have a better match with Edge, rather than Edge's 'OMG' hardcore match with Mick Foley.

The Rock's Comeback - 2003

Do not get me wrong. I fully agree with what Chris Jericho had to say about the Rock...
'You could give him a Chinese menu to read out in front of 15,000 and he'd still find a way to make it funny.'
I find The Rock to be one of the greatest entertainers that WWE have ever broadcast. His persona of likeable arrogance coupled with an inate ability to speak clearly and off the cuff (wrist, what wrist? I never had one of those...) made him a talent that was sought after both in WWE and in Hollywood. Several months had past since he left in 2002 and, for some reason, he came back. As a heel. Whatever happened to the character that so many people really did like a lot? Coming back as a heel may have been the whole 'put over others' plot that is recycled every year, but the fact that The Rock came back, I can't see that as a wrestling decision. Granted, he gave a great 'legends' match against Stone Cold come WM19 where he played the heel character superbly. I just think that The Rock was back for the wrong reasons: to satisfy a want to play a part he really didn't get a huge chance to play back in the Attitude Era. His match with Goldberg at Backlash, the next PPV, was, for me at least, not the way to showcase those two athletes. Goldberg is a cruhing machine and Rocky... doesn't get crushed. For me, this was an avenue that, apart from the Austin angle, had no substance to use and follow.

Celebrity General Managers for RAW - 2008/2009

When I started watching wrestling, I saw Goldust and his s-s-s-stutter, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar's bromance and the dwindling times of E&C with their crazy-ass poses. That was funny. That was written (for the most part). Which meant that, at one point, writers were in touch with what laughter was and how to construct a good spot. That, dramatically, changed when RAW started appointing celebrities as the GM. I have absolutely no problem with them trying to gain publicity by doing this, hell, if baseballs teams didn't want that they'd never have a celeb doing the opening pitch. However, it became a bit of a laughing stock when these 'celebrities' almost debased themselves to go on with it. Bob Barker was truly horrific (although I appreciate he is a legend at what he does) as the cringeworthy segment playing The Price is Right with wrestlers was time consuming and not at all funny, despite Jericho doing his best to get out of it. Seth Green's pint sized body seriously getting over John Cena's hero character and Ricky Hatton's destruction of the English language (in my home country no less! I'm starting to think I'm coming across as an English Damien Sandow, excuse the pink undies...) were other poor examples of how celebrities could have been used. Celebrities should have had longer reigns (at least 4 weeks in order to get over some of the PPVs at the time) and greater control. At most, they made one match at a time. The rest of the matches had already been 'set up' so a GM was almost not needed. Celebrities could have also entwined so that a celebrity 'rivalry' brewed, culminating in a publciised PPV match. Thoughts?

Honourable Mentions

- Removing Stephanie McMahon as GM on Smackdown in 2003. A fantastic face GM who captured the imagination of the fans during the bruising allegiance of Brock and Big Show. Until Teddy Long, no face GM ever had a good of a run as her. Bad call to remove her, especially for Paul Heyman.

- Having Brock Lesnar win the Royal Rumble in 2003. I feel like it wasn't a true way for Brock to earn the shot, he could have just as easily won a #1 contenders match at No Way Out to earn his shot. Booker T vs Triple H was a steady match and maybe having the winner of the Royal Rumble that year face Triple H could have been a better fix.

- Having Matt turn on Jeff at the Royal Rumble in 2009. Matt was not a strong enough character to instantly turn. Whilst it had natural leverage with the history that the Hardy Boyz had together, turning on Jeff when his popularity wasn't high as an out and out babyface was a bad career call for all involved.

- Having Eddie Guerrero drop the belt to JBL at the Great American Bash. Texas Bullrope Match. Need I say more? It would have benefitted more if he dropped the belt at Summerslam to get JBL over as a heel more and for Eddie to fight as a champion on another big stage. Having Kurt Angle (the-then GM) reverse the decision was not right for such a supposedly valued belt.

- The Diva's Championship. Why replace the Women's Championship for starters? Plus, the amount of cross-branding that was going on at the time of developing the belt would make whoever held the belt seem natural to be on both brands. Confusing to scrap a title with so much prestige for one that only looks good with the blinds closed.

So that was the follow up. I'm eagerly anticipating more blogs and, hopefully, will write them as they come naturally. Please feel free to rate and comment and feedback, I loved seeing what you had to say to the first one!

Bye for now!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. akbar's Avatar
    -There's not enough time in the world to write a blog about all the things WWE got wrong.
    -Regardless, good work
  2. DavidCharlie's Avatar
    Haha a very true fact there Akbar! Thank you for the compliment though
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Good blog. Going to agree with akbar. The "wrongs"you stated were pretty much dead on.
  4. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    All these points are great except the one on The Rock.....

    I totally disagree.... some of the best work came during the Rock's Hollywood Heel persona. Some absolutely amazing stuff.
  5. alcrissam's Avatar
    That first point killed me inside. Why did Edge's WWE title reign have to be so short? i dont know

    Great stuff though
  6. Big__Meat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muzza_H16
    All these points are great except the one on The Rock.....

    I totally disagree.... some of the best work came during the Rock's Hollywood Heel persona. Some absolutely amazing stuff.
    I agree. His promos & that concert were too funny. Also if you remember after he lost to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2002. The fans booed the hell out of Rock and he picked up the mic & made a comment on them booing him & said they haven't seen the last of him. I knew right there he was returning a heel.

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